star topology advantages and disadvantages

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Advantages and disadvantages of Computer Network Topology

1. star topology A star topology is composed of a central node and a site connected to a central node through a point-to-point communication link. The star topology has the following advantage

Advantages and disadvantages of Optical Fiber Access Network

and is a technology that the telecommunications maintenance department has long expected. The advantages of the passive optical access network are embodied in the following aspects:1) The non-source optical network is small in size, the equipment is simple, the installation and maintenance costs are low, and the investment is relatively small.2) flexible networking of passive optical devices. The topology

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each classification algorithm in machine learning

tree can be well extended to large databases, and its size is independent of the size of the database.The disadvantages of the decision tree:In the decision tree, the results of information gain are biased towards those features with more numerical values.Second, the decision tree processing the missing data difficulties.Thirdly, the problem of over-fitting is appearing.Iv. ignore correlations between attributes in the dataset.2

[8 to Android game development] add audio in the game-details the advantages and disadvantages of MediaPlayer and SoundPool and

In game development, I learned from materials and books that two formats of playing audio can be used in our game development: MediaPlayer and SoundPool! PS: Of course, there is another JetPlayer, but the format of the file to be played is quite troublesome, so I will not explain it here. If you are interested, you can study it on your own; Run: MediaPlayer and: SoundPool class! What are their advantages and d

Advantages and disadvantages of static and dynamic routing protocols

Static Routing has the following purposes:In a small network with no significant growth, it is easy to maintain the route table using static routes.Static Routing can be routed to the remote network or from the remote network to the external network (see Chapter 2nd ).Use a single default route. If a network cannot find a more matched route entry in the route table, you can use the default route as the path to the network.Advantages and disadvantages

Concept and advantages and disadvantages of Dynamic Routing Protocol

Concept and advantages and disadvantages of Dynamic Routing ProtocolUnderstand the dynamic routing protocol: What is dynamic routing protocol: the routing protocol is used to exchange route information between routers. Dynamic Routing Protocols include the Internal Gateway Protocol (IGP) and the external Gateway Protocol (EGP ). Through the routing protocol, the router can dynamically share information abo

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