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Statistical process Control and evaluation CPK, SPC, PPM

". The failure curve of electronic components varies with time. Through "Test re-screening" can only eliminate the early failure of the product, and can not reduce the failure rate during accidental failures. Therefore, screening can only improve the reliability of product use, and can not really improve the product's "intrinsic quality and reliability." Reliability is designed and manufactured. Component manufac

Quality control, human resource management

for the control object; NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;3) Develop an implementation plan to determine the assurance measures; 4) execute as planned; 5) Monitor and inspect the implementation of the project and compare the results of the monitoring with the plan or standard; 6) discover and analyze deviations; 7) According to the deviation takeCorresponding countermeasures 27, the traditional method of quality

20151015 Project quality control and project human resource management

Project Quality Management 1. Project Quality planning methodologies/techniques and tools, and a brief description (7 points); Benefit/cost Analysis (tradeoffs of benefits/costs); Benchmark comparisons (comparing the actual or planned practices of the project with the practices of other projects); Flowchart (Any relationship between the elements that are related to a system); Experimental des

SPC quality control management system

SPC is short for statistical process control. It is a process control tool based on mathematical statistics ". The basic element of SPC quality control is the control chart. A control c

2015-Guo Hui-Project quality CONTROL + Project human resource Management

1, the project quality planning methods/techniques and tools, and a brief description; (Foundation work Essence)Benefit/cost Analysis, benchmark comparison, quality function development, process decision making diagram method, flowchart, experiment design, quality cost analysis.2, the project quality assurance methods/

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