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Perfected the WASPCN for Matlab again

A few times ago a number of users asked how to use WASPCN (water and Steam properties calculation software) in 64-bit MATLAB, has not been able to give a solution.A recent project has also needed to solve the problem by using WASPCN (water and steam nature calculation software) in 64-bit MATLAB. The whole process is really not easy. Need to first modify the original WASPCN.dll 64-bit version of the

How is the DLL developed in Delphi implicitly called by other development languages?

How is the DLL developed in Delphi implicitly called by other development languages? I used Delphi to develop the "IAPWS-IF97/ifc67 Water and Steam computation software package". To facilitate other developersI developed a dynamic link library (DLL) for further development of thermal energy and power analysis software ). Other developers are not professionalSeq

Most comprehensive Online DLL file query and download

The most comprehensive DLL file online query and download. A friend of the Forum needs to post such a post. I will be able to find it later ~~~ TIPS: Use the Ctrl + F search function to query the DLL files you needClick to download   A Aboutwep. dll Ac1st15. dll Ac1st16. dll

Oracle client file Packaging

21,490,073,600 bytes available for 7 Directories F: \ ORA81 directory where the client publishes \ bin . .. 57,344 com81.dll 138,940 COREJAVA. DLL 68,608 debmp. dll 201,216 demet. dll 67,072 exgdsf.

Research on the cross-platform nature of C language and the cross-platform nature of Libraries

/Gcc static library..After research, the conclusion is:1) the dynamic library libadd. dll generated by MinGW compilation can be called by any environment of VC ++.2) The static library libadd generated by Mingw compilation. a can also be called by any environment of VC ++, but you only need to manually change the name of libadd. change a to libadd. lib.3) add. h and add. c Using VC to create a static library and a dynamic library is a piece of cake fo

Hbkernel32.sys, aliimz.sys, system.exe, koauolte.exe, cho22.tmp, etc. 1

: 6.0.2900.2180Administrator user groupNormal Mode[System process] * 0C:/Windows/system32/hbmhly. dll | 3:28:43C:/Windows/system32/hbtl. dll |C:/Windows/system32/hbqqxx. dll |C:/Windows/system32/hbwd. dll | 3:29:40C:/program files/Internet Explorer/53u1ttme. 2ys | 3:23:48C:/Windows/system32/e0d39066.

Chapter Nineth Science, Technology and industry

power spinning machine, with hydraulic power, spun yarn more solid1779 Compton invented the light walking spinning spinning machine and became the Mule machines (Arkwright combined with Hargreaves)Cartwright Power Weaving MachineThe development of the textile industry also stipulates the direction of the factory developmentMechanization, enlargementProduction system changes with technological innovationAll workers become dependencies of machines, changes in the status of workers200 times times

A brief description of almost all files in SYSTEM32

Author: Lao Mao Tao Source: unlimited Forum launch Aclui. dll... Security Descriptor Editor, without which the Registry Editor cannot runACTIVEDS. DLL... (ADs route layer DLL). If it is not found, an error occurs when an event viewer is opened.Adsparity. DLL... ADs LDAP provider C DLLADVAPI32.

Six best Linux releases for game players

Six best Linux releases for game playersGuideIn the past, Linux was a command line-based operating system, and later it had a basic graphical user interface (GUI ). Now we have an advanced desktop environment, such as KDE Plasma. Now, games are another highlight of Linux. We have some outstanding Linux games. Yes! You are not mistaken. Linux has always been famous for its performance, stability, and security, but now it is also famous for games. There are hundreds of Linux-Oriented Games, and ma

Steam API Debugging

OverviewOver the years, Steam has grown into a large application offering a variety of individual modules and methods for debugging. This article will try to present you with these modules and methods to help you take full advantage of Steam and steamworks to reduce your annoyance.Steam automatically outputs several debug results to a 日志 folder, and other results are enabled via

What if the steam update fails?

What if the steam update fails? Steam Upgrade Issue: Steam update failure appears steam needs to is online to update. Please confirm your network connection and try again workaround Steam update failed Method One: Steam

Unity online game development survival guide-steam City

Posted by Amy on 2013.03.07 Text/Wang Nan (Mengjia online game producer) Some time ago, the discussion about whether unity is suitable for domestic mobile game/online game entrepreneurial teams was very popular. This article talks about the development process of steam city and whether the domestic online game team should choose the unity engine, and how to solve the main problems encountered when using unity to develop online games.

Encounter rootkit. win32.gamehack, Trojan. psw. win32.qqpass, Trojan-PSW.Win32.OnLineGames, etc. 1

Encounter rootkit. win32.gamehack, Trojan. psw. win32.qqpass, Trojan-PSW.Win32.OnLineGames, etc. 1 EndurerOriginal2008-03-19 1st A netizen said today that he had a QQ account trojan in his computer. It cannot be solved by restarting the computer as prompted by the QQ doctor. Please help clean it up. Download the pe_xscan scan log and analyze it. The following suspicious items are found (the repeated items in the process module are omitted ): /=Pe_xscan 08-03-03 by Purple endurer2008-3-19 12:15:3

Playing CS1.6 with Wine in Ubuntu9.10

It has been a long time since the previous running of CS in Ubuntu9.10, so I want to find out the problem that cannot run normally today. After installation, the system runs normally for the first time. The default video mode is OpenGL, and the screen is rough. After resetting, The csgame will automatically restart, cause an error and exit directly, and generate an error log file similar to "Steam _ 9545920.2010_42519t9_51_47c3986. mdmp" in the CS roo

A simple description of almost all the files under SYSTEM32 _ Application Tips

Author: Old Peaches Source: Worry-free launch forum Aclui.dll ..... Security descriptor Editor, without it, the Registry Editor will not run Activeds. Dll.....(ADs routing layer DLL). Without it, opening Event Viewer would be an error ADSLDPC. Dll...... ADs LDAP provider C DLL ADVAPI32.

[Pb] solutions for connecting petabytes of applications to servers without installing SQL server clients)

PB does not Install SQL client DLL Dbmsgnet. dll Dbmsrpcn. dll Dbmsshrn. dll Dbmsvinn. dll Dbnetlib. dll Dbnmpntw. dll Libjcc. dll Libjotscl

File under system32

A branch Access. chm-Windows Help File Accstat. exe-auxiliary status indicator Advapi32.dll-advanced Win32 application interface Aha154x. MPD-SCSI driver Am1500t. vxt-NIC Driver Am2100.dos-NIC Driver Appstart. ani-Animated Cursor Apps. HlP-Windows Help File Audiocdc. HlP-"easy code decoder" Help File Awardpr32.exe-added printer tools B BranchBigmem. DRV-bigmem Virtual DeviceBilladd. dll-dynamic link librar

Steam can't open how to solve?

Many steam users turn on Steam and the steam-error shown in the following illustration appears: The reasons for the above steam errors are many and complex, which is summarized as follows for your reference. Reason one: Your local network is not normal cause and steam

Usage of all windows system files

Transferred from: Baidu KnowsUsage of all windows system files A branchAccess. chm-Windows Help FileAccstat. exe-auxiliary status indicatorAdvapi32.dll-advanced Win32 application interfaceAha154x. MPD-SCSI driverAm1500t. vxt-NIC DriverAm2100.dos-NIC DriverAppstart. ani-Animated CursorApps. HlP-Windows Help FileAudiocdc. HlP-"easy code decoder" Help FileAwardpr32.exe-added printer tools B BranchBigmem. DRV-bigmem Virtual DeviceBilladd.

Remember CentOS 7.3 STEAM installation (the "STEAM" software for the U.S. valve development of the gaming platform) __centos

In order to facilitate work + learning RHCE, the normal work of their own system replaced by the CentOS ... But occasionally also steam to see, chat with friends. And steam also has a corresponding Linux game. Theoretically, I can also put my own Earth people X511 thrown into the room in some obscure corner, and then from the office of the computer to start Steam

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