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Zabbix Explore Host "Discovery" Auto-discovery host detailed graphics tutorial

Zabbix Automatic Discovery (Discovery) Feature usage With the monitoring host increasing, sometimes need to add a number of machines, especially the children's shoes just with Zabbix need to add all the company's servers to Zabbix, if using traditional methods to add devices, groups, projects, images ... the result should be the result of vomiting. In view of this problem we can make good use of a

Zabbix------Discovery Definition Auto-discovery

Thinking Analysis: Automatic discovery is actually the server's discovery rule in effect, found that the rule is responsible for detecting the host, detect the trigger action Action,action start Add host, add Host template event, if the server detects the host offline, then the discovery rules trigger another action, the implementation of removing the host , so h

Curator Tutorials (iii) Services Registration & Discovery (Service Discovery)

Service Discovery With the increasing popularity of micro-services, after the system split, the various service modules between the provider and consumer need to be able to find each other, we call service discovery. In soa/distributed systems, services need to find each other. i.e. a Web service might need to find a caching service, etc. DNS can be used for this but it's nowhere near flexible enough for s

Using Wi-Fi Direct for Service Discovery Direct use of Wi-Fi Service Discovery

Using Network Service Discovery, showed you how to discover services that are connected to a local network. however, using Wi-Fi Direct trad; Service Discovery allows you to discover the services of nearby devices directly, without being connected to a network. you can also advertise the services running on your device. these capabilities help you communicate between apps, even when no local network or hot

"8", low level discovery discovery for real-time monitoring

Environment: Centos 6.6Zabbix Automatic discovery Web site:[Email protected] ~]# tail-3/etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.confuserparameter=web.site_discovery,/etc/zabbix/scripts/ Web_site_discoveryuserparameter=web.site_code[*],/etc/zabbix/scripts/ web_site_code $,free-m|grep Mem |awk ' {print $4} ' [[email protected] ~]#[[emailProtected] ~]# Cat/etc/zabbix/scripts/

One question per day _python. Pure Python implements low-level discovery dynamic service discovery?

Specific requirements:1. Due to the independent development of xmzoomeye-agent currently passive monitoring mainly, in order to achieve Zabbix low-level discovery service independent discovery, need to automatically obtain the occupied port list according to the process name, and report data according to the port analysisImplementation ideas:1. Use the Psutil module to get a list of process IDs by process n

High performance Service discovery, configuration Framework Nacos Series 3: Service discovery: Nacos Client initialization process

的ip为127.0.0.1,端口为8888 naming.registerInstance(serviceName, "", 8080); Thread.sleep(Integer.MAX_VALUE);}Among them, the first step is to construct a Nacos service instance, construct an instance of the parameter, is a string, the value of the specification is ip:port, this IP, is any one of our Nacos server address, we click to see this method:public static NamingService createNamingService(String serverAddr) throws NacosException { return NamingFactory.createNamingService

In-depth analysis of the Package in Laravel5.5, automatic Discovery of Package Auto Discovery, laravel5.5package

In-depth analysis of the Package in Laravel5.5, automatic Discovery of Package Auto Discovery, laravel5.5package Preface In earlier Laravel versions, the installation package usually requires several steps, such as adding a service provider to the app configuration file and registering related facades. Now, from Laravel 5.5, Laravel can automatically detect and register the service providers and facades. Th

soapdiscoveryclassphp Land Rover Discovery4 SSDP Discovery Cancer discovery

} $messageWSDL. = " \ n " ; 101 $messageWSDL.= ' $method->getName()." response\"> $method->getName()." response\"=""> \ n " ; 102 $messageWSDL. = ' $method->getName()." \"="" type="\"xsd:string\""> \ n ' ; 103 $messageWSDL. = " \ n " ; 104 } the } 106 $portTypeWSDL.= " \ n "

Monster AI Discovery Player (visual range Discovery series)

judgment is based on the two-dimensional w= _monster.gameobject.getcomponentOtherpos; W.y=0.5f; if(Vector3.angle (V, W) -) { return true; } return false; }PS: If you want to judge on three-dimensional, the same way you can handle the YZ axis plane is OK.Now let's take a look at the first way of handling:This is relatively simple and very brain-free. It's good to add a spherecollider to the player, and you can also judge the three-dimensional state. Note: If terrain is

Automatic discovery Technology in Intelligent Optical Network

0. PrefaceThere are many different link resources in intelligent Optical network, such as fiber link, wavelength link, various STM link and VC layer link in SDH, and various OTM layer link and och layer link in otn, etc. These links are called Sub dot (SNP) links in Ason, for the scalability of routing protocols and routing diversity, several different SNP links can be combined into sub-dot pool (SNPP) links (These SNP links are called data links in Gmpls, and these SNPP links are called Busines

Deploying SCCM 2012r2: configuration discovery

Sccm2012r2 identifies the computers and user resources that can be managed using Configuration Manager. It can also find the network infrastructure in the environment. Discovery creates a discovery data record (DDR) for each detected object and stores this information in the Configuration Manager database. After a successful resource discovery, the information ab

SCCM TP4 Configuration Discovery method

SCCM TP4 Configuration Discovery methodSome configurations are required to initialize the SCCM server that has just been installed. SCCM Discovery identifies the computers and user resources that can be managed using Configuration Manager. It can also discover the network infrastructure in the environment. Discovery creates a

Service discovery: Zookeeper vs Etcd vs Consul

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. "Editor's note" This article compares three service discovery tools for zookeeper, ETCD, and Consul, and explores the best solution for service discovery, for informational purposes only. If you use a predefined port, the more services you have, the greater the likelihood of a conflict, after all, it is impossible to have two

Zabbix build notes [10]--network Discovery

For complex and volatile network environments, Zabbix provides network discovery features that accelerate Zabbix deployments, simplify management maintenance, and greatly reduce the operational pressures for frequently changing deployment environments. The Network Discovery feature does not provide a network topology discovery. The network

Service discovery under the MicroServices architecture

Editor's note "This is the fourth article on creating an app family using a microservices architecture." The first chapter introduces the model of MicroServices architecture and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using microservices architecture. The second and third articles describe the communication mechanisms within the microservices architecture. In this article, we will explore issues related to service discovery.Why Use service discovery

Go microservices-part Seventh-service discovery and load balancing

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Part VII: Go microservices-service discovery and load balancing This section deals with two basic parts of a robust microservices architecture-service discovery and load balancing-as well as how they facilitate the horizontal scaling of important non-functional requirements in 2017. Brief introduction Load Balancing is a well-

Java Peer-to-peer Computing Practice: Discovery based on IP multicast

To accomplish useful work, peers in peer-to-peer applications must be able to discover each other and interact with each other. This article provides an implementation of a discovery based on IP multicast. Before a software entity can participate in a direct peer-to-peer interaction with a Peer-to-peer application feature, the entity must discover the appropriate peers to interact with. All available Peer-to-peer architectures provide a solution for

Sccm2012 R2 Practice Series 5: Discovery Methods

Open the sccm2012 Console650) This. width = 650; "style =" width: 610px; Height: 448px; "Title =" Open sccm2012 console "border =" 0 "alt =" Open sccm2012 console "src =" "width =" 687 "Height =" 491 "/>Click "manage" in the left column, expand "Hierarchy configuration", and click "Discovery Method" to configure client discovery.650) T

Zabbix templates + Network Discovery

Template IntroductionTemplate is a set of configuration, it can be easily deployed quickly on a monitoring object, and support repeated application, when the template is applied to a host, all its defined entries are automatically added, the other advantage of the template is that, if necessary, modified template, the application of the host will be modified accordingly.what can be defined in the template: app set (application), Project (item), Trigger (trigger), graphics (graph), screen,

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