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The difference between strcmp and stricmp, Strcmpi (c + +)

#include #include    prototypes: extern int strcmp (const void *S1, const void *S2);   Usage: #include   function: Compare strings S1 and S2 are the same, case-sensitive.   NOTE: If S1=s2 returns zero, it returns a value other than 0.    prototype:

Zlog study notes (level)

Level.h/** * */#ifndef __zlog_level_h#define__zlog_level_h#include"stdio.h"#include"Zc_defs.h"typedefstructzlog_level_s {intInt_level; CharStr_uppercase[maxlen_path +1]; CharStr_lowercase[maxlen_path +1]; size_t Str_len; intSyslog_level;}

On July 6, April 22, a small program for modifying the DACL of the Registry

That's just a little thing. It took two and a half days !! Of course, I also learned about objects and DACL in the middle. Although I have read it before, I can only forget it once I read it. It must be applied, you must have the desire to learn.

About string. h

When I read the code today, I am a little dizzy. Maybe I don't know enough about string. h. I'm sorry for my C. Check the remedy. 1. Differences between strdup and strcpy: StrdupPrototype: extern char * strdup (char * s );Usage: # include Function:

C + + Change MessageBox instance _c language based on Hook IAT

This article describes the C + + based on the hook Iat change MessageBox method, share for everyone to reference. The specific methods are as follows: Steps: 1. Define the original function type Copy Code code as follows: Defining

You can also switch to Skype-get started with shell program development based on Skype API

Skype is currently the most powerful IM + VoIP Software on the planet, and now it has changed the way of life for 0.28 billion people around the world. You deserve it! :) Official site of Skype: Skype Global Site:

C string function Summary

4. memccpy Prototype: extern void * memccpy (void * dest, void * src, unsigned char ch, unsigned int count ); Usage: # include  Function: the data is copied from the memory area indicated by src to the memory area indicated by dest. If the ch

The application of C + + ordered binary tree

Practice : Record student registration with ordered binary tree Time and name , and then to name Output Student Registration information in ascending orderStricmp,strcmpiPrototype:extern int stricmp (char *s1,char * s2); Usage:#include Features:

Preliminary Winsock programming principles

Preliminary Winsock programming principles   This course focuses on the TCP/IP programming interface Winsock in Windows. The version is 1.1. The later version of Winsock is similar to that of Version 1.1. It mainly involves some extensions, such as

String-related functions

C string function Summary 1. bcmp Prototype: extern int bcmp (const void * S1, const void * S2, int N );Usage: # include Function: Compares the first n Bytes of the string S1 and S2.NOTE: If S1 = S2 or n = 0, zero is returned; otherwise, a non-zero

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