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StartSSL applies for a Free SSL certificate application and complete account registration process

SSL certificates have become very popular. For example, Let's Encrypt Free SSL, which was prepared for sharing later, has started public beta and has been recognized by most third-party browsers and authoritative websites, therefore, if we need to use SSL certificates to implement the https url format for our website in the future, there are still many free SSL channels available.1.

STARTSSL Free Certificate request steps and setup under Tomcat and Apache

STARTSSL Free Certificate Application step 1. Client Authentication Application STARTSSL user authentication uses HTTPS client certificate authentication rather than username/password authentication. So the first step is to request a STARTSSL client certificate. (The entire application process can refer to the link: ht

Startssl Request a free SSL certificate

validation is complete, open the Certificates Wizard Options window, select Web Server SSL/TLS Certificate in Target, and then click Continue Enter the password for the private key, click Continue, and use the password to decrypt it on the server. The Save Private Key page appears, storing the text inside the text square box, named ssl.crt Click Continue, the Add Domains page appears, select your domain name, click Continue Still the Add Domains page, enter WWW in the box, click Contin

STARTSSL, free SSL certificate application and Precautions

Free SSL certificate, to IIS differs from Nginx. Original from part RedIf a Web site needs to provide HTTPS encrypted access, you must have a valid SSL certificate to prove your identity to the client. SSL certificates are usually issued by third-party organizations, with domain Validation (DV), organisatio

Enable https using the free startssl service

: This article describes how to use the free startssl service to enable https. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Enable https for the website or use the free startssl service The steps for using https in a website are as follows: 1. use your own company information to generate your own CSR file and key fi

Enable HTTPS with the free STARTSSL service

Web site to enable HTTPS or use the free STARTSSL service The key steps to using HTTPS in your site are: 1. Use the information from your company to generate your own CSR file and key file, one of the following methods. First type: Online generation []The second type:openssl req -new -nodes -keyout yourname.key -out yourname.csrLinux command line generationT


STARTSSL free 3-year HTTPS service online chat every day before 5 o'clock in the afternoon is the Chinese customer service can communicate in Chinese, other time English customer service, British company, one can be up to 9 domain name corresponding to a certificate.Use the domain name of the mailbox to verify and then generate their own CSR and key to remove the head and tail of the CSR copy into the

Globally trusted and the only free HTTPS (SSL) certification authority: STARTSSL

certificate configuration, using Api.bz_nopass.key, in the boot Nginx is not required to enter the SSL certificate password, and use need to enter the password: Referencing the server{server_name;Listen 443;Index index.html index.htm index.php;root/data0/htdocs/;SSL on;Ssl_certificate API.BZ.CRT;Ssl_certificate_key Api.bz_nopass.key;......} Although the self-issued SSL certificate can implement the encrypted transfer function, but cannot get the trust of the browser

Startssl Request a FREE certificate

1. Using IE browser2, use email Login3. After successful application, use IE to export the api.pfx file containing the private key4. Export the private key, etc.OpenSSL pkcs12-in api.pfx-nocerts-nodes-out api.keypenssl rsa-in api.key-out api_private.keyopenssl rsa-in Api.key -pubout-out api_public.keyopenssl pkcs8-in api_private.key-out api_private.p8-outform der-nocrypt-topk85. Tool Export Api.pem FileMV Api.pem API.CRTThe Api_private.key and api.crt here are the files we need.

The entire release process of ios in-house (startssl authentication), in-housestartssl

The entire release process of ios in-house (startssl authentication), in-housestartssl The procedure is as follows: 1. Apply for an Apple enterprise account Generate app id and provision profile for the Application See: 2. Go to startssl to apply for a certificate and a key for your website. If you do not know whether self-authentication is available,

iOS in-house announces the entire process (STARTSSL certification)

First of all, basically say the steps:1. Apply for Apple Enterprise accountGenerate app Id,provision profile for apps, etc.See: Enterprise Development in House IPA announcement processAssuming the link above is not open to download the document Go to Startssl to request a certificate and key for your site.This assumes that I do not know whether

iOS in-house release the entire process (STARTSSL certification)

First of all, basically say the steps:1. Apply for Apple Enterprise accountGenerate app Id,provision profile for apps, etc.See: Go to Startssl to request a certificate and key for your website.Since iOS7, the in-house release only supports HTTPS publishing, which means that the site must be encrypted and authenticated with SSLSee:

Summary of problems encountered in configuring the startssl Certificate in Tomcat 7 in Linux

difficult to install, But it solves the asynchronous Io problem at the operating system level, greatly improving the performance. You must install APR and tomcat native. Apr can be directly started. It turns out that Tomcat is started in the default bio mode because APR and tomcat-native are not installed in Linux. Install these two items. After installation, you can start it. IE, chrome... All of these can identify the certificate, but Firefox does not trust it, it is another Google, it was no

A tutorial on configuring STARTSSL and SSL under the Nginx server _nginx

) [] Commo n Name (eg, your name or your server ' s hostname) []:*. Email Address [] Please enter the following ' extra ' attributes to be sent with your cert Ificate request A Challenge Password []: direct return to A optional company name []: direct return [root@e2fsck ~]# OpenSSL rsa-in] e2fsck.o Rg.key-out E2fsck.org_nopass.key Enter pass phrase for Enter the password above writing RSA key [root@e2fsck ~]# ls e2fs CK.ORG.CSR

Enable HTTPS now, free of charge!

location of the private key associated with you, and turn on port 443 ready for use. You don't need to be a professional software developer to do this, but you need to be proficient with command-line operations and be skilled at configuring the servers you manipulate .Most of the certificates were for money, but I followed the advice of Micah Lee and used Startssl. That's what EFF is using, and they're free

Nginx + HTTPS + Free SSL certificate configuration Guide

not have the trust of the browser, the following prompts appear: 2, browser-trusted STARTSSL free SSL Certificate:Like VeriSign, Startssl (Web site:, company name: startcom) is also a CA, its root certificate long ago by some open source background browser support (Firefox browser, Google Chrome browser, Apple Safari browser, etc.). In Se

How to Set up Apache + a free signed SSL Certificate on a VPS

PrerequisitesBefore we get started, here is the Web tools need for this tutorial: Google Chrome Browser Apache installed on your VPS (cloud server) A Domain name you own Access to a email address at this domain, either: [Email protected] [Email protected] [Email protected] offers completely free verified (your users won ' t has to see those scary red screens saying "this site isn ' t

StartCom free SSL certificate request and configuration in the Tomcat environment

Tip: It is recommended that you do not use Google Chrome (the site's certificate is not recognized ...), you can see my google replaced by IE (not installed Firefox) ... This application is recommended to use FirefoxThe following describes the next self-signed SSL certificate, although you can implement HTTPS protocol access, but the browser will always prompt unsafe, the user is not very friendly, here is a slightly more formal point of CA authentication method.In a published article to see tha

Dream Network to provide you free 50M ASP free space _ Free FTP space

Dream Network to provide 50M free space applications, instant application Open, Space support ASP, ACCESS, dynamic components, and so on, support FTP upload management, space is suitable for no web design based on users and personal website use! There is a need for netizens to see! Application steps:1, open:, please fill in the form request, especially the mailbox, must write commonly used, the corr

Three-dimensional free space to provide a variety of free ASP space (1G) _ Free ASP Space

The features supported by this free space are as follows: 1. Support asp,html 2, Access database can be opened (need 10 promotional stickers) 3, support forum (need to open the database) 4, support the online opening of FTP and modify the FTP password 5, support the two-level domain name binding 6, Support Flash, MP3 and other multimedia playback 7, support RAR, zip and other downloads 8, IIS connection number 20, the bandwidth is 50kb/second, the flo

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