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Be steadfast in program creation, and remember not to be impetuous.

More than once, I heard from my predecessors that today's young people are very impetuous and impetuous. They are also impetuous in their work. They cannot be steadfast and do one thing seriously. Yesterday, an elder followed I am talking about this issue. It can be seen that this issue is common. I agree with his point of view. In today's age, the network and society are full of interests, temptations, and new things. New Ideas make people no lon

Moved by the steadfast and progressive development of the "Flying Pigeon book" Developer

As a result, garlic was put on the tray in the Department's Flying Pigeon book cabinet, moved by the steadfast and progressive [Flying Pigeon book writing] developers. We arrange for each person to take care of the garlic for a day. In fact, the person is responsible for changing water in the morning and evening, and should keep a record, remember the changes and feelings of the observed garlic in the notebook specially prepared for planting. We are g

Self-esteem is the performance of their own non-steadfast work

Used to always use other friends of the league + micro Bo Appkey, suddenly used to the statistics, I really do not have, really have to use their own.Feel that every step of my doing is not a problem, in a careful look at the document, do not miss the clues, only to find that my website has a problem, it should be, and I wrote a I can't find the correct URL in the browser, so I deleted it, until I could search it, I found that I wrote more

Network Engineer, may you be steadfast in this impetuous world step by step

No.1 amazing and weird HospitalFirst, share a story about others.The implementation of a project in a hospital is completed, but the customer reported that the network would be disconnected from time to time. The network engineer Mr. Li received the task and was responsible for handling the case.After log analysis, it is found that the building's aggregation switch will be restarted from time to time for unknown reasons.Xiao Li decided to observe for a few days and found that the device was gene

Bayesian Networks (also known as Bayesian belief networks or belief networks)

Naive Bayesian classification has a restrictive condition, that is, feature attributes must be conditional independent or basic independent (in fact, in practical applications almost impossible to complete independence) A Bayesian network definition consists of a direction-free graph (DAG) and a set of conditional probability tables . Each node in the DAG represents a random variable, which can be directly observed or hidden, while a directed edge represents a conditional dependency between

Introduction to the integration of smart optical networks and Traditional transmission networks (1)

With the gradual application of smart optical network ASON, the transmission network will gradually increase the number of intelligent network elements. As operators have invested heavily in the traditional SDH network, in order to protect the original investment and realize the smooth evolution of the traditional optical transmission network to ASON, the intelligent network and traditional devices will coexist for a long time, the interoperability between the two is inevitable. Therefore, the i

"Neutron" Tenant Networks vs. Provider Networks

OpenStack's neutron defines two main types of network--tenant networks and provider networks. OpenStack administrators must decide how their neutron network deployment strategy will use--tenant networks, provider networks, or some combination of both.This section describes the unique challenges posed by the tenant netw

Neural networks and deep learning (1): Neurons and neural networks

This paper summarizes some contents from the 1th chapter of Neural Networks and deep learning. Catalogue Perceptual device S-type neurons The architecture of the neural network Using neural networks to recognize handwritten numbers Towards Deep learning Perceptron (perceptrons)1. FundamentalsPerceptron is an artificial neuron.A perceptron accepts several binary inputs: X1,X2, .

Can enterprise wireless networks work together with wired networks? (1)

In the past, people used Wireless Office as a fashion, such as chatting online in the cafe and posing with a wireless laptop in the airport lobby. Today, wireless applications have begun to penetrate into a variety of enterprise applications. In some enterprise applications, wireless applications have even become a tool to replace wired networks. Some enterprises, especially large sales enterprises, do not have fixed office positions, for example, a s

Introduction to artificial neural networks and the implementation and operation of single-layer networks-Use of the aforge. NET Framework (V)

Previous 4ArticleThis is a fuzzy system, which is different from the traditional value logic. The theoretical basis is fuzzy mathematics, so some friends are confused. If you are interested, please refer to relevant books, I recommend the "fuzzy mathematics tutorial", the National Defense Industry Press, which is very comprehensive and cheap (I bought 7 yuan ). Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a mathematic

Neural Networks: convolutional neural Networks

is the number of nodes related to the classification, assuming that we are set to 10 classes, the output layer is 10 nodes, the corresponding expectations of the setting in the multilayer neural network has been introduced, each output node and the above hidden layer 100 nodes connected, total (100+1) *10=1010 link line, 1010 weights.As can be seen from the above, the core of convolutional neural networks is the creation of convolutional layers, so w

Machine Learning (I): gradient descent, neural networks, and BP Neural Networks

Over the past few days, I have read some peripheral materials around the paper a neural probability language model, such as Neural Networks and gradient descent algorithms. Then I have extended my understanding of linear algebra, probability theory, and derivation. In general, I learned a lot. Below are some notes. I,Neural Network I have heard of neural networks countless times before, but I have never stu

Learning about [neural networks] The best book is "self-built Neural Networks". The ebook is now available in Baidu!

Instructor Ge yiming's "self-built neural network writing" e-book was launched in Baidu reading. Home page:Http:// Self-built neural networks are intended for smart device enthusiasts, computer science enthusiasts, geeks, programmers, AI enthusiasts, and IOT practitioners, it is the first and only Neural Network book created using Java on the market. The self-built neural network is simple and interesting. It is a popular book for neural

[Translate] using neural networks for regression (using neural Networks with Regression)

This article is from here, the content of this blog is Java Open source, distributed deep Learning Project deeplearning4j The introduction of learning documents. Introduction:in general, neural networks are often used for unsupervised learning, classification, and regression. That is, neural networks can help group unlabeled data, classify data, or output successive values after supervised training. Th

High-speed offloading of IP networks, optical networks, and Rail Transit

High-speed offloading of IP networks, optical networks, and Rail TransitThree o'clock AM, sleep in the middle of the night, suddenly heard the left and right ears buzz, the tatami pad under the sound of the sand, thought in a dream, but woke up, found that did not see anything, still in the night, so I confirmed that this was not a dream. So when the light was turned on, I found a cockroach lying on the mat

Community discovery algorithm for large-scale networks mining louvain--social networks

Community Discovery algorithm for large-scale networks mining louvain--social networks = = = Algorithm source The algorithm derives from the article fast unfolding of communities in large networks, referred to as Louvian. algorithm principle Louvain algorithm is a community discovery algorithm based on the module degree (modularity), which is better in both effi

(vi) 6.15 neurons Networks deep belief Networks

Hintion in a 06 science paper that RBMs can be stacked up and trained by layers of greed, called Deep belife Networks (DBN), a network of high-level features that can learn the training data , DBN is a generation model in which a visible variable is associated with a hidden layer:Here x = H0, for the condition distribution of the visible element of the RBM under the condition of the hidden layer element of the K-layer, is a condition distribution of a

Computer networks-computer networks and the Internet

creates a connection across a link, the network specifies a time slot for the connection in each frame. These slots are used exclusively by the connection and a single timeslot transmits the data of the connection.3. Packet switching4. Packet switching vs. Circuit Exchange: Statistical multiplexing5. How groups form their pathways through a packet-switched network6.ISP and Internet backboneIv. delay, packet loss and throughput in packet switching networksV. Level of agreement and their service

"Paper notes" Training Very deep Networks-highway Networks

Target:How to train a deep neural network however, deep neural networks can cause problems, gradients, and so on, which makes it difficult to train authors to take advantage of similar lstm methods, by increasing the gate to control the ratio of transform before and after transform, calledHighway NetworkAs to why it works ... Probably the same reason Lstm will work.Method:The first is the normal neural network, each layer h from the input x mapping to

Course IV (convolutional neural Networks), first week (Foundations of convolutional neural Networks)--0.learning goals

Learning Goals Understand the convolution operation Understand the pooling operation Remember the vocabulary used in convolutional neural network (padding, stride, filter, ...) Build a convolutional neural network for Image Multi-Class classification "Chinese Translation"Learning GoalsUnderstanding convolution OperationsUnderstanding pooling Operationsremember vocabulary used in convolutional neural networks (padding, stride,

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