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centos6.5 install Google Chrome + Google Chrome Flash plugin installation + Google Chrome PDF reader installation

since Centos/rhel 6 is already an outdated system, chrome is no longer available. Although later due to the community protests, and thus changed, no longer mention Centos/rhel 6 is outdated system, but currently on Centos/rhel 6 has no chrome can be downloaded to use. In fact, the basic reason is not how old Centos/rhel 6, even Windows XP and the stop update of U

Stop Chrome auto Update __ Gadgets

Problem Description: Used to be a smooth computer (win7,64 bit), the recent frequent emergence of cotton, extremely affect the use of experience, I studied for a long time, found that the problem of turning off the chrome is not there, and then the chrome version back to the Chrome_win64_stable_ 58.0.3029.81 (the previous version of Chrome is chrome_win64_stable

Chrome for Mac keyboard shortcut! From Google Chrome official website!

From: Hl = ZH-Hans Answer = 165450Tab and window shortcut Region-n Open a new window. Region-T Open a new tab. Shift-n Open a new window in stealth mode. PressObjective-oAnd select a file. Open a file in your computer in Google Chrome. Press and holdBytesAnd

Google finally last week officially launched the Chrome browser

In the spotlight, Google finally last week officially launched the Chrome browser, although it is only a beta, but enough to let the world have too much conjecture. The latest week, about Google Browser news is overwhelming, netizens have to try after a bomb has praise. However, when Google launched the

Selenium (vi) Headless CHROME/FIREFOX--PHANTOMJS stop support, use no interface mode.

Brief introduction:Previously, PHANTOMJS was used for automated testing without interface mode, or to crawl some dynamic pages.However, after the recent selenium update, the ‘Selenium support for PhantomJS has been deprecated, please use headless ‘ prompt does not support PHANTOMJS, please use headless mode.Well, let's continue using Firefox Chrome's headless mode.One: Version downSelenium 3.9.0I am using this version of selenium and have been prompted to

Google Chrome can mute a tab.

visitors. For formal content, we believe that users can completely switch to the corresponding tab and stop playing on the player interface. In this way, the tag mute function of Chrome is redundant, which may also affect users. For example, if you want to play a video but forget that the tab is muted a few days ago. Based on experience, such users often report improper operations as program vulnerabilitie

Android phone sync pc-side Google Chrome bookmarks

following is the solution from (I also resolved the last question according to this article ~): (Xee: Mom eggs, I really choose the second, my own hands are cheap) well, you will find chrome this time the egg hurts, choose this encryption method, is irreversible operation, unable to re-select the first encryption method (perhaps for information security considerations). Simply put, bookmarks and other data have been encrypted two times, ther

The impact of Google PR value stop update

PageRank was born in 2000, with a specific algorithm for page sorting, scoring scale of 0-10 (the higher the better), allowing users to intuitively understand the value level of the page, but also spawned a huge SEO (search engine Optimization) underground industry, so many worthless pages can also get high scores.Over the years, Google has now gradually diluted the concept of PageRank, for example, its Chrome

Web site does not have SSL certificate deployed Google Chrome will pull directly into the blacklist

July 24, Google browser Chrome68 officially released, all HTTP sites will be warned. Google said that, starting in September, Chrome would stop tagging the HTTPS page in the address bar as a "safe" site.Google said that, starting in September, Chrome would

Vimium: Using Vim to operate Google Chrome

ArticleDirectory Install vimium Vimium usage Prompt 18 comments VI/Vim's key setting solution is very classic, and someProgramOr directly support it (such as Bash), or simulate it to a certain extent through plug-ins/extensions. Vimium is such a Google Chrome extension. It allows you to operate Google

Solutions for Google Chrome's video screen watching

The screen display is as follows: Google browser video screen Try to reinstall Flash Player. The result shows that Chrome has inherited Flash Player. Since it cannot be installed, I will delete it and reinstall it. Enter chrome: // plugins/in the address bar of the browser and press enter to open the plug-in management page.

Tips for debugging JavaScript in Google Chrome _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces Google Chrome's tips for debugging JavaScript. If you need it, you can refer to Google Chrome not only for surfing the Internet, but also for developers, it is more like a powerful development auxiliary tool. For better work, you must first sharpen the tool. Next, I will share with you some Chr

When Ajax sync requests, Google Chrome crashes. Switch to deferred

() {$ ('. Loadingicon '). Show ();$.when (GetData3 ()). Done (function (data) {$ ('. Loadingicon '). Hide ();alert (data);});}); You can see that I removed the async:false from the AJAX request, which means that the request is asynchronous. Also note that this sentence in the Success function: Defer.resolve (data), the Resolve method of the deferred object can pass in an argument, any type. This parameter can be obtained in the Done method, so the data we request asynchronously can be r

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