statistical methods for quality improvement

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Statistical Study Notes (1) -- Introduction to statistical learning methods

1. Statistical Learning Statistical Learning is a discipline in which computers build Probability Statistics Models Based on data and use models to predict and analyze data, also known as statistical machine learning. Statistical Learning is a data-driven discipline. Statistical

Data Warehouse construction and continuous improvement of data quality

The construction process and method of data warehouse system is different from the process and method of building the traditional operation type processing system, the construction of Data Warehouse system has two difficulties: first, how to guarantee the data quality, make the data accurate and credible, and how to construct the application system to meet the needs of different role users. Affected by the current situation of the production system,

Baidu keyword Quality improvement of 4 points summary

. At the same time the improvement of quality, advertising may jump left, improve the click rate. For search users: The more interested in search users, the more people click, the better the visitor experience, the higher the quality, to improve the user experience is helpful.  Third, focus on: How to optimize the quality

C # Learning Record: Writing high-quality code improvement recommendations 1-3

recommended to use Childtype = ParentType as Childtype This is more of the above, as far as possible, using the conversion of the system method instead of casting When I wrote unity, there was a need to right-click on the rig and use it, equipped with equipment,weapon, we need to determine whether it is equipment or weapon type, they are inherited item types, there are two methods available: Weapon weapon = Item as weapon;if (weapon! = null) { //t

Java Code Quality Improvement: synchronization object Selection

data type) object cannot be used as a synchronization objectIn fact, such code is not compiled.A value type creates a copy when passing another thread, which is equivalent to two objects locked by each thread. Therefore, a value type object cannot be a synchronization object. This can actually be attributed to the 1th.4th, locking strings is completely unnecessary, and quite dangerousThis whole process looks exactly the opposite of the value type. The string will be staged into memory in the vi

Write code Quality Improvement Java Program 151 recommendations--Navigation start

that I don't have a blog. Try your best, when you are free.3. Considering the severity of the problem with the codeWrite their own follow-up very rubbish, nothing to consider. Just so-called, do not know should not throw an exception, should not use Singleton. Should not interface ... A lot of things are coming from bad. Refactoring is a very good start. Reading is also.The book is much read. You're going to be cheerful.It is called, be okay. There is no good book. You learn books as well. I'm

Improvement of PHP code quality 36

Improvement of PHP code quality 36 1. do not use relative paths We often see: require_once('../../lib/some_class.php'); This method has many disadvantages: It first looks for the specified php inclusion path and then finds the current directory. Therefore, excessive paths are checked. If the script is included by another script, its basic directory is changed to the directory where another script is lo

Thoughts and practices on the application of modern quality management methods

What is quality? Quality is in line with customer requirements. In terms of product quality characteristics, we must not only meet the customer's explicit requirements, but also the requirements and expectations that are generally implied and must be fulfilled, but also cover all stages of the process, is constantly changing. There are

Statistical methods and Data analysis study notes 1

Statistical tools, techniques and methodologies for quality improvement and recycling projects:HistogramNumerical description Amount (mean, standard deviation, scale, etc.)Scatter chartLine graph (connecting points with lines in scatter plots)Control chart: (sample mean),R(sample very poor), and s(sample standard deviation)Sampling schemeTest designCollect data t

157 recommendations for writing high-quality code to improve C # programs--recommendation 37: Using lambda expressions instead of methods and anonymous methods

; (Delegate(intIintj) {returni +J; }); Actionstring> print=Newactionstring> (Delegate(stringmsg) {Console.WriteLine (msg); });Print (Add (1, 2). ToString ());With anonymous methods, we don't need to declare two methods outside of the main method, so that all code can be written directly in the work method of main, without affecting the clarity of the code. In fact, all of the lines of

Analysis of high quality original methods of website construction and optimization

Regardless of website construction or website optimization, as well as the late Internet marketing, rich and quality original content is always indispensable. Compared to site optimization link building, content is a site of flesh and blood soul. No content, the design of the site again exquisite, the production of further improvement is undoubtedly a vase. Pleasing to the design of course can make a deep i

Writing high-quality code: 151 recommendations for improving Java Four (classes, objects, methods) 31-51

Tag: class refactoring static class improvement pre some SYS col JSONNo implementation code exists in the interfaceThe implementation code cannot exist in the interface (although it can be implemented, but if the implementation code is written in the interface, then the interface is bound to a possible change of factors, which results in the implementation is not document and reliable, can be discarded at any time, modified, reconstructed) Packagejson

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