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Common processing methods for string (str) in Python

str= ' python String function 'Generate string variable str= ' python string function 'String length acquisition: Len (str)Example: print '%s length=%d '% (Str,len (str))First, the letter processingAll caps: Str.upper ()All lowercase: str.lower

What is the difference between string literals in Java and the new string, such as String Str=new string ("a") and string str = "a"?

Baidu's interviewer askedString a= "ABC";String B=new string ("ABC");These two values, a, B are equal, if all go inside HashSet, can put down?A: A==b, but A.equals (B) is equal, because it is equal, so all go to hashset inside, can only put aThis

Python character encoding and decoding--unicode, str, and Chinese: unicodedecodeerror: ' ASCII ' codec can ' t decode__ encoded

absrtact : When writing Python scripts, if we use Python to process Web page data or work with Chinese characters, this error message often occurs: syntaxerror:non-ascii character ' \ Xe6 ' in file./ of Line 3, but no encoding declared.

Python code deals with the distinction between-STR and Unicode _python

A good article on STR and Unicode To sort out the Python code-related content Note: The following discussion is for the python2.x version, py3k to be tried Begin When handling Chinese in Python, read files or messages, HTTP parameters, and so on

Python uses str & repr to convert strings _python

may be low or record: The use of STR and REPR STR is a type (int, long is similar), and she can also act as a string for a factory method instance Repr is a python-built function that preserves the true state of a printed value in a

Python converts strings using str & REPR

may be low or record: Use of STR and REPR STR is a type (int, long, similar), and she can also act as a factory method instance of a string Repr is a python built-in function that preserves the true state of a printed value in a Python

Python uses str & repr to convert the string, pythonstr

Python uses str & repr to convert the string, pythonstr It may be better to record low: Use of str and repr Str is a type (int, long is similar). It can also be used as a string for a factory Method Instance. Repr is a built-in function of

A detailed analysis of the difference and usage between STR and Unicode in Python code processing

In Python processing Chinese, reading files or messages, if found garbled (string processing, read and write files, print), most people's practice is to call Encode/decode for debugging, and did not explicitly consider why garbled, today we discuss

Heap and Stack (JAVA)--explanation of the depth meaning of string str= "abc"

Tag: REF has a bool time detail equal to span spaceStacks and heaps (heap) are places that Java uses to store data in RAM.   Unlike C + +, Java automatically manages stacks and heaps, and programmers cannot directly set up stacks or heaps. The

Str and bytes in the Python3

Str and bytes in the Python3Unlike python2.x, python3.x strictly distinguishes between two types of str and bytes. The text is Unicode, represented by the STR type, and the binary data is represented by bytes.python3.x does not mix str and bytes in

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