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Port stm32 to eCos Article 2-driver

In. 14 articles and notes are used to describe how to port Redboot and ECOs to the stm32 Development Board, this includes a large number of first-hand notes and experiences, such as porting steps, problems encountered and solutions, and some questions, and successfully runs the helloworld application. After the completion of the first stage of work, after a period of effort, the second stage of work-driven development, transplantation and debugging a

LED Driver for STM32

-(Gpio_readoutputdatabit (Led2_port, Led2_pin) )));}voidLed3_open () {LED3=0;}voidLed3_close () {LED3=1;}voidLed3rev () {gpio_writebit (Led3_port, Led3_pin, (bitaction) (1-(Gpio_readoutputdatabit (Led3_port, Led3_pin) )));}voiddebug_led (U8 x) {Switch(x) { Case 1: Led2_open (); Break; Case 2: Led2_close (); Break; Case 3: Led3_open (); Break; Case 4: Led3_close (); Break; Case 5: Led2rev (); Break; Case 6: Led3rev (); Break; default: Break; }}voidLed2_init (void) {gpio_ini

STM32 AM2305 High precision temperature and humidity sensor driver

Recently used temperature and humidity sensor, AM2305 drive, single bus, after power on at least a delay of 2S to read temperature and humidity, temperature accuracy is high, with the same as DS18B20, data with calibration, will not appear ds18b20, and timing requirements are not high /************************************************************************************************************* * File name: am2305.c * Function: STM32 AM2305 high pre

STM32 AM2305 High precision temperature and humidity sensor driver

Recently used in the temperature and humidity sensor, AM2305 drive, single bus, on the power of at least 2S to read temperature and humidity, temperature accuracy is high, like DS18B20, data with the checksum, will not appear ds18b20, and the timing is not high /************************************************************************************************************* * FileName: am2305.c * function: STM32 AM2305 high precision temperature and hu

Rongchu STM32 Single-chip microcomputer with J-link download unrecognized solution

The problem is as follows:Follow the normal steps to use KEIL5 to Rongchu stm32 download program, swd download method prompts no cortex-m SW device Found,jtag way hint no cortex-m device found in Jtag chainReason:The Jtag interface arrangement of Rongchu STM32 MCU is not standard JTAG cabling methodWorkaround:Wiring yo

STM32 Download Debug Drive problem

No cortex-m SW Device found solution16.07.14today's work, encountered a problem: using the jlink SW download mode, always show No cortex-m SW device found. Drivers are installed, before using 20pin jtack download mode are good, changed several times to drive, because this machine is win10, thought may be win10 compatibility problem, swap with Win XP virtual machine, but still failed to solve this problem. U

STM32 example USB HID bidirectional data transfer (source download)

)) { . printf ("WriteData error! %d\n ", GetLastError ()); . return; }else{. . printf ("successfully wrote%d data to device ... \ n", bytes); 27.} printf ("Start reading data from device ... \ n"); 29.//Read data from the device, note that the third parameter value must be greater than or equal to report_count+1, or 1784 error will be returned if (! ReadFile (Hdev, Recvdatabuf, Report_count+1,bytes, NULL)) {//Read the data sent to the host by the device printf ("ReadData error! %d\n ", GetLastEr

STM32 single-chip computer program Download Method summary

only the MCUISP software setup: DTR's low-level reset, RTS high-input bootloader. You can download the code in one click without having to manually set the B0 and press reset. Where reset is the reset signal of the Development Board, the BOOT0 is the B0 signal of the start mode. Usb_232 is a miniusb, providing ch340g and computer communication interface, while the circuit board can supply power, VUSB is from the computer USB power supply, usb_232 is

De STM32 single-chip computer learning (a)--download environment construction

One, download driver installation, 1, manually open the CH341 folder (within the driver folder), double-click the installation driver2, Nemo m3s development hardware settingsThe hardware needs to do the following 2 points:1, USB plug USB1 (COM), turn on the power switch J14 (blue and white switch), and install the driver2, boot boot jump cap insertion position, B

STM32 use J-Link to burn write Error: Flash Download failed, stm32j-link

STM32 use J-Link to burn write Error: Flash Download failed, stm32j-link IAnd symptom An error occurred while burning data using J-Link for STM32. The error message is as follows: 1. Error: Flash Download failed-Cortex-M3 This is the pop-up information of the compiler. 2. ** JLink Warning: cocould not set S_RESE

STM32 Three: Download the standard Peripherals Library

For STM32 programming, the first is to operate the register directly, as described in the previous section, and the other option is to use the standard peripherals Library, which is provided by the official provider. In fact, there is nothing to say, supposedly since it is the official peripheral library, should be directly on the official website can be downloaded, it may be the original, but I have to provide online methods to enter the official we

Stm32 chip Download Success, program does not run the problem of resolution

In the debugging process appears stm32 program download success but the program does not run, in the debug, after the execution of initialization, execution to the time delay function when the error, suspected external clock problem, the use of 8MHz crystal oscillator, crystal after the change of the program normal operation.Using an oscilloscope to measure crystal waveforms such as:After replacing crystal

Lenovo Notebook Hardware Driver website Download Address _ Hardware Driver

Lenovo Notebook Hardware driver website Download address Lenovo's website has a tool called Lenovo Drive one-click Installation I tried it, found that it is to be networked to install, and we install the system, often do not install the driver of the NIC, It is not updated with the

Driver development tool Microsoft Windows Driver Kit 7.1.0 Download

In Windows 2000 with Windows XP System adoption is WINDDK to develop Windows drivers, I also have winddk on hand, but after starting from Windows Vista, the general adoption of Microsoft Windows Driver abbreviation (WDK). This time the project is useful to the USB HID, need to use the HID.lib library file, so download the WDK7.1.0 version, the use of HID.LIB, as well as the purpose of USB HID, is to elimina

Lenovo official Intel 8 Series Installation XP system considerations and Driver Download (h81,b85,q87)

Special Note: To keep your data secure, we recommend that you make a backup of your data before you operate. Attention: When downloading the driver, please select "Unicom download" or "Telecom Download", select "Manual Download" in the pop-up dialog, so download

Resource Sharing-driver download

● Drive home"Driver home" is a veteran computer hardware driverProgramDownload site, which is clearly classified. If you subscribe to the required driver, you will be notified by email once the driver has the latest version. "Driver home" has a complete set of drivers, detailed categories, conv

Latest OmniPeek Wireless driver detailed list with download instructions/support network card to catch the Air interface packet

OmniPeek Wireless driver detailed list and download for wireless network analysis, OmniPeek need to install special drivers to capture management, control, and data frames. And when the OmniPeek stops, they will support the normal operation of the network service as a normal driver. The WildPackets supports a variety of wireless adapter adapters from many manuf

How to download the WIN10 experience system and install it with driver life

How to download the WIN10 experience system and install the tutorial! Many users want to upgrade the WIN10 system experience, but because Microsoft has not released a formal version of the online search is not safe, then the lattice of small series for everyone to recommend a safe and stable win10 experience channels, Drive Life Download the WIN10 experience system and install tutorials that truly provide a

SATA ahci driver download (AMD intel NVIDIA)

When the SATA mode of the motherboard is set to ahci or raid mode, the hard disk may not be found during installation of the original Windows operating system installation disc. The original Windows XP installation disc does not contain SATA ahci and raid drivers.Program, Use nlite to integrate the following driver into the XP installation disk. It can solve the problem that the original XP cannot be installed because the ahci cannot be disabled in

Ubuntu9.04 download TP-link wn322g + 2.0 (ar9271 chip) unlimited NIC Driver

Ubuntu9.04 download TP-link wn322g + 2.0 (ar9271 chip) unlimited NIC Driver Software required:Htc_9271.fw (previously, ar9271.fw, and now the new version is htc_9271.fw)Compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz2Reference Document (Official Website ):Http:// 1. Copy the htc_9271.

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