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C + + generic programming and STL Template Library (1)---Introduction of generic program design and STL introduction and structure

type that conforms to a concept is called a model of the concept, for example: The int type is the model of the comparable concept. Static array type is not a model of the assignable concept (unable to assign a value to the entire static array with "=") Use concept to make template parameter name Many STL implementation codes use concepts to name template parameters. Give the concept a name and use that name a

STL Learning Series II: Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction

This article for the post, because the original operation in Linux, I under the Vc6/7 debugging, made a partial modification! Note: All code is debugged under VC6/VC7! Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction Standard Template Library (STL) Introduction 0 preface. 1 Define a list 2 Insert an element into the li

STL learning: STL library vector, string, set, map usage, stlvector

STL learning: STL library vector, string, set, map usage, stlvectorCommon Methods Vector 1. Random Access, element insertion at the end; 2. Automatic Memory Management; 3. header file # include 1. Create a vector objectOne-dimensional:(1) vector (2) vector (3) vector (4) vector (5) vector (6) vector (7) int a [4] = {1, 2, 3}; vector (8) string str [] = {"abc", "d

Linux GDB debug C + + standard library STL, print content of STL object __ static function

Sample code: ============================================================================//Name:cpp.cpp//Author:w Eijl//Version://Copyright:your Copyright notice//Description:hello World in C + +, Ansi-style//=========== ================================================================= #include In GDB, if you want to print the contents of a C + + STL container, the default display results are poor readability: After GDB 7.0, you can use the Python

Introduction and application of STL Library in C + +

the teacher assigned to the data structure, or when you add a new feature to a software project that you are responsible for, you find that you need to use a list or a map, but there is no ready-made code on hand. So it's unavoidable to manually implement the list or map before you begin to formally consider the program's functionality. So ... and eventually you finished the task. Perhaps at this time, as a highly literate programmer you still will not give up (or a like lazy top students:), be

C ++ STL (Standard Template Library) Learning Resource list

C ++ STL (Standard Template Library) Learning Resource list by: WinterSource: The best STL Learning Website C ++ STL (Standard Template Library) Learning Resource list 1 STL website 2

STL Standard Library First part summary (auto_ptr&&numeric_limits, Standard Template Library, iterator adapter)

deleted when the function is exitedVoid Sink (std::auto_ptr(2) A function is the starting point of the data when a auto_ptr is returned, its ownership is transferred to the caller(3) by using the constant reference can be another auto_ptr in the transfer of value to the function cannot surrender controlTemplateclassT>voidbad_print (std::auto_ptrT>p){if (P. Get () = =NULL){cout"NULL"}Else{std::coutP}}Void F (){CONSTSTD::auto_ptrint>p (newint);//defined as const type*p=42;Bad_print (P);//There wi

Introduction to the standard template library (STL) (I)

Introduction to the standard template library (STL) (I) This article uses the list container as an example to introduce the basic content of STL, from the container to the iterator, and then to the common functions. The examples are rich and easy to understand. It is an entry-level article of STL. You cannot miss it!

Standard Template Library (STL) List container

What is STL? STL is the standard template library, the standard template library. This may be the most boring term for the most exciting tool in history. Basically, STL is a collection of "containers", which include list, vector, set, and map.

4th Chapter C++STL Generic Library Overview

/*the second C++stl Generalization Technology Foundation 4th Chapter C++STL Generic Library Overview 4.1 C++stl's development history 4.2 C++stl of various implementations version 4.3 C++STL architecture of Visual C + + compilation 4.4 C++

Introduction to C + + Standard Template Library (STL)

1. STL Basic IntroductionThe C + + STL (Standard Template Library) is a set of powerful C + + template classes, collectively known as a series of software developed by HP Labs. The purpose of the STL is to standardize the components so that they do not have to be re-developed so that the latter can use the ready-made c

STL (Standard Template Library) Theory Foundation, container, iterator, algorithm

Basic conceptsThe STL (Standard Template Library) is a generic term for a range of software developed by HP Labs. It is now mostly in C + +, but the technology has been around for a long time before being introduced to C + +.STL is broadly divided into three categories: algorithm (algorithm), container (container), and iterator (iterators), and containers and alg

STL introduction (introduction to the standard template library)

It took me one night to translate an article about STL.Article. The first time I translated this kind of things, I felt that computer books are still better at the original English version, because many concepts cannot be properly expressed in Chinese (it's just that they can't be said ,:-)). Thanks to the first translation, the level must be relatively good. The key is that STL has never been seen before and is unfamiliar, so it is very hard to trans

Boost Library and STL introduction

Turn from: Boost Library:The boost library is one of C + + third party libraries. As a backup of the standard library, some of these content is expected to become the next generation of C + + standard library content, is the "quasi" standard library, most of the

Part10 generic Programming and C + + Standard Template Library 10.1 generic programming and STL structure

type is the model of the comparable concept.Static array type is not a model of the assignable concept (unable to assign a value to the entire static array with "=")2STL IntroductionThe standard Template Library, or STL, defines a set of conceptual systems that provide a logical basis for generic programmingThe parameters of each class template and function template in

STL standard template library

From: STL (Standard Template Library) is an industrial and efficient C ++ library. It is included in the C ++ standard library, which is the latest and revolutionary part of the ANSI/iso c ++ standard. This library contains man

C + + STL Standard Template Library

Standard Template Library STL(StandardTemplate Library),即标准模板库,是一个具有工业强度的、高效的C++程序库。它被容纳于C++标准程序库(C++ Standard Library)中,是ANSI/ISO C++标准中最新的也是极具革命性的一部分。该库包含了诸多在计算机科学领域里所常用的基本数据结构和基本算法,为广大C++程序员们提供了一个可扩展的应用框架,高度体现了软件的可复用性。这种现象有些类似于Microsoft Visual C++中的MFC(MicrosoftFoundation Class

C + + Standard Template Library (STL) Rollup __c++

I. Overview of STL Container C + + STL (Standard Template Library Standard Template gallery) is a universal class template and algorithm collection, it provides us with some standard data structure implementation such as queues (queue), lists (linked list), and stacks (stack) and so on. When we use C + + programming, we often use the

STL Learning 1: Theoretical Basis of the standard template library,

STL Learning 1: Theoretical Basis of the standard template library, STL (Standard Template Library) is a collection of software developed by the HP lab. This technology has been around for a long time before it was introduced into C ++. In a broad sense, STL is divided into

Use the standard template library STL for file comparison (zz)

Author: winter IntroductionThis article discusses how to use the standard template library (STL), Class templates, function templates, and other programming techniques to solve practical problems. This article involves STL collections and vectors, function templates, class templates, constant checks, error handling, and STL

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