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Stack overflow case analysis under Linux-gdb debug Drills

Summary:This article mainly demonstrates the stack overflow under the Linux platform, first the overflow attack according to the theory to the example code, the result is the overflow attack, but it is different from the idea, then uses the GDB

Buffer overflow: Ten years of attack and defense vulnerabilities-vulnerability Research

Absrtact: In the past decade, the type of buffer overflow is the most common form of security vulnerabilities. More seriously, buffer overflow vulnerabilities account for the vast majority of remote network attacks, which can give an anonymous

JVM Learning (2)-what is often said in the technical articles, stacks, stacks, what the stack is, summarizes from the OS perspective

As the saying goes, the code that you write, 6 months later is someone else's code ... Review! Review! Review! The knowledge points involved are summarized as follows: Stacks are stacks JVM stack and local method stack partitioning

Stack and stack differences [summary]

1.1 Memory Allocation: Heap: Generally, it is assigned to the programmer for release. If the programmer does not release the program, it may be recycled by the OS at the end of the program. Note that it is different from the heap in the data

Four protection methods for Buffer Overflow

Currently, there are four basic methods to protect the buffer zone from attacks and impacts caused by buffer overflow.I. Write the correct codeWriting the correct code is a very meaningful but time-consuming task, especially a program that is prone

Research on memory Stack Overflow detection on stm32/gd32

Countless times of suffering from Stack Overflow, as the system becomes more complex, fault points become increasingly difficult to find!The main overflow situations are as follows:1. Generally, the last two parts of RAM are heap and stack. the

Configuration records for buffer overflow experiments using Linux

In the basic software security experiment, buffer overflow is a basic and classic problem. The most basic buffer overflow is the reasonable construction of input data, so that the amount of input data exceeds the size of the original buffer, so as

Go to: detailed explanations of the stack, heap, static, text constant, and code areas in the computer

Turn: The memory occupied by a C/C ++ compiled program is divided into the following parts: 1. STACK: the stack zone is automatically allocated and released by the compiler, and stores function

Definition, initialization, empty stack judgment, in-stack, and out-stack operation of the "Data Structure Tour" sequence stack

Descriptionto learn the data structure, want to run a complete sequence of the program can not run, because the book is a part of the algorithm, and did not provide a complete operation of the program, listening to the experimental class, I toss a

Stack and stack (Classic)

Stack and stack differences (Classic) repost a good article on understanding the differences between stack and stack. Although this article is intended for C/C ++ programmers, but it is very helpful for Java programmers. Stack and stack differences

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