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PHP recommended standard PSR PHP code specification standard PHP standard deviation PHP network programming standard Teaching

PSR is the abbreviation for PHP standards recommendation. PSR-1: The basic code stylePHP tagsYou must put the PHP code in the or tag. Do not use other PHP tag syntax.CodingAll PHP files must be encoded using the UTF-8 character set and

PHP Standard Deviation

/*** Get the standard deviation of the array * @ Param unknown type $ AVG * @ Param array $ list * @ Param boolen $ isswatch * @ return unknown type */public static function getvariance ($ AVG, $ list, $ isswatch = false) {$ arraycount = count ($

Simple linear regression implemented using PHP (2)

Simple linear regression implemented using PHP (2) data research tool for solving output and probability function defects In Part 1 of this series, we mentioned simple linear regression at the end (SimpleLine solves output and probability function

Simple linear regression implemented in PHP (II.)

Data research tool for solving defects of output and probability functions The 1th part of this article series refers to the missing three elements in the simple linear regression (Linear regression) class. In this article, the author Paul Meagher

Use PHP to make Web data analysis more advanced

Use PHP to enable Web data analysis to take your data analysis into consideration, doing more than simply counting raw data Effective and multi-level analysis of Web data is a lot of Web-oriented data analysis, doing more than simply counting the

Use PHP to make Web data analysis more advanced

Designing your data analysis and performing effective and multi-level analysis on Web data is a key factor for the survival of many Web enterprises, the design (and decision-making) of data analysis tests is usually the work of system administrators

Date and time in PHP

Date(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)date- Formatting a local time/dateDescription ¶string Date ( string $format [, int $timestamp ]) Returns a string that is the result of an integer in a timestamp given format string. If no timestamp is given, the local

Translation [PHP extension development and Embedded] Chapter 6th-return value

return value The user-space function uses the return keyword to send back information to its calling space, which is the same as the C language syntax. For example: function Sample_long () { return; } $bar = Sample_long (); When Sample_long ()

PHP Time function

Here are some of the time functions in PHP:(1) DateUsage: Date (format, [time]);If there is no time parameter, the current time is used. The format is a string in which the following characters have special meanings:U is replaced by the number of

Explanation of HTTPCache usage in the Symfony2 framework learning notes; symfony2 learning notes _ PHP Tutorial

Description of HTTPCache usage in the Symfony2 framework learning notes, and symfony2 learning notes. The usage of HTTPCache in the Symfony2 framework learning notes is explained in detail. the example of symfony2 learning notebook describes the

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