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One-wire Demo on the stm32f4 Discovery Board

One-wire Demo on the stm32f4 Discovery BoardSome of the devs at work were struggling to get their software talking to a Dallas 1-wire device. I remember doing 1-wire comms back on the 1990s, but I hadn ' t do any 1-wire lately and all of my old code is for Proces Sors I no longer had running. But I had a weekend free, so I figured I ' d pulling some old 1-wire devices out of the junk bin and write a bit o '

VGA Output from STM32F4 Discovery Board

VGA Output from STM32F4 Discovery BoardI Love the web!There is so many cool projects off there, and some, with a tweak or both,Get me where I want to go quickly, saving a ton of time and effort.Case in Point:the artektit page on VGA output using a 36-pin STM32.The Artekit gang developed a minimalist VGA implementation using one of the boards they sell,With a-a-MHz stm32f103 device on-board.I say "minimalist

Implementation of 8 _ gyroscope mpu6050 and pwm control on STM32F4-Discovery Development Board

A long time ago, He transplanted the dot doctor program from stm32f103 to STM32F4-Discovery (stm32f407), battery, gyroscope and PWM motor control programs have been tested, running for a period of time, normal. The following pictures are all connected by dubang, gyroscope, serial port, and other peripherals. In addition, there is also the nrf24l01, but the program of the nrf24l01 can read and write register

STM32F4 SPI2 initializing and sending and receiving data using library functions

My STM32F4 discovery has an accelerometer lis302dl on top. In the demonstration project, ST's engineers used the sensor to do a very admirable thing: to solve the development Board posture. When the development Board is tilted, the top led is lit and the other LEDs are not lit. At the same time, the Development Board will be virtual into a mouse when the board is connected to the computer with a microUSB ca

STM32F4 Learning note 2--clock and reset system

STM32F4采用了三种不同的时钟用来驱动系统时钟(SYSCLK) ·HSI振荡器时钟(内部时钟) ·HSE振荡器时钟(外部时钟) ·PLL时钟(锁相环时钟)这些设备有以下两种二级时钟源 ·32kHz低速内部RC,可用于驱动独立看门狗和通过程序选择驱动RTC。RTC用于从停机/待机模式下自动唤醒系统。 ·32.768kHz低速外部晶振也可以用来通过程序选择驱动RTC(RTCCLK)。 AHB总线最高支持168MHz的时钟,通过AHB总线分频APB2最高支持84MHz,APB1最高支持42MHz。 所有外设驱动全部来至于SYSCLK除了下面几个: ·USB OTG FS时钟48MHz,随机信号发生器时钟Reset_handler PROCEXPORT Reset_handler [WEAK]IMPORT SysteminitIMPORT __main LDR R0, =SystemInit B

Stm32f4 How does you generate complementary PWM Outputs?

, meaning read/write operations to the preload event require an update event.Value |=0x8; //[2] Set the OC1FE bit to 0, the output compare fast enable is disabled//[1:0] Set the cc1s bits to 0, the channel is configured as an output. //* Set the TIMX_CCMR1 Register: * TIM1->CCMR1 = value; //* * * TIM1 capture/compare enable Register:ccerValue =0; //[15:4]-Don ' t care://[3] Set CC1NP bit to zero for active high. //[2] Set cc1ne bit to 0, to de-activate the OC1N signal//value |= 0x4; //[1] Set

STM32F4 UART1 DMA sends and receives indeterminate length data

STM32F4 Serial transceiver Using DMA is still very convenient. However, configuring the DMA requires the configuration of the data length, which can be used to pre-estimate the length of the Send to configure the DMA send data length, but for the reception is not a good solution, because if the use of DMA receive interrupt is to configure the length of the data to be configured to 0 to start the outage. However, it is not possible to determine the len

Stm32f4--gpio Basic Application and reuse

in order to better coordinate the work between io , it is necessary to give the IO Port A different function at the appropriate time, an io The mouth can take on different tasks at different times, which is the multiplexing function of IO .Second, the principle of re-use:Each IO port is followed by a selector that, after the configuration of the corresponding registers (gpiox_afrh and gpiox_afrl), can be used to perform different functions, and this register is gpiox_afrh and gpiox_afrl.Three,

STM32F4 Timer Internal Trigger Connection

/** Trigger Select mapping for slave timer from master timer. This was * unfortunately not very straightforward; There ' s no tidy-on-the-algorithmically. To avoid burning memory for a lookup table, use macros to * compute the offset. This also have the benefit that compilation would fail if * An unsupported master/slave pairing is used. * * Slave Master * 1 2 3 4 (stm32f100 only) * 2 9 10 3 4 * 3 9 2 11 4 * 4 2 3 9 * 9 2 3 (stm32l15x only) *--------------------* ts = 0 1 2 3*/#defineStm32_

Eclipse + st-link + openocd + gdb development STM32F4

symbol table. Then connect to the 3333 Port. (GDB) Target remote localhost:3333Remote Debugging using localhost:3333Warning:loadable segment "Rw_iram1" Outside of ELF segmentsAt.. \.. \.. \libraries\cmsis\st\stm32f4xx\source\templates\arm\/startup_stm32f4xx.s:175175 LDR R0, =systeminit(GDB) Monitor Reset haltTarget state:haltedTarget halted due to debug-request, current Mode:threadxpsr:0x01000000 pc:0x0800019c msp:0x20000c78(GDB)then you can use various gdb the command was debugged. (GDB) B mai

Test STM32F4 Evnetout

, this pulse is too narrow to meet the width of my application requirements, only the use of Gpio.The receive event has not been tested, but the pin mode in the code can be set to:#define Gpio_mode_evt_rising ((uint32_t) 0x10120000)/*!#define Gpio_mode_evt_falling ((uint32_t) 0x10220000)/*!#define Gpio_mode_evt_rising_falling ((uint32_t) 0x10320000)/*!The receiver does not treat the event as an interrupt, but rather as a wake-up signal. Reference pm0214:stm32f3 and

STM32F4 Timer External Clock TI2 Both Edges Demo

= Tim_icselection_directti;//TIM8_CH2:PC7Hal_tim_ic_configchannel (timhandle, ic_inittypedef, tim_channel_2); Tim_clockconfigtypedef Clockconfig; Clockconfig.clockfilter=0; Clockconfig.clockpolarity=Tim_clockpolarity_bothedge; Clockconfig.clockprescaler=Tim_clockprescaler_div1; Clockconfig.clocksource= Tim_clocksource_ti2;//TIM8_CH2:PC7Hal_tim_configclocksource (timhandle, clockconfig); TimHandle.Init.Period=1; TimHandle.Init.Prescaler=0; TimHandle.Init.ClockDivision=0; TimHandle.Init.CounterMo

STM32F4 the data sent by HyperTerminal in the serial experiment, the debugging tool can

I use the Serial wizard to send the data no problem, but the receiving data did not respond.Serial port to accept the time must be interrupted, you send only by a single flag bit can be judged, but the acceptance of time, you are always stay in while inside, we judge whether to accept the completion, by detecting whether to receive 0x0d, 0x0a continuous to detect whether the end. When this end sequence is detected, the highest bit of the usart_rx_sta is placed to mark the data that has been sear

stm32f4--serial port (USART) Communication summary

, usart_it_rxne)! = RESET) //Receive interrupt (Received data must be 0x0d 0x0a end) {Res =usart_receivedata ( USART1)///(USART1->DR);//Read received data if ((usart_rx_sta0x8000) ==0)//Receive incomplete {if (usart_rx_sta0x4000)// Received 0x0d{if (res!=0x0a) usart_rx_sta=0;//receive error, restart else usart_rx_sta|=0x8000;//receive completed}else//Not received 0x0d{if (res==0x0d) Usart_rx_sta|=0x4000;else{usart_rx_buf[usart_rx_sta0x3fff]=res; Usart_rx_sta++;if (usart_rx_sta> (usart_rec_len-1

Stm32f4:generating parallel signals with the FSMC

Stm32f4:generating parallel signals with the FSMCThe goal: the memory controller can be used to generate a "generic" 16-bit parallel data stream with clock. Address generation is disregarded, as well as the other control signals dedicated to memory chips.It must is noted that the stm32f40x and stm32f41x has the FSMC (static memories), while thestm32f42 x and stm32f43x have the FMC (static and dynamic Memories). The differences between the concern the

STM32F4 series MCU, Windows watchdog WWDG bug

Bug in STM32F4 Series MCU, window watchdog WWDG. 1. If it is possible to pre-feed the dog interrupt, then the following two points must be met (1) Before turning on the WWDG interrupt, the EWI flag bit in the SR register must be zeroed out, otherwise the watchdog will constantly reset (2) Add a small delay to the WWDG_IRQ, otherwise the watchdog will be constantly reset 2. If there are other interrupts in the system, such as keystrokes, set a vari

Realization of neural network recognition on STM32F4

Overview Hardware on the use of stm32f4+mpu9150 implementation of the neural network recognition gesture, but not with the IMU geomagnetic data, only with the three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope data, the board is the main reference to the Italian official Development Board schematic diagram (Life painting the first board has not been wrong ha, Let's have a little bit more fun ... )。 MPU9150 drive is used by the InvenSense to provide EM

Zabbix Explore Host "Discovery" Auto-discovery host detailed graphics tutorial

Zabbix Automatic Discovery (Discovery) Feature usage With the monitoring host increasing, sometimes need to add a number of machines, especially the children's shoes just with Zabbix need to add all the company's servers to Zabbix, if using traditional methods to add devices, groups, projects, images ... the result should be the result of vomiting. In view of this problem we can make good use of a

"8", low level discovery discovery for real-time monitoring

Environment: Centos 6.6Zabbix Automatic discovery Web site:[Email protected] ~]# tail-3/etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.confuserparameter=web.site_discovery,/etc/zabbix/scripts/ Web_site_discoveryuserparameter=web.site_code[*],/etc/zabbix/scripts/ web_site_code $,free-m|grep Mem |awk ' {print $4} ' [[email protected] ~]#[[emailProtected] ~]# Cat/etc/zabbix/scripts/

In-depth analysis of the Package in Laravel5.5, automatic Discovery of Package Auto Discovery, laravel5.5package

In-depth analysis of the Package in Laravel5.5, automatic Discovery of Package Auto Discovery, laravel5.5package Preface In earlier Laravel versions, the installation package usually requires several steps, such as adding a service provider to the app configuration file and registering related facades. Now, from Laravel 5.5, Laravel can automatically detect and register the service providers and facades. Th

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