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Machine learning practical matlab Neural Network Toolbox

The previous section in"machine learning from logistic to neural network algorithm", we have introduced the origin and construction of neural network algorithm from the principle, and programmed the simple neural network to classify and test the linear and nonlinear data. Looking at the previous section, it may be found that the algorithm implemented in the previous section is not perfect for classifying no

MATLAB Map Toolbox Learning Summary (iii) basic knowledge of Map toolbox

MATLAB Map Toolbox Learning Summary (iii) basic knowledge of Map toolboxWhat you want to introduce today are some of the more basic functions. With these functions in view, the basic concepts of map projection can be truly understood. To continue to study the function of map projection in Matlab, especially the project

Introduction to MATLAB mathematical statistics Toolbox)

This document is a PDF format directly converted from the Internet, Introduction to MATLAB mathematical statistics toolbox1. OverviewThe Mathematical Statistics toolbox of MATLAB is a relatively simple tool in the MATLAB

MATLAB LIBSVM support Vector Machine Toolbox installation and use here can download support Vector machine Toolbox, I maltab r2012b and 3.1 matching use, others do not, we look at the tutorial after the problem, if this article does not mention, first search errors, if not explicitly given the answer, try different versions may be used, I am the same tutorial for 4 of the Toolbox before you can use (

Deep Learning MATLAB Toolbox code detailed

Recently studied a few days of deep learning of the MATLAB Toolbox code, found that the author gives the source of the comments is very poor, in order to facilitate everyone to read, the code has been commented, share with you.Before reading the MATLAB Toolbox code, we recom

Learning efficiency and accuracy of different learning functions in the matlab bp network toolbox, training functions and performance Functions

Demo from neural network theory and Matlab 7 ImplementationFirst, we will introduce several types of functions commonly used by BP networks in the MATLAB toolbox: Forward network creation functions: Newcf creates a cascaded forward Network Newff creates a Forward BP Network Newffd creates a forward network with input delayTransfer Function: Logsig S-type logari

MATLAB Map Toolbox Learning Summary (i) from the map projection

MATLAB Map Toolbox Learning Summary (i) from the map projectionObjectiveIn this semester's map projection class, Li Lianying suggested that we use MATLAB to complete our weekly assignments. From the sophomore semester began to contact with MATLAB

Matlab with the Classification of Learning Toolbox (SVM, Decision Tree, KNN, etc.) __matlab

In Matlab, there are a variety of classifier training functions, such as "FITCSVM", but also a graphical interface of the classification of Learning Toolbox, which contains SVM, decision tree, KNN and other types of classifiers, the use of very convenient. Then let's talk about how to use it. Start: Click "Application", find "classification learner" icon in the P

Machine learning: Matlab 2015a automatic machine learning algorithm Summary

"Machine learning" Matlab 2015a self-machine learning algorithm RollupAuthor: Chen Fa St. "Introduction"Today suddenly found that the version of matlab2015a with a lot of classical machine lea

"Machine learning" Matlab 2015a self-bringing machine learning algorithm summary

MATLAB machine learning did not see what tutorial, only a series of functions, had to record:Matlab Each machine learning method is implemented in many ways, and can be advanced configuration (such as the training decision tree when the various parameters set), here due to s

Machine Learning-Overview of common matlab programming commands (NG-ml-class octave/MATLAB tutorial)

Machine Learning-Overview of common matlab programming commands -- Summary from ng-ml-class octave/MATLAB tutorial CourseraA. basic operations and moving data around1 in command line mode, you can use Shift + press enter to append the next line to output 2 length command to apply to the matrix, and return a higher one-

Machine Learning & Statistics Related Books _ machine learning

1. The complete course of statistics all of statistics Carnegie Kimelon Wosseman 2. Fourth edition, "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" Morris. Heidegger, Morris H.degroot, and Mark. Schevish (Mark j.shervish) 3. Introduction to Linear algebra, Gilbert. Strong--Online video tutorials are classic 4. "Numerical linear algebra", Tracy Füssen. Lloyd a

Professor Zhang Zhihua: machine learning--a love of statistics and computation

Professor Zhang Zhihua: machine learning--a love of statistics and computationEditorial press: This article is from Zhang Zhihua teacher in the ninth China R Language Conference and Shanghai Jiaotong University's two lectures in the sorting out. Zhang Zhihua is a professor of computer science and engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University, adjunct professor of d

Robot Learning Cornerstone (Machine learning foundations) Learn Cornerstone Job four q13-20 MATLAB implementation

Hello everyone, I am mac Jiang, today and everyone to share the coursera-ntu-machine learning Cornerstone (Machines learning foundations)-Job four q13-20 MATLAB implementation. The previous code was implemented through C + +, but found that C + + implementation of the code is too cumbersome, the job also to change the

Robot Learning Cornerstone (Machine learning foundations) Learn Cornerstone Job four q13-20 MATLAB implementation

Hello everyone, I am mac Jiang, today and everyone to share the coursera-ntu-machine learning Cornerstone (Machines learning foundations)-Job four q13-20 MATLAB implementation.Once the code is implemented through C + +. However, it is too cumbersome to discover that C + + implements this code. This job also need to cha

Introduction and implementation of machine learning KNN method (Dating satisfaction Statistics) _ Machine learning

Experimental purposes Recently intend to systematically start learning machine learning, bought a few books, but also find a lot of practicing things, this series is a record of their learning process, from the most basic KNN algorithm began; experiment Introduction Language: Python GitHub Address: LUUUYI/KNNExperiment

"MATLAB" machine learning (Coursera Courses Outline & Schedule)

The course covers technology:Gradient descent, linear regression, supervised/unsupervised learning, classification/logistic regression, regularization, neural network, gradient test/numerical calculation, model selection/diagnosis, learning curve, evaluation metric, SVM, K-means clustering, PCA, Map Reduce Data Parallelism, etc...The course covers applications:Message classification, tumor diagnosis, handw

Stanford Machine Learning note -3.bayesian statistics and regularization

regression as shown below, (note that in matlab the vector subscript starts at 1, so the theta0 should be theta (1)).MATLAB implementation of the logistic regression the function code is as follows:function[J, Grad] =Costfunctionreg (Theta, X, y, Lambda)%costfunctionreg Compute Cost andgradient for logistic regression with regularization% J=Costfunctionreg (Theta, X, y, Lambda) computes the cost of using%

Machine learning and its MATLAB implementation--from foundation to practice--HW3

);4. Simulation TestT_sim = Sim (net,p_test);5. Inversion of dataT_sim = Mapminmax (' reverse ', t_sim,ps_output);V. Performance evaluation1. Absolute error errorsError = ABS (t_sim-t_test)./t_test;2. Decision Factor r^2R2 = (n * SUM (t_sim. * t_test)-sum (t_sim) * SUM (t_test)) ^2/((N * SUM ((T_sim). ^2)-(SUM (T_sim)) ^2) * (n * SUM (t_test) . ^2)-(SUM (t_test)) ^2));3. Comparison of resultsresult = [t_test ' T_sim ' ERROR ']result = 28.1600 31.1291 0.1054 52.6500 53.0643 0.0079

Coursera Machine Learning second week quiz answer Octave/matlab Tutorial

Https:// Octave Tutorial 5 questions 1.Suppose I first execute the following Octave commands: A = [1 2; 3 4; 5 6]; B = [1 2 3; 4 5 6]; Which of the following is then valid Octave commands? Check all, apply and assume all options is written in an Octave command.

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