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Why is the company called Tencent? Ma Yun company called Alibaba name Source by

childhood, and the recognition of Chinese traditional culture is very strong. The idea was that the name of the website should have Chinese meaning, so that the Chinese could understand it. Also have a simple pinyin, can show the meaning of search, but not very directly called search what, to have the cultural heritage. Think of it, suddenly came out of Xin Qiji

Crawler-Crawl related employee's LinkedIn data according to company name

Preface: A few months ago, at the request of a friend, wrote a LinkedIn crawler, not very difficult, but the function is also fun, so they sorted out a decentralized. Code See Github:linkedinspider.Reptile function : Enter a company name, crawl related employee's LinkedIn data, field see screenshot below. Text: Let's start with LinkedIn's limitations: No login status, no

[Reprinted] What is your company name? The origins of famous IT companies

company "Moore Noyce", but the name was already registered for a hotel chain. Intel is short for Integrated Electronics. Hewlett-Packard Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard lose coins to decide whether their company is Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett. Hotmail Jack Smith, the Founder, came up with his initial idea to create an e-mail network service that any

Autonomy, a famous British smart search engine company, entered China

Xinhuanet, Beijing, March 20 (Reporter Chang Xiaohua Duan Shiwen) the famous British smart search engine company Autonomy executive director Lynch recently visited China in a breeze, and initially reached a cooperation intention after "plotting" with Chinese partners. The two parties agreed that the cooperation amounted to hundreds of millions of yuan and will be mainly used to launch and promote

The most fully accelerated new domain name Web search Engine collection method

Last week, the author in A5 published a "History of the most of the whole chain of resources to find ways" of the article has received a lot of praise, today, the author of 5 years of personal SEO experience to share a new search engine to accelerate the collection of methods. Nonsense not to say that we directly into the business, of course, the premise is their own site out just add the product content and article if original: First, the manufactu

Domain name and search engine optimization

names. They will record the tracking and analysis of the information is likely to include the name of the owner of the domain name, e-mail address, address, domain name validity period, the latest change in Domain name date, domain name owners have changed, when changed and

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