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Rethinking on the structure of Web script code

can put some ideas into PHP, the direct access to the data is faster than through the various function calls, not necessarily to use the function, although that is more beautiful. Once the data is taken out of the database, stored in a variable, and then sorted or filtered by the values in the PHP program's processing variables. Save the data in a variable first, and you can reuse it.Performance optimization is a Web page open speed and execution efficiency of a work, in WordPress, many article

JVM Tuning Summary (11)-Rethinking

implemented, the individual thinks it will be a leap, Java has the advantage of garbage collection, and C, C + + memory controllability.Thread AssignmentJava's blocking threading model can be largely discarded, and the current mature NIO framework is much more. The problem with blocking IO is a linear increase in the number of threads, while NiO can be converted into a constant thread. Therefore, NiO is still the only option for service-side applications. However, is the AIO brought to us in th

Non-serious rethinking of the MQTT 3.1 protocol

connectivity generates state management and maintenance, with a small cost, such as a client reset exception that is often seen. A complete request cycle must be fixed on a single server UDP is not a connected feature. Each request packet can be randomly assigned to a different machine for processing and can be completely stateless scale-out In short, for real-time special functions, or fast access to the characteristics of the terminal, may wish to consider UDP. However, many times UD

Rethinking the design of the app by "8 Myths of Distributed Systems" second fallacy 2: No network latency

servers are processed in the order in which they are sent. So the server may receive a request to delete information, and the server actually receives the request to create the information. In a recent application development, we will fill in the serial number in all requests, the server side will have a queue to save the received request. If a request is not received in the middle of the sending pair of columns, the server does not process any requests after it, guaranteeing that the request c

Rethinking the Paxos algorithm

strong consistency lies. The node hangs casually, as long as the majority lives is OK. 5. Concluding remarksIn fact, there is a learner process, the simulation Propser proposed a motion, if the return of the approved motion, then the initiation of the accept request, if received a majority of the reply, stating that Chosen_value has been born, is the value of the motion it initiated, This value can then be widely disseminated, and this round of basic Paxos can be declared over, and can rec

Rethinking on the area division of the first type curved surface

Rethinking on the area division of the first type curved surface @ (Calculus) Some problems, look complex, but very good solution. In the same way, some problems look simple, but they are hard to do. Give an example of the calculation of the area of the first type of curvature. The solution of the first type curved area based on three things to do: projection generation calculation There is no logical order between three things, and whoever wants to

Rethinking the design of the app by "8 Myths of Distributed Systems" eighth fallacy 8: Network configuration is similar

formats are difficult to parse across multiple devices. This is not a big deal for services that revolve around a core server, because it provides the client with the data format that it needs and can interpret different types of data. But for applications that need to provide point-to-point communication (for example, Gamekit), an iOS app communicates with an Android app, or a different version of the app, which can be a big hassle.Original address:

Rethinking app design with "8 Myths of Distributed Systems"

?-Gracefully Handle the case of intermittent network or disconnection. Finally, you need to consider how to present the page in the event of a network exception when developing the app. I don't know. Every time the network is out of the question, a dialog box pops up. And I'm definitely not going to pop a bunch of cue boxes when a series of network errors occur. I will try to tell the user that the app is processing the request, and if a problem occurs, the user can continue until the request is

Rethinking the design of the app by "8 Myths of Distributed Systems" sixth fallacy 6: only one manager

, the author mainly says, although you are the application developer, but you actually cannot grasp when to update the application, including the application running environment; This is the author said that more than one manager. In fact, each user is the manager of your app.2, the author said the local update, I am deeply have experience. Make a previous one even if the communication tool, the data will be saved locally, and later not only need to support the text also need to support voice, p

Rethinking the future development of the traditional training industry from the full-on-line education

a bit of recognition. Training is about skill. A good trainer will make it easy for students to learn, and is a gradual process. Depending on the film but not the film.Why some training institutions want to use online teaching, some people will say is to save money. is to teach more students. In fact, this is a not worth the good, I saw a teacher in front of the PC, said a half-day, the result, then the people who attended the lecture fell asleep a large, the line is not a few people listening.

Rethinking the design pattern in the reconstruction

method, then, after the system delivery, operations will become extremely difficult. When the software becomes a big mud ball, we can just try to refactor and start over again. How to use design patterns properly? Using the model to improve the existing design is better than the early use of the design model, through the evolution of the design rather than using large-scale pre-design, through refactoring. Trend and removal mode. Instead of designing early usage patterns. Delays in the use of p

Rethinking java basics (2): Java reflection and java reflection

Rethinking java basics (2): Java reflection and java reflectionLet's take a look at Baidu's explanation: the JAVA reflection mechanism is in the running state. For any class, all attributes and methods of this class can be known. For any object, can call any of its methods and attributes. This kind of information obtained dynamically and the function of dynamically calling methods of objects is called the reflection mechanism of java language. Let's t

Rethinking the development architecture of web systems-complete separation of front and rear end

The original: The Web System Development Framework rethinking-the complete separation of the front and rear endObjectiveFull separation of the front and back in fact, has always been a web developer's dream, has always been my dream, thinking back that year, whether it is directly in the code output HTML, or embedded in the HTML code, can not be satisfied. During the pain and tangled, I think all web developers are deeply impressed.Since the last few

Rethinking the Origins of the universe

. But now, Mersini-houghton says the mathematical results are beyond doubt. Many physicists and astronomers believe that our universe originated in a singular point and expanded from the Big Bang. If the singularity does not exist, however, physicists will have to rethink whether the big bang really happened. "For decades physicists have been trying to combine these two theories--Einstein's theory of gravity and quantum mechanics, but this assumption has put two theories together." "Mersini-hou

"Statistical inference (statistical inference)" Reading notes--4th Chapter statistical Distribution Family

The most common and multidimensional stochastic variables in data analysis work, the fourth chapter introduces the basic knowledge of multidimensional stochastic variables, in which the core concept is conditional distribution and conditional probability. Conditional distribution and conditional probability can abstract the concept of conditional expectation, and in the study of stochastic analysis, it is "conditional expectation" to understand the theory and keywords of stochastic integral and

"Statistical inference (statistical inference)" Reading notes--3rd Chapter statistical Distribution Family

The two most important thinking paradigms in scientific research are "simplification" and "reduction", so-called "simplification" refers to the understanding of the world according to the less complicated and understandable laws. The so-called " reduction " means that any complex phenomenon can be explained in the final analysis by a few simple mechanisms. All kinds of statistical distribution families are the result of "simplifying" thought abstracti

Statistical Study Notes (1) -- Introduction to statistical learning methods

1. Statistical Learning Statistical Learning is a discipline in which computers build Probability Statistics Models Based on data and use models to predict and analyze data, also known as statistical machine learning. Statistical Learning is a data-driven discipline. Statistical

Statistical arbitrage statistical arbitrage

Statistical arbitrage statistical Arbitrage is not an absolute arbitrage, It is an arbitrage in the statistical sense, that is, the strategy can be expected to be arbitrage, but not Arbitrage is guaranteed.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediajump to: navigation, search In the world of finance and investorsStatistical arbitrageIs used in two related but distin

Data statistical analysis systat.v13.1.win32_64 2CD+IBM. Spss. AMOS.V22 1CD Statistical analysis

Data statistical analysis systat.v13.1.win32_64 2CD+IBM. Spss. AMOS.V22 1CD Statistical analysissystat.v13.1.win32_64 2CD (General data statistical analysis)stata_v10.0 Statistics SoftwareThe most complete module of General data statistical analysis software--systatNew version SYSTAT V12 Grand debut-the most complete

Statistical learning methods Hangyuan LI---1th chapter Introduction to Statistical learning methods

Chapter I. Introduction to Statistical learning methodsThe main features of statistical learning are: (1) Statistical learning is based on computers and networks, and is based on computer and network ; (2) Statistical learning takes data as the research object and is a data-driven discipline; (3) Un

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