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Stack Overflow technology from entry to advanced: Stack Overflow in windows (1)

Stack Overflow in windows-principles Let's take a look at the programs in windows. We aim to study how to exploit the stack overflow vulnerability of windows programs. Let's start from scratch. Related Recommendations]: Stack Overflow technology

Log4j-over-slf4j and slf4j-log4j12 co-exist Stack Overflow exception Analysis

Note: The words "bridging", "transfer", and "binding" in the following sections are basically the same concept. The log4j-over-slf4j and slf4j-log4j12 are two jar packages related to the Java logging system, which may cause a stack overflow

WebGate WinRDS 2.0.8 StopSiteAllChannel Stack Overflow Vulnerability

WebGate WinRDS 2.0.8 StopSiteAllChannel Stack Overflow Vulnerability Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Webgate WinRDS 2.0.8Description:CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2015-2094 WebGate WinRDS can transmit DVR video streams over the network. In WebGate

Break through the Virtual pointer of C ++ -- Buffer Overflow Attack of C ++ Program

Backend Note: This article is from "smashing C ++ vptrs" in phrack56. As in most foreign hacker articles, the technical principles and applications are described in detail, but the source code provided always seems to be a small problem. This may be

[Analysis] A small heap overflow Method

An alternative method of using Heap Overflow Creation Time: Updated:Article attributes: ReprintedSource: Module = articles & act = view & type = 6 & id = 76 bkbll (bkbll@cnhonker.netArticle submitted: watercloud

C ++ exceptions from scratch (2): program errors, exceptions (syntax, throw, capture, and Propagation), and stack Expansion

I. program error Compilation error, that is, syntax error. The program cannot be generated to run the code.Runtime error Unpredictable logical errors Predictable running exceptions For example: Dynamic space allocation may fail.

JVM heap memory stack memory size setting

4 ways to configure stack memory for different scopes of JVM! 1. Set JVM memory in Eclise: Modifies Eclipse's configuration file , works for all projects Modify the Eclipse.ini file under the Eclipse root directory-vmargs// Virtual machine

Data structures and algorithms

Chapter 1I. Basic concepts of AlgorithmsA computer is actually implementing an algorithm, which is called a computer algorithm.1. Basic Features of the algorithm: feasibility, certainty, poverty, and sufficient intelligence.2. Basic Elements of an

C ++ Exception Handling

A good way to learn programs is to read the code and improve the code.The following example is from An Overview of the C ++ Programming Language (5.1 exception and error handling)Program purpose: Use the exception mechanism of c ++ to report the

Re-think of the reason why the Linux kernel cannot sleep/dispatch within the Interrupt path (2010) "Go"

Transferred from: sleep in the Linux kernel interrupt path, why?This is a very in-depth discussion, worth a look:, their discussions

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