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"The Ape Group Interview" | Link the developer the story of the female Man Shu and DevLink

to do a front-line developers to share, exchange, mutual help platform. In the future, DevLink also organizes many segments of the development, technical areas of sharing activities, synchronous expansion of online activities. But regardless of the form, the language of the sharing, DevLink will follow the following principles to do things: Believe that content is valuable, all sharing must pay to see; Let the technology share return to the original meaning, filtered quality conten

[Interview with yuantuan] | link to the story of the developer's female que Qi and DevLink

[Interview with yuantuan] | the story of linking developer female que Qi and DevLink said that programmers may be emerging in our minds. Keywords: black shoulder bag, striped polo shirt, messy hair, house, Internet cafe, game ...... So what do you think of when it comes to female programmers? Ms. Yan Qi, COO of DevLink, was a programmer from a class. She became a female Man in the eyes of others because she

"The Ape Group Interview" | Link the developer the story of the female Man Shu and DevLink

routers, as product manager. As a result of this experience, Shu Qi also harvested their love, and Zhu Feng Happy knot, in the later creation of DevLink, Zhu Feng also played an important role. After an entrepreneurial failure, Shu to the Royal Park, took the team, has done vertical community, social products, recruitment products, Internet basic services products, responsible for the project from 0 to 1. "Female Man" Shu Qi DevLink's idea originated from the Tianjin Google

"Appcan Developer Story Phase Nineth" bubble: the mobile development technology in KTV box

many emergencies. Management department every day to deal with from 15 branches of large and small approval, assessment, heavy workload. Just rely on the simple statistics of paper or computer, the trouble is laborious. Next, the bubble will be based on the Appcan mobile development platform, combined with the company's characteristics, to build a handheld Office system to help management to deal with the public in a timely manner, simplifying the approval process. at the New Year's party, the

Meego developer story

Meego developer story Submitted by Bob Spencer on 26 May, 2010-08:58 Meego applications are written in C ++ using the meego SDK, which clients des QT 4.6.2. the meego SDK is currently targeted specifically for development on a Linux workstation, with detailed instructions for creating and debugging meego applications. Develop Debug Package Distribute Develop The mee

"Appcan Developer Story" Bodhi: the mobile development cultivator of small meat

indissoluble bond." just a classmate, young, in primeNear graduation, under the pressure of multi-party, light language team temporarily dissolved, we each outside the internship, Bodhi because of good technology and university accumulated rich experience, quickly got a positive. From interns to senior engineers, to technical director, just graduated Bodhi only a year, however, Bodhi in the end is a simple teenager, difficult to understand some of the company's boss practices, Bodhi chose to re

User story-driven Agile Development (Planning chapter)

will delay the time. So the whiteboard is a very low tool, in fact, for the team discussion, it is more efficient than any electronic tools.For example: This is a user story discussion that I participated as an agile coach, and you can see that everyone is gathered around the whiteboard, the whole discussion is standing, anyone can comment at any time, and with a sticky note, you can start saying, "This" step. Without a visualizer, or using an electr

QQ centimeter Show my task story card how to collect my task story card collection method

Q: How do I get a story card card? A: There are two ways to get a story card card: 1, their own upbringing-into the centimeter Show Mall after clicking on the interactive interface of the individual to decorate the foot of the puzzle can get cards. 2, to send flowers to QQ friends, it is possible to get extra cards, only to get one day. PS: The obtained

The true story of a programmer (reprinted, old-fashioned, often new-read). You are welcome to share your story.

, railway, food to colleges and universities, and I have worked very hard on what I have to do with money, we often work overtime and stay up all night, from talking with customers about requirements to designing, coding, testing, and delivery. At that time, I felt very fulfilled and I felt pretty good. Now I think it's really superficial. -- Confusing tools Students who have just started their jobs can easily be misled. Various development tools are dazzling and very important to the company. H

Snow story permissions How to set, story permissions set tutorial

Snow story permission to publish a bit like a micro-mail said that you can set permissions at the time of release, such as who can see, who could not see, the specific we look at the details. Snow Story Permission Setting method 1, open snow, as shown below click "button"-"gear" option, open into 2, then in the hair say you will see one, "who can see my

Samsung S5 How to create a story album? Galaxy Story Album Creation method

1. If you want to create a story album, you must click on the phone "application" (this is the Universal key). 2. Then in the universal key to find "story album" Into, as shown in the picture. 3. After entering, you will see a "Create album" button in the upper right corner to click on it. 4. Then our phone will pop up select the source of the album, where we Click "from the

Book Wall E, Dragon and underground iron, China's beautiful story, new story, 40 readme, Bookworm, artificial intelligence, big talk data structure

Afternoon has time, stroll the bookstore, saw some books. Summarize some of your feelings here. I, "the Dragon and the underground Railway" This book is the first I see, in the front of the new book area. is a novel, I did not look inside the content, but by the book cover propaganda copy to laugh----Tired old Dragon complained that, over the Longmen more than 10 years, now, every day still want to take the subway. Obviously, it's a satirical novel. Changan City, Big Tang Tianzi, Longmen, Med

8. Agile development user Story Series: analyzing the user story description syntax (and talking about the syntax of different types of stories)

This is the eighth article in the agile development user story series. (Topic directory) The content of this article comes from the experiences and achievements summarized by the Martian team after compiling the stories of 300 users in the Martian product, developers who are devoted to agile development and are confused about user stories are welcome to participate in the discussion. This article is especially suitable for students who participate in

Story-telling example of a user story 1

Once upon a while, the user story was written into the classic sentence of user stories + acceptance conditions.A sample of the following story is provided on the As an executive, I want to is able to filter the dashboard by department so this I can isolate data by a specific departme Nt. Acceptance Criteria: Given the Executive Dashboard default view,

Analysis of user requirements in XP: Overview of planning game and user story

Ideal Development Week for each story. If it is more than 2 weeks, the story should be decomposed (this has been.). If it is estimated that the development time is short (for example, half an hour), considerAnd merge it with another story. Release plan: together with developers, the customer decides which story is to

Project Management (12)-The writing Story of Agile Development

, remembering the difference between the user (who actually uses the software) and the customer (the buyer of the software).For example, many companies now do telecommunications projects: the customer is a telecommunications provider, but the user is indeed the masses of people, like "5 servers cluster" such stories, no meaning to users, the masses only care about services, but for customers, this story is very meaningful.The reason why the above

The Philosophical story of life: "Hound and Rabbit" is a classic story

The Philosophical story of life: "Hound and Rabbit" is a classic story Hound posted on: Speak freely at 16:04:03   Why are we always less than others? --- Human Resource Management I A hound drove the rabbit out of its nest and kept chasing him. When the shepherd saw this scene, He sneered at the hound and said, "The difference between the two of you is much faster. " The Hound replied, "You don'

MPs queue story (1) MPs queue story

sometimes traveled across the country, Bolo and Bruno met the young people who picked up buckets. The friends who grew up together always stop the car, tell their stories to the young people, and help them build their own pipelines. Some people are willing to listen and immediately seize this opportunity to start pipeline business. Sadly, most of the bucket owners are impatient to reject the idea of building pipelines. Bo polo and Bruno have heard the same excuse for countless times. "I don't h

Let's talk about the story-the story of two donkeys.

There are two stories I keep remembering: one is about the donkey and the other is about the donkey. The story of the first donkey: There was a donkey who was born to grind for the master, and one day it never moved. The master is really unwilling to slaughter it, and put it back in the forest. This donkey's daily life is the same: eat a little grass when hungry, and then the only thing is to circle around a tree. This is a habit force. It doesn't me

Samsung S5 How to export a story album? Galaxy Story Album Export tutorial

First, we have to connect the computer (using Samsung's Kies software) The way to connect the computer I do not introduce, we can refer to (Samsung S5 How to connect the computer) Two, the following is the Export story album 1. Now our mobile phone and computer connected successfully, we found in the computer Kies "story album" click it. 2. Then I open the

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