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Shell script Batch/standalone start, stop, restart Java standalone Jar program

=$ (($okcnt + 1))Elseecho "$NAME: Not Running"Fi#doneFiDoneif (($cmd 2ok==0))Thenecho "command2:all|pushcode|thirdpayment|security|redis|commservice|wechat|point|useraccount|coupon|interest| Experience|dealaccount|user|send|payment|sms|deal|dispatch|dealload|recv|innermsg|reward|finacial|debt "Elseecho "---------------------------This total stop: $okcnt Services"Fi} Case "$" inStartStart "$"Exit 1;;StopStop "$";;RestartStop "$"Start "$";;*)echo "Command1:start|stop|restart"Exit 1;;EsacLinux Comm

Install Hadoop in standalone mode-(1) install and set up a virtual environment for hadoop Standalone

Install Hadoop in standalone mode-(1) install and set up a virtual environment for hadoop StandaloneZookeeper There are a lot of articles on how to install Hadoop in standalone mode on the network. Most of the articles that follow these steps fail, and many detours have been taken, but all the problems have been solved after all, by the way, you can record the complete installation process in detail. This a

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly game project development-Part 5 standalone game-levels choose ScrollView, monopoly Standalone

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly game project development-Part 5 standalone game-levels choose ScrollView, monopoly Standalone Click MenuScene. cpp to call Director: getInstance ()-> pushScene (MapChooseScene: createScene ()); Go to the level selection interface. We use the ScrollView control to create this interface. Because the position of the scrollview is relatively random after being dragged, I think it is t

Optimization of the Win7 service for individual standalone and win7 for individual Standalone

Optimization of the Win7 service for individual standalone and win7 for individual Standalone My PC device is old. In order to make the system smooth, unnecessary services will not be enabled. However, if there are so many services, it is a waste of time to get to know each time you reinstall them. Individuals collect information on the Internet and combine their own exploration to sort out the following in

Standalone mode and python implementation method, standalone python implementation

Standalone mode and python implementation method, standalone python implementationSingleton Mode Singleton Pattern)Is a commonly used software design model, the main purpose of this model is to ensureA class only has one instance.. If you want to create only one instance for a class in the system, the single-instance object can be used. For example, the configuration information of a server program is store

Zookeeper standalone mode (standalone) under Linux

[Main:[email protected] the]-Client .- the- + at: -: $,875-INFO [Main:[email protected] the]-Client environment:user.home=/home/SG .- the- + at: -: $,875-INFO [Main:[email protected] the]-Client environment:user.dir=/home/sg/ruanjian/zookeeper-3.3.6/bin .- the- + at: -: $,876-INFO [Main:[email protected]379]-Initiating client connection, connectstring=[email protected] .- the- + at: -: $,895-INFO [Main-sendthread (): [Email

migrating databases via Rman duplicate (standalone to standalone)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/u01/app/oracle/oradata/prod5/system01.dbf/u01/app/oracle/oradata/prod5/sysaux01.dbf/u01/app/oracle/oradata/prod5/undotbs01.dbf/u01/app/oracle/oradata/prod5/users01.dbf/u01/app/oracle/oradata/prod5/example01.dbf[Email protected]>selectmember from V$logfile;MEMBER--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/u01/app/oracle/oradata/prod5/redo03.log/u01/app/oracle/oradata/prod5/redo02.

Installation of VMware VCenter Converter Standalone 5.0

can be installed on a physical or virtual machine Converter Standalone. the Converter Standalone server,Converter Standalone agent, and Converter Standalone client can be installed locally . If you install Converter Standalone in local mode , you can create and manage conver

With Jenkins, why do you need a standalone deployment system?

The need for a standalone deployment system is an issue that many enterprise users often confuse in building a continuous delivery process. There are often users who ask us that there is now Jenkins, which itself provides a rich set of deployment plugins (such as WebSphere deployment plug-ins, tomcat deployment plug-ins, etc.) that allow the user to automate deployment of the built-in deployment package to designated machines (or even cloud services).

Two modes of "Go" ftp run--XINETD run mode and standalone mode

Two modes of FTP operation--XINETD run mode and standalone mode Original link other daemons, VSFTPD provides both standalone and inetd (inetd or xinetd) modes of operation. Simple explanation, standalone one-time start, the operation has been resident in memory, the advantage is that the response to the acc

System Architect-Basic to enterprise application architecture-standalone software architecture

stand-alone software to also be structured. Consider. If you want to achieve sustainable development, you need to consider a software or tool, whether it is stand-alone software or online software. Outline 1. Opening 2. Outline 3. Definition of stand-alone software 4. Stand-alone Software Architecture 5. About the developed standalone software Definition of standalone

Advantages of Version Control Software SourceAnywhere Standalone

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) is familiar to most developers.Version ControlTool. It provides basic version control functions and facilitates team collaboration. However, Visual SourceSafe (VSS) is somewhat inadequate in terms of remote control, security, stability, and platform support.SourceAnywhere StandaloneIs an independent version control tool used to replace VSS. It not only has all features of VSS, but also adds some additional features to make it more comprehensive and reliable. This article

Zookeeper Series: Standalone mode deployment Zookeeper service

First, briefStandalone mode is the simplest and most basic mode in the three modes of deploying the Zookeeper service, with just one machine, standalone mode is only available for learning, and standalone mode is not recommended for development and production. This article describes the entire process of deploying a zookeeper server in standalone mode and provide

Decryption ThinkPHP3.1.2 version of the standalone grouping feature application _php tutorial

list is still configured with the App_group_list parameter. Setting the default grouping takes the Default_group parameter. For example: ' App_group_list ' = ' home,admin ', ' default_group ' and ' Home ', Although the new independent group can completely replace the original normal grouping mode, but in order to take into account the original group project smooth upgrade, this new version adds a configuration parameter: The App_group_mode is used to configure the grouping mode, which defaults

Spark Standalone mode job migrated to spark on Yarn_spark

This article mainly describes some of the operations of Spark standalone mode for job migration to spark on yarn. 1, Code RECOMPILE Because the previous Spark standalone project used the version of Spark 1.5.2, and now spark on yarn is using Spark 2.0.1, it is necessary to recompile the original code and recommend using MAVEN to build the project. Use the Pom.xml file provided below to automatically downloa

VCenter Converter Standalone working with documents

Document PurposeAbility to migrate the physical machine operating system to the virtual machine operating system using vCenter Converter StandaloneBasic KnowledgeVCenter Converter Standalone can bring the operating system on the physical machine, The operating system on the VMware virtual machine, or the hype-v On the virtual machine operating system on VMware . System EnvironmentOperating system:Windows Server R2 StandardVCenter coverter

Asp. NET cross-platform practice: No need to install Mono's Jexus "standalone version"

The traditional procedure for running an ASP. NET Web site or WEBAPI is to install Libgdiplus, install Mono, and then install Jexus. In this process, although it is easy to install Jexus, it is relatively time-consuming and laborious to install mono.The situation is different now, in order to overcome the tedious installation of mono, simplifying the deployment of the ASP. NET WEB application on the Linux operating system, we have created a " standalone

Introduction of standalone and inetd mode of Apache operation mode _linux

Do not look closely at the httpd.conf configuration file I don't know about this, Khan. ServerType This configuration option specifies how to run Apache. Apache can be run in two ways: standalone (standalone) and inetd (Super Daemon-style). The standalone mode indicates that the Apache process listens in the background with a separate daemon to see if there is

Recommended 10 articles for standalone configuration

This lesson is divided into 10 modules, from the configuration file format (php/ini/json/xml) to scene configuration, module configuration, extended configuration, standalone configuration, dynamic configuration, custom configuration loading, environment variable variables, panoramic presentation of a colorful ThinkPHP5 configuration world ~ ~. Please open the diagram to a new page to view it, which works better. or download to local view. This figure

Zookeeper Source Learning Notes (2) zookeeper in--standalone mode

Server Portal The startup code for the server is in the file. The script is similar to the startup script in/etc/init.d/, and is executed through the Shell's case command parsing instructions. The specific directives are as follows:1. Start: Org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum.QuorumPeerMain via Nohup background2. Start-foreground: Front running Org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum.QuorumPeerMain3. Stop: Kill the process started by start4. Restart: Call stop and start succ

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