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Starcraft 2 [Technical Analysis] Some Technical Features of Starcraft 2

I have always thought that post-processing technology will be reused by more and more games. The release of Starcraft 2 has proved this to some extent and moved the light and shadows to post-processing, this maximizes the flexibility of scene rendering, and of course brings many insurmountable problems. Translate this article Article The main purpose is to familiarize yourself with these technologies and l

Deep Analysis of Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a game I have been looking forward to for 12 years, because Starcraft 1 once gave me the happiest memories of my life when I was a young man. Last week, I also spent a day playing the battle mode of Starcraft 2, and analyzed

Starcraft 2 Problem Solving

For Starcraft fans, Starcraft 2 cannot be left blank. Starcraft 2 is not installed on a weekly basis today. Oh, oh, oh, try the patch again. The Starcraft hard disk version 1.08b is fixed, it cannot be overwritten after decompress

Starcraft 2 announced

Http:// Crazy fans all over the world have to scream again for blizzard: The finals of the blizzard elite competition in Asia were held at the venues hosted by the Seoul Olympics in the summer of 1988, Seoul Olympics fencing gymnasium and Olympus gymnastic arena, worldwide invitation Starcraft, wow Asia finals and war3 Asia Network finals were held in these two venues.Update videos and more The new version of

Html5+jquery plugin Quicksand Achieve cool StarCraft 2 class display effect (with demo source download) _jquery

This article describes the Html5+jquery plug-in quicksand implementation of the super Cool StarCraft 2 class display effect. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Because I am a loyal cluster of StarCraft series games, in today's jquery tutorial, we will use the HTML5 and jquery plugin quicksand to create a cool

I can't use ie9 if I have a computer with Starcraft 2.

I cannot use ie9 because the t60 video card x1400 is dx9.0c and only supports wddm1.0. The hardware acceleration of ie9 requires that the wddm1.1 video card, that is, the dx10 video card, be supported. The most tragic thing is that if hardware acceleration is not supported, ie9 will start Software Acceleration instead, and a hover of this software can increase the CPU to 100%, and the computer will not be able to use it anymore, there is no way to remove the check box in the settings. As a resul

Chapter 1th and 2 of the CSS3 cheats

First chapter CSSNeed forHTML1, can forget theHTMLtags and attributes1) do not useto control the display of text2) do not useand theto make the text bold and italic3) do not uselabel for page layout4do not use a clumsy, decorative content-onlylabel properties, such asbackground,bgcolor,text, link,ALinkand theVlinkcolors and pictures can only be set for Web pages and text and links5) No abuselabel2,DOCTYPEImportance of (document type)1)HTML5: 2) html4.

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