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Make fine stationery with WPS text

picture into the 10 shape, you can move your pictures to the appropriate location. If the mouse moves to the border, the mouse will turn into an arrow-like, you can change the size of the picture. After you resize the picture to the appropriate position and size. Close the Header and Footer toolbar, as shown in the picture. Such a background stationery is initially completed. Step three: Set

How to use Outlook Express stationery features

Usually we send and receive emails usually have no background design, it is very monotonous, but if add some beautiful background, together with sweet words to send to your beloved, that feeling ... Oh. Today I'm going to tell you how to use the stationery features of Outlook Express 5.0. In fact, the Outlook Express 5.0 itself offers several stationery styles that can basically be viewed as "templates" for

WPS makes exquisite stationery

following cover? You can make a full set of stationery with cover (as shown below) by selecting "Layout" in the page setup in step 1 and by checking the "home page is different". or check "odd even page is different", you can make a single two pages of different stationery ~ to try It As shown in the following illustration: At this point, when the mouse moved to the picture into t

Use WPS text 3 steps to make exquisite stationery

move your pictures to the appropriate location. If the mouse moves to the border, the mouse will turn into an arrow-like, you can change the size of the picture. After you resize the picture to the appropriate position and size. Close the Header and Footer toolbar, as shown in the picture. Such a background stationery is initially completed. Triple Recommendation: Click for free Download the

Outlook 2010 creates electronic stationery

Create a new message. After you complete the steps above, you can discard the message. Customize messages with fonts, bulletin boards, background colors, horizontal lines, images, and other elements that you want to include. In the message window, click the File tab. Click Save As. In the Save as dialog box, enter %appdata%\microsoft\stationeryin the Address bar, and then press ENTER. The Stationery folder opens. In the file name box, enter a name

How to make stationery with Word

How to make stationery with Word How do you use Word to make stationery? Many times people can use Word to make beautiful layout of some documents, print out is very personalized things. such as their own stationery, notebooks and so on. Let a person have a sense of achievement, also appear very attentively. Writing statione

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d use (Stationery stripe)

First, the preamble procedureCreate a new project and implement the following lines of code in the main controller file to easily tile the picture in the view.1 #import "YYViewController.h" 2 3 @interface Yyviewcontroller () 4 5 @end 6 7 @implementation Yyviewcontroll ER 8 9-(void) VIEWDIDLOAD10 {one [super viewdidload];12 UIImage *image=[uiimage imagenamed:@ "Me"];14 uicolor *color=[uicolor colorwithpatternimage:image];15 self.view.backgroundcolor=color;16}17 @endEffect:Seco

The manufacture of stationery paper for the intermediate instruction of WPS text

Making of letterhead paper Many units have internal use of the "special note", the following we will make a "special note" electronic version. First, enable gridlines from the View menu so that the grid is displayed in the page, and if the grid spacing does not match our requirements, you can set it in the Document Grid tab in the Page Setup Panel, where, because we want to make a flat letterhead, in the grid item, select Specify row grid only, To accommodate general document requirements (gen

Design works: 53 Web sites designed with office stationery

I have recently found an interesting trend in which many designers use office stationery such as pens, pencils, logos, back tattoos, newspaper magazines, writing papers, document holders (documents holder) and notebooks to design websites. Today's designers like to see how people use and deal with things and express them in their designs. Although this will not be a common trend, it has become popular as a new style of design, and as more and more des

CSS3 border-border color (border-color)

CSS3 provides a new border, which has a rounded border, and the color of the border is also very interesting. Mozila/firefox already supports this feature, you can create cool borders. Take a look at an example:In Mozilla Browser/Firefox The effect is: Display a gray border The effect CSS3 the code as follows:

css3-border (Border-radius, Box-shadow, Border-image)

Border properties in CSS3: Border-radius, Box-shadow, Border-imageRounded Corners: Border-radiusUsing the CSS3 Border-radius property, you can make a fillet for any element.If you specify only one value in the Border-radius proper

CSS Border (Border)

CSS Border (border) One, CSS border propertiesCSS border properties allow you to specify the style and color of an element's border.Example effect:Two, border styleThe Border Style property specifies what bounds to display.The

HTML5 how does the Border property be set? Introduction to the Border property in HTML5 table

HTML5 how does the Border property be set? HTML5 table Border properties are described here, this article mainly explains the HTML5 border properties in the CSS style of the definition and use of the method, as well as HTML5 in the table of the border properties of the introduction HTML5 the definition and usage of th

How does the table border Border-collapse:collapse after the border is set?

Encountered a border need to set the fillet, and then found that after setting the Border-collapse:collapse, border-radius:5px will not work, on various checks, found that this is the CSS itself, the two can not be mixed together to use. So we used the other way to realize the round corner of table. But now I wonder how the b

Window effect, with border, without border, set the window border color

Import Java. AWT. borderlayout; import Java. AWT. color; import Java. AWT. dimension; import Java. AWT. toolkit; import javax. swing. borderfactory; import javax. swing. jframe; import javax. swing. jpanel; import javax. swing. border. border; import javax. swing. border. etchedborder; import javax. swing. border. titl

CSS border properties and drawing various shapes with border

CSS Border Properties Definition and Usage The border shorthand property sets all border properties in a declaration. The following properties can be set sequentially: Border-width Border-style Border-color If you do not set one

Control border Color: "CSS3 border-color"

There are three properties in CSS3 about border: Rounded corners Border-radius, picture border border-images, border multi-color border-color, where fillet Border-radius is a common att

Android use shape to set the border to LinearLayout, how to keep only the bottom or top of the border, the other three direction of the border is removed?

==================== Problem Description ====================Here is my test code, the final effect LinearLayout has a gray border, how to keep the bottom or top of the border, the other three-direction border removed?Boder.xmlText.xml ==================== Solution 1====================Android:bottom= "5DP"android:top= "5DP"android:left= "5DP"android:right= "5DP"

How to make the outer border of the control, not the inner border, the control border

How to make the outer border of the control, not the inner border, the control border Reprinted please indicate the source, thank you: Statement in advance: this blog is based on a TV set-top box and uses a remote control for all operations. Check it first. After selection, edittext has a

Easyui DataGrid border Handle, add border, go border, all can, Easyuidatagrid

The following is a demo of the Easyui online processing of the DataGrid border:The main thing is this sentence:$ (' #dg '). DataGrid (' Getpanel '). Removeclass (' Lines-both lines-no lines-right lines-bottom '). addclass (CLS); Of course, the DataGrid can be defined directly in the following way (Styler section):Grid = $ (' #grid '). DataGrid ({title: ', url: ', striped:true,rownumbers:true,pagination:false,singleselect:true,id Field: ' ID ', sortOrder: ' desc ', columns: [[{width: ' + ', ti

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