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Database buffer Overflow Vulnerability principle (stack)

BackgroundIn the database system, many security vulnerabilities have been found, which are more serious and more harmful: buffer overflow and SQL injection 2 kinds.SQL injection relies heavily on structured query languages, each with a slightly

Buffer Overflow Attack (to be viewed)

This entry for buffer overflow attacks is missing Information bar, Business card chart, Add relevant content to make the entry more complete. You can also quickly upgrade it. Edit it now! A buffer overflow attack is an attack that exploits the

Stack-Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Stack-Buffer Overflow Vulnerability I plan to write this article because I have read a paper on the Internet about the buffer overflow and stack destruction vulnerability to execute malicious programs. See reference 1 for this paper. This article

Introduction to Hacker attack and defense (i) buffer (stack) overflow

1. the outline A buffer overflow, also called a stack overflow (and a lot of salutation), is an unavoidable vulnerability for computer programs, unless there is a new design to replace the stack design that runs the program. The purpose of the

Stack and stack differences

Original article: Stack and stack differences 1. Memory Allocation: Heap: the operating system has a linked list that records idle memory addresses. When the system receives a program application, it traverses the linked list, find the first heap

Compiler stack protection technology in GCC

Compiler stack protection technology in GCC Buffer overflow, represented by stack overflow, has become the most common security vulnerability. Security problems are common. As early as 1988, Morris, a graduate student in the Computer Science

[Software debugging Study Notes] cookie-based security check mechanism to prevent Stack Buffer Overflow

Buffer Overrun Definition Buffer isProgramThe continuous memory area used to store data. Once the allocation is completed, the starting address and urine are fixed. When the program is running, if the buffer area is exceeded, buffer overflow or

Principle and Protection of Buffer Overflow

In the past decade, the most common form of security vulnerabilities is buffer overflow. More seriously, the buffer overflow vulnerability accounts for the vast majority of remote network attacks. Such attacks allow an anonymous Internet user to

Muduo Design and Implementation: Buffer class design

ArticleDirectory Tcpconnection must have output buffer Tcpconnection must have an input buffer Buffer: readfd () Thread security? 1. Basic read-write cycle Automatic Growth Size () and capacity () Internal move

[Switch] stack and stack differences

Complete parsing of heap and stack in C ++ Memory Allocation: Heap: the operating system has a linked list that records the idle memory address. When the system receives a program application, it traverses the linked list to find the heap node with

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