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GoDaddy suspend China domain name registration business

According to overseas media reports, the world's largest domain name service provider in the United States and another U.S. company to provide similar services network Solutions LLC3 Month announced 25th, stop the CN domain name registration business. At present, GoDaddy has deleted a. cn

. tel Domain name officially open registration grasp the opportunity to win business _it industry

It is understood that the registered. Tel such a new top-level domain name of the individual or enterprise, in fact, the equivalent of a digital business card, users can directly with the network Unicom PC or mobile phone login, real-time browsing information. And the value of a good domain name is immeasurable, many rice farmers are trying to find a "priceless"

Business opportunities contained in the new domain name registration rules

The length of a registered domain name with the extension ". com", ". net", and ". org" can be extended to 67 characters without being limited by the previous 23 characters.You might say, what about this? What is the benefit to me?Paying attention to domain name registration is not only a need to maintain

. Tel domain name officially opened for registration to seize opportunities to win business opportunities

It is understood that registered. individuals or enterprises with new top-level domain names such as Tel actually obtain a digital business card. Users can directly log on to the PC or mobile phone connected to the network to view information in real time. Moreover, the value of a good domain name is immeasurable. Many miannong have tried every means to find a

". China" domain name August is about to start registration application craze is coming

". China" domain name August is about to start registration application craze is coming Domain name, build a station essential content one, the internet number, belong to limited resources. In English domain name Eminence, due to language restrictions, many people and other

How to become a top-level domain registrar and how to provide domain name registration

certification, we will also apply to VeriSign (the company entrusted by ICANN, responsible for. com/.net/.tv Domain name registration management business) and other management companies for the registration of the relevant domain name interface, once again the certification

COM domain name heat does not reduce the accumulation of domain name Investment unlimited business Opportunities

COM domain name heat does not reduce the accumulation of domain name Investment unlimited business Opportunities . COM is the world's highest penetration rate in the international top-level domain, in many domain names, it has been recognized by the most popular

COM domain name heat does not reduce the accumulation of domain name Investment Unlimited business Opportunities _it Industry

This is because this is favored by investors, in many times the rush of domain name registration, almost will have. COM's figure. In the previous period of time, and the National Day celebrations related to the COM domain names have been registered, including the "big Parade. com," was registered in the online high-priced auction, causing the indust

Domain name registration related knowledge (Novice must read) 1th 2 Page _ website application

Pu and the Domain name registration knowledge (Novice must read)! first, the choice of registrars and agents:1, Million network: Easy Name:http://www.ename.cn3, the new network interconnection: Business China:http://www.bizcn.com5, the new network digital:http://www.xinnet.com6. China Channel:

WEBQQ Registration and Registration page--Using JSONP cross-domain

Brief introduction:We know that Ajax is used for data interaction, but it cannot cross domains, and cross-domain refers to a resource that requests another domain name from a Web page of one domain name. For example, from the to request http://www. 's resources. The strict definition of cross-

Domestic domain registration service ceases to be open to individuals

include the official seal of the Domain name registration application Form (original), business license or organization Code certificate (photocopy), registered contact ID (photocopy). The individual user cannot provide the Enterprise business license or the Organization Code certificate, therefore also does not quali

Risk avoidance of Domain name registration

business is in North America to sell the copyright risk of audio and video products, audio and video companies to infringe intellectual property rights to sue the XI ' an company, the article does not mention whether the XI ' an company should be sued, if there is no response or the verdict failed, Then it is reasonable to eventually confiscate the domain name. Ironically, Xian Tiger Cool network of CN

CNNIC promotion of 1 yuan registered domain name will cause unlimited business opportunities

, etc. in negotiations to promote the use of CN domain name. However, these are not cnnic force to push the real purpose of this activity is not very important, or that we do not need to delve into this problem, how to grasp the opportunity to use this activity to enliven the market but more explore the value.Today, in the next is to give you an analysis of this problem: Personally think, this time. CN domain

Web Form Design: Electronic Business website Registration Form design to provide users with convenient

Article Description: How to design a registration form. Registration page is the main way to obtain user data, is definitely not the simpler the better, the design should be from experience to provide users with convenience, rather than reduce the threshold of registration. Web Teaching Network will combine the previous read about form design articles

Business Week: How to get the best domain name

Lead : "Business Weekly" website published an analysis of the article said that the vast majority of good domain names have been registered, then how should entrepreneurs get the best domain name? Experts suggest that the entrepreneur should first determine the company name, and then determine the domain name on this b

Domain object: Analysis Based on Business Behavior

start the assignment.3. After the assignment is completed, the lifecycle status of the Order is assembled.4. The system should notify the relevant personnel to send the order through deliverer. The lifecycle status of order during this period is deliver5. When the system receives the delivery notification from the deliverer, it sets the lifecycle status of the Order to complete.Here, we need to add additional instructions;For a request, each request

Chinese domain name August is about to start the domain name Investment Market to add opportunity

Chinese domain name August is about to start the domain name Investment Market to add opportunity The internet in China has been in the high-speed development in recent years, and the Internet is closely related to the IDC industry has been rapid development. Some people say that the IDC industry is like the Internet real estate developers, for various enterpris

XXX Domain name registration, 199 yuan will be low price in the end!

anti-Nick Domain platform is now significantly low-priced open registered XXX domain name , special rate as long as 199 yuan/year! There are plenty of natural sources of resources waiting for you, do not worry about being registered and don't worry about registering a good domain name. First, XXX domain name introducti

Opportunities implied in the new rules of domain name registration

Domain Registration The length of the registered domain name with the extension ". com", ". Net" and ". org" can be lengthened to 67 characters, and is no longer limited by the previous 23 characters.You might say, what about this? What good is it to me?Concern about domain name re

Take a break to start a business is cheated light hardships from start again

a freshman, he keeps registering the domain name on the internet, and then puts it on the website for sale to the people in need. The same period: At that time one months can earn more than 1000 dollars, feel quite moist, feel no money to spend the family, I feel very proud, because no money to spend the home, feel that they grow up. Explanation: This makes says Xu very confident of his earning power, and his website is gradually known. After more th

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