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Taobao has internal coupons how to collect, Taobao has internal coupons to collect the method

About Taobao shopping? Wedelia Bran Jia Hui? 鐾, 谔, ι Altar Spade, Chang Tang molten-based, "Chang-blanket online?" Ant?strong> coupons. In fact, there is a place can get Taobao internal coupons , we now know, too deficient! Taobao shopping site, is a kind of specialized collection and collation of a variety of popular fashion boutique, Taobao Women's wear, men's, women's shoes, luggage jewelry,

QQ reading coupons How to use the QQ reading book coupons use method to share

Users of QQ reading software to the detailed analysis to share the use of QQ reading coupons. Method Sharing: If there is a voucher in the account, the voucher will be deducted automatically in the course of purchase, and if the voucher has a different expiration date, the recently expired voucher will be deducted automatically. Well, the above information is small make up to you QQ reading of this software users brought the detailed

Pay treasure 50 million refueling coupons where to pay the treasure 50 million refueling coupons Collect method

Alipay 50 million where is the collar Payment Treasure Experience Electronic Membership card, as long as the online use Alipay payment can get the lottery, the winner of the user can be specified on the date to use this card to recharge it is so simple. July 1 to July 20, in Fujian Province, all of the central gas station refueling, the use of payment PO line under the face to pay, through scraping cards can be obtained in the oil refueling coupons

PHP Interview question: 50,40,30,20,1 These five coupons, the order amount is X yuan, the method realizes how many coupons

First I ruled out the amount for the whole order because the interviewer only gave 7 minutes. MOU (99);//Call the following method here Function MoU ($x) { $array = array{50,40,30,20,1}; $temp = 0; $j = $x; for ($i =0;$ { $temp = $temp +foor ($j/$array [$i]); $j = $j% $array [$i]; } echo "Altogether needs". $temp. " Coupon Roll "; return $temp; } ?> This method is simple to use a bit of the mold, I hope to have a master to give me a better way, directly reply to the good Th

Examples of interaction design: the demand for the choice of the electricity merchants ' coupons

Article Description: the interactive design optimization scheme of coupons in the shopping process of the communication station. We often buy things on the internet and often receive coupons, recently had time to do a small research, on a website, 30% of users have more than 10 effective coupons, but, when we use c

Real-time coupons for LBS services: Business needs to be sized

Article Description: real-time coupons are the gospel of the business or bad news? From my office to the nearest KFC, there is a terminal that can help you print coupons, every time I want to buy a chicken roll or a cup of sundaes, will be on the way to print a few coupons, a two-minute time may help me save four or five yuan, considering that I have

Questions about e-commerce website coupons

E-commerce website coupon issue now a website member has a coupon function to register and send a coupon (valid for one year) enough to buy and return the coupon (not limited to the validity period) send coupons on holidays (defined by the background staff for specific time amount) my practice is that the member table name userid member ID field yhq is the coupon field (the sum of the coupon amount) discount e-commerce website

How to pick up coupons for the cat supermarket

1, first into the day Cat Mall, and login to their account, and then into the "Points club", as shown in the following figure: 2, into the days after the cat points Club, we again this interface, pull down, at the bottom of the "great value coupons" under the first position, that is, to pick up the day cat supermarket coupons, click to collect, as shown in the following picture: 3, Next will

New egg universal coupons: users cannot use them after obtaining them

In order to attract users and increase sales, many e-commerce websites occasionally offer electronic coupons. Consumers can get discounts after a certain amount of purchased goods. However, Ms. Shen was in a bad mood by The New egg net coupons these days. A few days ago, launched the "email exclusive time" activity. "The first 2000 users click to get one copy of the mysterious egg coupon." You ca

Branch eshop V6 Edition integrated merchandise coupons and redeem

The official report of the KesionCMSV6: The increase of commodity coupons, the integration of the realization of the function to help you build the best online shopping platform. ( Click the small picture to see the big picture ) First Coupon Management home: Here we can manage the details of these coupons in detail, such as the coupon name, coupon validity and the number of

codeforces754d Fedor and Coupons

This article is copyright ljh2000 and Blog Park is shared, welcome reprint, but must retain this statement, and give the original link, thank you for your cooperation.This article ljh2000Author Blog: please specify the source, infringement must investigate, retain the final interpretation right!DescriptionAll of our characters has hobbies. The same is true for Fedor. He enjoys shopping in the neighboring supermarket. the goods in the supermarket has a

From coupons to Verticals

In the past, shopping coupons were all posted on the public comments network. After finding a store, I had to print out the coupons. Since last year, the Yixing devices in weiluocheng have appeared in various subway stations. The logos of merchants are listed on them. After the selection, coupons can be printed. A new discount model has emerged, it is called "Mob

Uva10288 coupons expectation + score Calculation

Formula E (x) = n Σ 1/I Because when K cards are different, the expectation for different cards is (n-k)/n. The probability of 1 is N/(n-k) then, add one to n. Problem F Coupons Input:Standard Input Output:Standard output Time limit:2 seconds Memory limit:32 MB Coupons in cereal boxes are numbered1ToN, And a set of one of each is required for a prize (a cereal box, of course ). with on

Tutorial on adding store red envelopes and store coupons for Taobao stores

1. Store Red Envelopes : Shop Marketing Center > Shop Activities > Shop Red Envelopes2. Shop voucher: Promotion management > Taobao voucher > Shop voucher3. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ1: Can multiple red envelopes of the same order be used together?A: Shop red envelopes only in their distribution shop use, and the whole shop general merchandise, each order can only use a store red envelopes, and require orders at least higher than the red envelope value of 0.01 yuan (not including shipping charg

How to use coupons for a special car coupon

How do I use a special car coupon? 1, we open "a special car", and then we click "Personal Center" then we click on "Personal Center" here we find "coupon amount" and then we find inside the coupon details, you can see their current coupons, the effect shown in the following figure. 2, okay, then we click on "a special car" after we click on the "booking" in the interface after we enter the "booking process" and then we open the "Res

Scheduled Tasks get expiring Coupons

Yes, the company needs to do a function, is to regularly remind users that coupons are about to expire, is now set in advance 3 days notice users, the table is very simple, on a table, there is coupon_id (coupon ID) user_id (user ID) end_time (coupon end time). Plan to run a script every day, but if you press End_time to filter, will result in a coupon will be reminded of the user a number of times, assuming a coupon 31st expires, the script today wil

Qq wallet time-limited coupon activity schedule qq wallet several times a day to grab coupons

QQ Wallet Limited to rob coupon activities Open "mobile phone QQ"-"QQ wallet"---"wallet selection" and then in the QQ activities can see the activity Coupons are available at 12:00 15:00 18:00 20:00 Point can rob different coupons 12:00, grab a 20-5-card ticket. 20:00 a Q-coupon full of 15-5 If we won the lottery, we can in QQ "Wallet---card check" Here you can see the coupon Oh.

What are the rules for the use of 301 cash coupons for poly-Mei Products

When you checkout from the shopping cart, you can select (or enter) your cash coupon number on the order confirmation page and get the appropriate discount. Each order is limited to the use of a cash coupon, third party shipments, part of mother and child goods, luxury items, excluding orders. Cash coupons have different types, such as only a certain brand, the use of a certain category of cash coupons.

MySQL business-issued coupons for user usage _20161028

Tags: the res coupon Group User ID class ASE strong monitorOperating department to give users coupons, if you want to monitor the use of coupons coupon usage rate is a good indicator of the effect The following SQL is the daily use of coupons issued for a particular user on a given day after the release date SELECTE. City, E. User id,i. Contact number, H. Order d

Questions about e-commerce website coupons

E-commerce website coupon issue now a website member has a coupon function to register and send a coupon (valid for one year) enough to buy and return the coupon (not limited to the validity period) send coupons on holidays (defined by the background staff for specific time amount) my practice is that the member table name userid member ID field yhq is the coupon field (the sum of the coupon amount) put the coupon's previous delivery time and expirati

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