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STL learning materials

STL getting started Tutorial: Introduction to the standard template library (STL)★★★★★This article uses the list container as an example to introduce the basic content of STL, from the container to the iterator, and then to the common functions. The

C ++ STL (Standard Template Library) Learning Resource list

C ++ STL (Standard Template Library) Learning Resource list by: WinterSource: The best STL Learning Website C ++ STL (Standard Template Library) Learning Resource list 1 STL website 2 STL books 3 STL technical articles STL is

Boost and STL learning materials

Boost Chinese site The boost library is a tool that can be transplanted and providedSource codeAs a backup of the standard library, the C ++ library is one of the engines of the C ++ standardization process. The boost library is initiated by a

Valid STL clause 50

Article 50: familiarize yourself with STL-related websites The Internet is full of STL information. Search for "STL" using your favorite search engine. It will certainly return several hundred links, some of which may actually be related. However,

Use of MFC and STL

Use of MFC and STL Zhao Xiangning Problem: I have read STL in several different places, but I still don't know whether STL or MFC is used in my application? My program also processes string, vectors, and so on.

About MFC and the use of STL

Problem: I read about STL in several different places, but I still don't know if I am using STL or MFC in my application. My program also deals with string,vectors and other things. What's the difference between using STL and MFC? Answer: To

STL hash_map Series

STL hash_map Series STL hash_map Series 0 Why hash_map 1. Data Structure: hash_map Principle 2 Use hash_map 2.1 A simple instance 2.2 Hash Functions of hash_map 2.3 comparison functions of hash_map 2.4 hash_map

C + + Note--stl's Hash_map

The following contents are reproduced: HTTP://STLCHINA.HUHOO.NET/BIN/VIEW.PL/MAIN/STLDETAILHASHMAPDetailed explanation of STL Hash_map series Detailed explanation of STL Hash_map series 0 Why do I need hash_map 1 data

Over the years, the use of STL container summary!

1th: Carefully select the type of container. Standard STL sequence Containers: Vector, String, deque, and list. Standard STL Associative containers: Set, Multiset, map, and Multimap. Non-standard sequence containers slist and rope. Slist is a

Allocator and stlallocator for stl Analysis

Allocator and stlallocator for stl Analysis Allocator encapsulates the memory management system of the stl standard library. The string, container, algorithm, and some iostreams of the standard library are allocated and released through allocator.

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