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Starcraft 2 [Technical Analysis] Some Technical Features of Starcraft 2

I have always thought that post-processing technology will be reused by more and more games. The release of Starcraft 2 has proved this to some extent and moved the light and shadows to post-processing, this maximizes the flexibility of scene rendering, and of course brings many insurmountable problems. Translate this article Article The main purpose is to familiarize yourself with these technologies and l

Ubuntu easy to use dictionary StarCraft stardict installation Dictionary add

, the use of good translation functions1. Screen word Ubuntu star translation Support screen word-taking function, the program runs the default to open the word-taking function. When you take a word, move the cursor to a word, such as "share" in the terminal window, and double-click to select the Word, and the Word's interpretation window appears. 2. The word audible Ub

Deep Analysis of Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a game I have been looking forward to for 12 years, because Starcraft 1 once gave me the happiest memories of my life when I was a young man. Last week, I also spent a day playing the battle mode of Starcraft 2, and analyzed

Starcraft 2 Problem Solving

For Starcraft fans, Starcraft 2 cannot be left blank. Starcraft 2 is not installed on a weekly basis today. Oh, oh, oh, try the patch again. The Starcraft hard disk version 1.08b is fixed, it cannot be overwritten after decompress

Starcraft 2 announced

Http:// Crazy fans all over the world have to scream again for blizzard: The finals of the blizzard elite competition in Asia were held at the venues hosted by the Seoul Olympics in the summer of 1988, Seoul Olympics fencing gymnasium and Olympus gymnastic arena, worldwide invitation Starcraft, wow Asia finals and war3 Asia Network finals were held in these two venues.Update videos and more The new version of

Html5+jquery plugin Quicksand Achieve cool StarCraft 2 class display effect (with demo source download) _jquery

This article describes the Html5+jquery plug-in quicksand implementation of the super Cool StarCraft 2 class display effect. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Because I am a loyal cluster of StarCraft series games, in today's jquery tutorial, we will use the HTML5 and jquery plugin quicksand to create a cool

I can't use ie9 if I have a computer with Starcraft 2.

I cannot use ie9 because the t60 video card x1400 is dx9.0c and only supports wddm1.0. The hardware acceleration of ie9 requires that the wddm1.1 video card, that is, the dx10 video card, be supported. The most tragic thing is that if hardware acceleration is not supported, ie9 will start Software Acceleration instead, and a hover of this software can increase the CPU to 100%, and the computer will not be able to use it anymore, there is no way to remove the check box in the settings. As a resul

Ubuntu installation 2: Install Ubuntu In the VM

Install Ubuntu in VM, first install Vm, Vm installation see: 1. Open the VM and create a new VM. 2. Select custom, and then click Next. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Default. Next Step 10. Default. Next Step 11. Default. Next Step 12. Default. Next Step 13, 14. Default, next step 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,

How to upgrade Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.10 to Ubuntu 14.04 Beta 2

The Beta version of Ubuntu 14.04 Beta 2 has been released. Although the official version has to wait until April 17, the changes from Beta 2 to the official version are not significant. At least till now Ubuntu 14.04 Beta 2 is the best version. How can I upgrade from

Ubuntu chmod Unable to change folder permissions system Prompt "Actions not allowed 2, Linux how to modify read-only files 3, Ubuntu installation

]Sharename Type Comment--------- ---- -------ipc$ IPC IPC Service (Ubuntu server (Samba, Ubuntu))Share Disk This is Linux share directoryprint$ Disk Printer DriversDomain=[workgroup] Os=[unix] Server=[samba 3.6.6]Server Comment--------- -------A-pcStevenAllen...............................(2) under Windows access to the shared directory, you can click to run, ent

How to compile and Package snap (2) for our snappy Ubuntu app

address of our Raspberry Pi. You need to replace it with your own IP address. If a password is required, the default password is Ubuntu. We can start by looking at whether Docker has been installed in our Raspberry Pi: (RASPBERRYPI2) ubuntu@localhost:~$ snappy list-v Name Date Version Developer ubuntu-core 2015-09-25

Exclusive 2-First lesson Ubuntu system installation and configuration

1.1 Installing Ubuntu using VMware1.1.1 Preparatory work1) VMware's installation packageVMware will use at least 10.0, this article with the latest version of VMware12, this version of USB3.0 support is more stable, if the installation of more than 10.0 version can be directly upgraded via the VMware Help menu option, the installation and upgrade of VMware is no longer described here.2) image file for Ubunt

Android Development tutorial Ubuntu uses ADB to connect millet 2 steps and adb debugging method _android

Step: Two Steps One, USB connection: The steps for using the MTP device in Ubuntu Mount are as follows: 1. Connect the MTP device to the PC 2. If you are using the MTP device for the first time, you can skip this step if you need to install the following software: Copy Code code as follows: $ sudo apt-get install MTPFS libfuse-dev Libmad0-dev 3. Mount MTP Equipment Copy

Why is Ubuntu running at 2 levels?

Following the previous article in-depth study of the Linux operating level, found that most of the internet said Ubuntu operating level default is 2, So here's an in-depth analysis of why 2 is not the other.Analysis Process:First, from this article learned that th

Ubuntu new kernel update released to mitigate Specter Variant 2 Vulnerability

Ubuntu new kernel update released to mitigate Specter Variant 2 Vulnerability Canonical released all new Kernel updates that support Ubuntu Linux on Wednesday to solve multiple security issues, it also provides compiler-based Retpoline kernel relief for Specter Variant 2 in the architecture of amd64 and i386. For

Canonical releases Spectre/Meltdown patch for Ubuntu 17.10 and Raspberry Pi 2

Canonical releases Spectre/Meltdown patch for Ubuntu 17.10 and Raspberry Pi 2 Canonical released two security recommendations on Thursday, announcing Specter mitigation for the ARM64 (AArch64) hardware architecture on its Ubuntu 17.10 and Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS systems. On July 6, January this year, Canonical released sev

Install Ubuntu 8.04 server in virtualbox (2)

Install Ubuntu 8.04 Server: 1. Before entering the Ubuntu installation interface, the system will prompt you to use the language. To ensure that the system can be used properly after installation, we recommend that you use English; 2. Select "Install Ubuntu server" and press the Enter key to start the insta

How to run Ubuntu Snappy Core in Raspberry Pi 2

How to run Ubuntu Snappy Core in Raspberry Pi 2 The Internet of Things (IoT) era is approaching. Soon, in a few years, we will ask ourselves how we were able to survive without the Internet of Things, just as we now suspect that there was no mobile phone in the past. Canonical is a fast-growing but open-market competitor of Iot. The company claims to place its bet on IoT, just as they have done on the cloud

Luo niuwen 2. Download, compile, and install the latest Android source code on Ubuntu

After reading the previous books, I have a certain understanding of Linux kernel and Android. Do you want to compile your own Android source code? I am always used to using Windows, but Android source code does not support compiling on Windows. Therefore, I decided to use a virtual machine to install Ubuntu and then download, compile, and install Android source code. 1. Prepare the environment. 1. the disk space is reserved for about 20 GB and the mem

Emacs installation in Ubuntu (2)

I used a method in China before, but I think this method is simpler and more direct and contributes. You need to enable both universe multiverse in/etc/APT/sources. List. From a prompt, runCode: sudo nano -Bw /etc/apt/sources.list Then, remove the # In front of all the lines with Deb at the beginning. save and exit with Code: sudo aptitude updatesudo aptitude install emacs Tangshuang @ tangshuang-desktop :~ $ Sudo aptitude update[Sudo] password for tangshuang:Editing extended status information

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