stop code reference by pointer

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C ++ Pointer and Reference vomit blood arrangement pointer & amp; Reference, vomit blood Pointer

C ++ Pointer and Reference vomit blood arrangement pointer & Reference, vomit blood Pointer Many people have a headache and confuse when talking about the pointer of C ++. It is often confused with variable names, references, etc. In fact, the main

Pointer and array parsing

Do pointers and arrays of pointers and arrays be the same?You can often see the phrase "array is pointer", "array name is constant pointer", but is that true? Let's take a look at the pointer and array definitions first.  1. PointersAccording to the

Delegate dangling pointer problem on iOS

The article is a bit long, the process of writing is very rewarding, but the process of reading is not necessarily a harvest, cautious intoThe crash problem caused by the "abstract" dangling pointer (dangling pointer) is often encountered during the

C lost pointer

In the field of computer programming,Lost pointer, OrFloating pointer,Wild pointerIs a pointer that does not point to any valid object. When the object to which the pointer is directed is released or withdrawn, but the pointer is not modified, the

[Original] shared_ptr of C ++ 11 smart pointer

Shared_ptr is a reference counting smart pointer used to share the ownership of objects. It can be constructed from a bare pointer, shared_ptr, auto_ptr, or weak_ptr. You can also pass the second parameter to the shared_ptr constructor, which is

Why I don't like clever interface pointer classes

I think there should be some ways to automatically release the Component Object Model (COM) component when using the clever pointer in C ++, making it easier to use the component object model components. However, I started to study the Microsoft

C ++ pointer application and precautions

C ++ pointer application and precautions Pointers are a headache for c/c ++ to learn. During programming, pointers are often the cause of implicit bugs. Next, let's talk about the application of pointers and some issues that need to be paid

Smart pointer shared_ptr

Shared_ptr:Shared_ptr is a "smart pointer" most like a pointer ".Like scoped_ptr, shared_ptr encapsulates the dynamic objects allocated by the new operator on the stack. However, shared_ptr implements the reference of a counter-type smart pointer,

Smart pointer in boost

Boost Introduction According to the boost website, boost is "a free and portable C ++ library for Synchronous evaluation. Boost is a model of the new class library, especially those databases that can work well with the iso c ++ standard library."

Use of the smart pointer shared_ptr component

Shared_ptr is the most valuable and important component in the boost. smart_ptr library. Like scoped_ptr, it encapsulates the new operator to allocate dynamic objects on the stack, But it implements a reference-count smart pointer that can be freely

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