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Basic technology: Multiple target Visual Basic applications in Visual Studio 2010

provides additional functionality by using the referenced assembly. Ultimately, all frameworks use the. NET Framework 3.5 command line Visual Basic compiler (vbc.exe). This article discusses the 3.5 and 4 compilers, the compilers that are included in the. NET Framework 3.5 and 4, respectively. The 3.5 compilers are versions that are provided with Visual Studio

Encapsulating Excel VBA with (Visual Basic 2010) as a dll_com component (ii)

--Will EXCEL VBA code porting to NET is a new programming framework that Microsoft introduced in 2002 to support multiple language application development. Programming on the Microsoft. NET framework using Visual Basic, which is the Visual Basic.NET, referred to as NET is Microsoft Visual Studio. NET

The Visual C + + 2010 Getting Started Tutorial series one: Things about Visual Studio, VC, and C + +

full minimum customization of such options, I recommend that you choose Custom, because only then can we customize our installed directory. Next, you will select the installed components. This time we will see a lot of VS2010 components, here we can choose whether to install basic C # and so on, I found some pictures on the internet, although the Chinese version of 2010 is not the same, we probably look th

C + + IDE enhancements in Visual Studio 2010

, making our solution more scalable. Integration: We can add our Visual C + + project to an existing MSBuild environment. For example, we can integrate a new Visual C + + project into an existing MSBuild environment, although this MSBuild environment contains Visual C # and Visual

Better coding with Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft launched Visual Studio for the first time 13 years ago, its long running flagship integrated development environment. The first edition of 1997 began consolidating version 5 of visual Basic and Visual C + + into a common IDE. Its Enterprise Edition employs some of the most prestigious technologies, including

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 officially released

deploying the service, and provides a user interface for observing and managing local service deployments; * The Cloud debugging feature is built into Visual Studio 2010 and testing on the local machine does not require changes to the existing QA process. Visual Studio 2010 's support for agile and how this tool mak

Windows azure-Development and deployment of cloud applications in Visual Studio 2010

the Windows Azure application development lifecycle. Note that, even if you are not a visual Studio user at this time, you are able to evaluate Windows Azure development in free, through Windows Azure support in Visual Web Developer Express. Creating cloud services Start Visual Studio 2010, click the File menu, and

Building a data-driven master/detail business table in WPF using Visual Studio 2010

real estate agents office. The technology used can be applied to almost all data-driven client application scenarios. Practice This hands-on experiment consists of the following exercises: To create a data bracket for an application Create a main outline/detail bracket Creating and using Resources Estimated time to complete this experiment: 45 minutes. Prerequisite Before you begin this experiment, you should have a basic understanding of the

Visual Studio 2010 automatically performs properties

Detailed Automatic property in Visual Studio 2010 in Visual Studio 2010, there are a number of features to help you better and faster completion of development work. This article will describe the automatic execution properties. automatically executes properties that allow you to quickly specify the properties of a

Build a visual Stduio 2010 development environment

This article mainly for you in detail the visual Stduio 2010 Development Environment Building tutorial, with a certain reference value, interested in small partners can refer to Visual Studio is the development environment that Microsoft Corporation launches. is currently the most popular Windows platform application development environment. The

Visual Studio 2010 automatically performs properties

Detailed explanation of automatic execution of properties in Visual Studio 2010 In Visual Studio , there are a number of features to help you better and faster completion of development work. This article will describe the automatic execution properties. An automatically executed property allows you to quickly specify the properties of a class without having to

Visual Studio 2010:office Programming

Visual Basic, you will not be able to use the functionality of a lambda similar to C # 3.0 to provide an inline method when invoking the proxy. In this experiment, you will see how the new features in Visual Studio 2010, C # 4.0, and Visual

Visual Studio 2010: test-driven development

the TDD developer's work. Note: The purpose of this experiment is not to guide you in using TDD, but to highlight Visual Studio 2010 support for TDD. If you are interested in the TDD approach and its advantages, it is recommended that you first read the following books as a starting point: Test driven Development in Microsoft. NET Author: James Newkirk and Ale

Visual Studio 2010: Covariant, contravariant demo for generic delegates

In programming languages, "covariant" refers to the ability to use a more derived type than the original specified derived type. "contravariant" refers to the ability to use a less derived type. In. NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010, both C # and visual Basic support the use of covariance and contravariance in gen

Conversion from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic. NET (5)

. ADO, RDO, and DAO Data Binding Visual Can controls in Basic 6.0 Visual Basic forms be bound to ActiveX? Data Objects (ADO), Remote Data Objects (RDO), and data access objects (DAO) data sources. Visual Basic. NET ADO. NET

Changes to the ASP. MVC3 in Visual Studio 2010

pointed) such as: 2. Using logical processing@{ if (XX) { Do something } Else { Do anything } } 3. In @{...} Using HTML tags internally@{ p>textP> div>div1div> } 4. In @{...} Internal output text using @: For single-line output:@{ @:this is some text @:this is text too @:@i can also output variables } Multi-line output with @{ text> Tomorrow is good Some girl is nice text> } 5. In @{..

installation, integration, testing of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 under Log4cplus

class" project into your project, or simply put the libraries of the two projects compiled and the directory where the header files are located in your project's search path, if you use a static library, Please add log4cplus_static to the "project/setting/c++" Preprocessor definitions in your project. Go to the Log4cplus-1.0.4\log4cplus-1.0.4\msvc8 directory and double-click Log4cplus.sln to open the file using Microsoft Visual Studio

The basic structure of SharePoint 2010

This series of articles is designed to help you better understand SharePoint 2010. Having a SharePoint 2007 experience can help you understand this series of articles more easily, but I'll try to make it easy for readers without SharePoint 2007 experience to read it. The following figure is a SharePoint 2010 Basic architecture diagram that briefly describes the

C # basic discussion (iii) -- Starting from "Hello World"

Next, we created a console project named "csharpbasic". First, let's take a look at the code editing area in vs. By default, program is enabled. in the CS file, vs automatically adds the following code for US (because I created it with vs2008, The namespace introduced is different from vs2005 ): Using system; Next we will explain the most basic program code. 1. Using statement: at the top of the file, there are four lines of code headers

Basic concepts and syntax of Visual Basic. Net

Starting from the basic concepts and syntax, learning a language, especially now is a visual development, but I suggest not to drag several widgets first, instead, you must first understand the concepts, syntaxes, and specifications of the language. Although VB. Net is very similar to the previous VB6 syntax, the current VB. Net is a brand new object-oriented lan

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