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C + + STL Source Analysis Learning Note (ii) iterator auto_ptr (old version of book example new version C + + has abolished this concept)

ITERATORTemplateInputiterator Find (inputiterator first,inputiterator last,const t value){while (first! = Last *first! = value)++first;return first;}code example1#include 2#include 3#include 4#include 5#include 6#include 7 8 using namespacestd;9 Ten intMainintargcChar*argv[]) One { A Const intArraySize =7; - intIa[arraysize] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6}; - thevectorint> Ivect (ia,ia+arraySize); -listint> IList (ia,ia+arraySize); -dequeint> Ideque (ia,ia+arraySize); - +vectorint>::iterator it1 =

Purple book The 5th Chapter C++stl

;#include#include#include#include#include#include#include#includeusing namespacestd;#defineMem (A, B) memset (A,b,sizeof (a))#definePF printf#defineSF scanf#defineSPF sprintf#definePB Push_back#defineDebug printf ("!\n")#defineINF 10000#defineMAXN 5010#defineMAX (A, b) a>b?a:b#defineBlank pf ("\ n")#defineLL Long LongVectorint> pile[ -];intN;voidFind_block (intXintp,inth) { for(p=0;p ) { for(h=0; H) { if(Pile[p][h] = = x)return; } }}voidClear_block (

Incomplete list of STL technical articles (STL learning User Guide)

about STL alloc, this article is no better. Interview with the father of STL★★★★ Alexander Stepanov, the father of STL, received an interview with reporters. This article gives a complete introduction to the history of STL development. Mr. Hou Jie recommended that you read this article in his

STL learning materials

an algorithm with if, such as count_if (), find_if (), remove_if (), and replace_if (), but there are also algorithms such as partition () [without if. In this column, we will have close contact with unary predicate to see what they may and will never do. (The content is professional, but it seems that the translation is not good enough)Experience STL in Visual C ++. NET 2005★★★★This article describes in detail the features of, its advantages

C ++ standard STL-sgi stl source code learning notes (05) stl_vector and some issues refined 1C ++ standard STL-sgi stl source code

Part 1ArticleStl_deque's design philosophy and STL memory management are explained in a rough way. At least we can see the tip of the iceberg. In this article, I will refine the analysis of vector and analyze some functions in detail. In some cases, it is better to clarify some problems. Open the source code of stl_vector and find that the design idea of the vector is exactly the same as that of stl_deque. It is reasonable to think about it

C ++ Standard Stl-sgi stl source code learning notes (03) STL template compilation check and partial special compilation check

As mentioned in the previous article, the Concepts Check in sgi stl is actually a feature that will be checked during compilation by using template class instantiation. sgi stl is widely used. Concepts Check, as mentioned earlier, is not mentioned here. in    Template features are divided into two types: 1. Absolute features 2. Some Features In this blog post, we mainly look at some special features. We s

C ++ STL (Standard Template Library) Learning Resource list

++ Builder, STLport is used. Center of STL Study (the best STL learning website)★★★★★ Providing STL learning materials in the form of blogs, collecting a large number of STL e-books, technical papers, and application instances, and constantly updating them. It is a good website for beginners and friends who have studi

Boost and STL learning materials

learning STL, they can take the second step. Stlport★★★★★ Stlport STL is comparable to sgi stl. This website provides download of stlport STL source code, online help, and some STL resource lists in English. In C ++ builder, stlport is used. Center of

Introduction and application of STL Library in C + +

most of them, please be assured that these nouns will be discussed in the following sections. As mentioned at the beginning.Interestingly, there is another explanation for STL--stepanov%26amp; Lee, the former refers to the founder of Alexander Stepanov,stl, and the latter is Meng Lee, she is also to enable the implementation of the STL, the first

Data Structure weapon-private data center STL (on)

length of space,This series of articles will be divided into upper, middle, and lower. This article is "STL (I), a powerful data structure tool, and will be published in the middle and later sections. If you like it, run the following command :-) This series of articles is suitable for beginners who want to analyze STL and want to review STL. Students who have s

STL Learning Series II: Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction

This article for the post, because the original operation in Linux, I under the Vc6/7 debugging, made a partial modification! Note: All code is debugged under VC6/VC7! Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction 0 preface. 1 Define a list 2 Insert an element into the list using the member functions of the list push_back and Push_front member functions of th

Preface to "effective STL Chinese Version"

just take the STL to play, but instead use it to develop the actual product. This is a very important revelation. In the past I knew that STL was a very well-designed template library, and I gradually felt that since programmers are willing to endure transplant trouble, incomplete documentation, and difficult-to-understand error messages, there must be other advantages to this library in addition to good d

C + + generic programming and STL Template Library (1)---Introduction of generic program design and STL introduction and structure

type that conforms to a concept is called a model of the concept, for example: The int type is the model of the comparable concept. Static array type is not a model of the assignable concept (unable to assign a value to the entire static array with "=") Use concept to make template parameter name Many STL implementation codes use concepts to name template parameters. Give the concept a name and use that name a

Codeblocks debugging STL -- GDB with Python support-wanglikai91-blog garden codeblocks debugging STL -- GDB with Py

ArticleDirectory I. codeblocks debugging STL problems: Ii. How to use it in codeblocks: Iv. Reference: I. codeblocks debugging STL problems: Ii. How to use it in codeblocks: Iv. Reference: Codeblocks debug STL -- GDB with Python support-wanglikai91-blog Codeblocks debugging STL -- GDB

[Z reprinted] Learning STL map, the data structure foundation of STL set

[From]: document lists several basic STL map and STL set questions. By answering these questions, we explain the internal data structure of STL associated containers, finally, we raised the question about the built-in balanced binary tree library functions and map and set selection in Unix/Linux, and analyz

Book Counting machine, book Barcode Data Collector, efficient warehouse Management book barcode Solution

Book inventory plays an important key business data for warehouse management operations in books. Development at any age now promotes blood circulation in books, book types and update speed are just as fast rising.In order to ensure a foothold in the book industry, to ensure the correct purchase and inventory control and delivery. In order to avoid the backlog of

C ++ Primer study note _ 46_STL analysis (1): Generic programming, what are the six components of STL and STL, and their relationships

C ++ Primer study note _ 46_STL analysis (1): Generic programming, what are the six components of STL and STL, and their relationships I. Generic programming 1. generic programming (generic programming): process different types of data with the same logic and Algorithm2. write programs as common as possible3. Extract algorithms from the data structure to become common4. The C ++ template lays a key foundati

STL Learning Series IV: summary of STL Learning

Providing a type-safe, efficient and Easy-to-use STL is undoubtedly the proudest part of the C + + programmer. Every C + + programmer should study the STL well:. STL (Standard Template Library Standard template base) is an important part of the C + + standard library, which was first developed by Stepanov and Lee, and it was developed almost simultaneously with

VC6 using STL Note: Do not allow memory allocation failure to cause your legacy STL application to crash

Most C + + developers use the standard module library (STL) extensively in their code. If you are one of them and are using the out-of-the-way STL and Visual C + + 6.0 directly, your application is in a highly dangerous state of collapse under low memory conditions. This problem arises because it is a rare practice to check whether operator new is failing. Worse, when new does fail, the response is not stan

[DotNET] experience STL. NET translated by Zeng Yi

Experience STL. NET[Translation] zengyi820 2004-10-07 To better adapt STL.. NET development, Visual C ++ product group, re-designed STL in Visual C ++ 2005 and named it STL. NET, which is provided from Beta1 products.In STL. NET Design,

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