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[Javascript] How to write a Javascript libarary

Create Package.json File// NPM settingsnpm set Init-author-name ' username 'npm set init-author-email ' [email protected] 'NPM Set init-author-url ' 'npm set savetrue//Create Package.json NPM InitPubish to GitHub and tag it--M "Commit message"1.0.0--tagsPublish to NPMRelease a new versioninch Package.json2. Publish to Git3. Publish tag to git4. NPM Publish5. NPM InfoPublishing a beta version1. In Package.json: ' Version ': ' 1.2.0-beta.0 ',2. Publish to Git in gitbeta 5. NPM

Java Reflection mechanism usage scenarios

-------"); - } $ $ Public voidUsepci (PCI p) { - if(P! =NULL){ - (); the p.close (); - }Wuyi } the}Public interface PCI {public void open ();p ublic void Close ();} Class SoundBoard implements Pci{public SoundBoard () {} @Overridepublic void Open () {System.out.println ("open Sound");} @Overridepublic void Close () {System.out.println ("close Sound");}} Class Wifiboa

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (11) Setting up the Sounboard application

Http:// Series Address: Http:// Source code: HTTP://AKA.MS/ABSBEGINNERDEVWP8PDF version: Http:// Writing a petsounds application is a good way to learn how to play the media, but we have a business perspective on the application, so in t

Linux Terminal interface Screensavers

:# termsaver-h Screens: urlfetcher displays URL contents with typing animation rssfeed Displays RSS feed information RFC randomly displays RFC contents Randtxt displays word in random places on screens Quotes4all displays recent quotes from T clock displays a digital clock on screens Jokes4all displays recent jokes from (NSFW) programmer displays source code in typing animation Asciia R

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (10) data-bound application and perspective application project templates

the new soundboard application requirements. Here is the plan for this lesson: Create a Windows Phone data binding application (DataBound app) project template sample to discover its built-in features and view the code to understand how to implement these functionality. Repeat this procedure for the Windows Phone perspective application (Pivot app) project template. 1. Understanding the features of the Windows Phone data-bound Application project

Large collection of penetration test tools under Android platform

): ' s Keyboard (v1.33): Http:// Home Pro (1.05): Http:// Droid (3.1): Http:// (Beta) Island (3):

Java Threading API Learning thread pool Threadpoolexecutor (GO)

1.1 to JDK 1.2,jdk1.2 is collections, whose collection concept can be inherited from Doug Lea's first widely used collections released in 1995. ; one was Tiger launched in 2004. Tiger has 15 JSRs (Java specification requests) syntax and standards, one of which is JSR-166. JSR-166 is a util.concurrent package from Doug. It is worth mentioning that Doug Lea is also a member of the JCP (Java Community Project). Doug is a selfless person, he knows that sharing knowledge and sharing apple is not the

Top Ten Java characters

released in 1995. ; one was Tiger launched in 2004. Tiger has 15 JSRs (Java specification requests) syntax and standards, one of which is JSR-166. JSR-166 is a util.concurrent package from Doug.It is worth mentioning that Doug Lea is also a member of the JCP (Java Community Project).Doug is a selfless person, he knows that sharing knowledge and sharing apple is not the same, Apple will forewarned less, and their knowledge will not be reduced because of the others, the sharing of knowledge can b

What can developers expect about HTML5?

will not be completed until 2011 years ago, even then, to establish these things as a standard also need to 2022, that is to say, XHTML1.1 to HTML5 It will take about 15 years. Anyway, HTML5 will be the most cutting-edge technology for the next 5-10 years, those early adopters that can find a lot of experience sites on the Web, and at the moment, the best browsers to experience HTML5 are those based on Webkit engines, such as Chrome and Safari,firefox not too streaming Chang. Web developers ca

Create ogre overlay code

: textareaoverlayelement * textarea = static_cast Om. createoverlayelement ("textarea", "textareaname "));Textarea-> setmetricsmode (Ogre: gmm_pixels );Textarea-> setposition (0, 0 );Textarea-> setdimensions (40, 40 );Textarea-> setcaption ("Hello, world! ");Textarea-> setcharheight (16 );Textarea-> setfontname ("starwars2 ");//Textarea-> setcolour (Ogre: colourvalue (0.6, 0.7, 0.8 ));// Textarea-> setcolourbottom (Ogre: colourvalue (0.3, 0.5, 0.3 ));// Textarea-> setcolourtop (Ogre: colourvalue

Android development technology weekly Issue #61

. For example, the initial version is $129/month, A total of 2 worker processes are provided. When there are not many projects, in addition to running unit tests, we can't help but make full use of them. Therefore, we took the time to build a set of Android Auto Release workflows Based on Travis CI. A Preliminary Study on Android Simulator 2.0I believe that every Android developer will agree that the biggest thing announced at the 2015 Android Developer Conference is Android Studio 2.0 and Andr

MongoDB initial experience-C #

similar to a table in the relational database World. The difference is that the list consists of binary JSON files instead of rows and columns, therefore, such documents can contain anything (you can serialize them to binary JSON)-they are non-table framework type. MongoDB knows how to query and index data. VaR spec = new document (); spec ["title"] = "Star Wars"; var starwars = movies. findone (SPEC ); The appropriate abstraction of data storage

Software Easter eggs

Many apps hide some special things that developers leave behind-Easter eggs. The nine most famous ones are listed here. 9. Book Mozilla: Enter "about: Mozilla" in the address bar of Firefox to view the famous saying about the birth of Firefox. 8. Internet Explorer 7 Credits: Enter javascript: window. Name = "thewcee"; location. href = "res: // Shdoclc. dll/wcee.htm ", you will see a hidden list of IE developers. 7. Google Earth 4.2 flight simulation game: start Google Earth 4.2, press CTRL +

JavaScript typing mini-game code

]. selected ){ Amounts = option. options [I]. text; } } } // --------- 10. Game score ----------- Function Score (){ Var sum = document. getElementById ("sum "); Sum. value = count; If (count = 0) {// The initialization text box score is 0. Sum. value = count; } } Conclusion: The code is not optimized due to a long interval, and the occurrence interval of letters is too long. If you are interested, try to fix the issue. The code is for reference only.Online Demo:

Java Star Wars Game (horizontal shooting)

Prepare to gradually sort out the third-party Java game code in your hands and integrate the usable part into the lgame. If there is no usable part, delete it directly. However, no matter how difficult the program is, it is also the painstaking effort of the original author. I should not discard them, so I will sort them out one by one and publish them online for retained (to avoid missing them ......), It is also convenient for users who need it for reference. The following is a horizonta

How to create a secure password to respond to hackers

will also remind you to change to a strong password. These software can also generate strong passwords for you. However, there are some who feel uneasy about the software. What if the master password for the software account is stolen? So that all the other websites ' accounts and passwords are compromised.   Write the code on the paper. If you create a long password, but worry about forgetting it, you can write it on paper and put it in a safe place in your home, like a lock in a drawer. Th

Windows Phone 8 Introductory Tutorial (i) Introduction

material and provide the code I have entered, so you can copy and paste them into your application. I am offering this version for the convenience of people who have hearing impairment and do not use English as the main language. In addition, it should be useful for future reference, and you don't have to look back at the video to review some of the ideas or techniques mentioned previously. OK, so what apps will we create in this series? Demo Application with Name

16 Super Cool foreign game web design to enjoy

Game site design is most challenging, good game site may have to be hand-painted, post-processing and production of stunning impact video and so on, which will take a lot of time, not every designer can easily ride. Today, sharing 16 foreign game website web design, including very fire assassin Creed, Grand Theft Car, wizard 3, etc., is definitely a violent visual feast. Inspiration, skill is also very important, please Tencent TGI Senior visual designer @ Jinxiao classmate of the game design g

The worst password list, what kind of password is safe?

Worst Password TOP25 list 1.123456 2. Password 3.12345678 4. Qwerty 5.12345 6.123456789 7. Football 8.1234 9.1234567 Baseball Welcome. 12.1234567890 abc123 14.111111 1qaz2wsx Dragon Master Monkey Letmein Login Princess. Qwertyuiop Solo Passw0rd StarWars (Wing fly) Many people have been stolen network password experience, and the prevention of awareness is not strong is caused by the theft of one of the main reasons, some peop

JavaScript typing mini-game code _ javascript skills

------- Function countdown (){ Var timeshows = document. getElementById ("timeshow "); If (timeshows) {// if the webpage speed is slow, the control may not be loaded when the timer is running. If (gametimess ClearInterval (time3); // stop the timer } Else { Timeshows. value = gametimess; Gametimess --; } } } // -------- 9. game difficulty options --------- Function Gameselectamount (){ Var option = document. getElementById ("select2 "); For (var I = 0; I If

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