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member functions for C + + classes (define member functions outside the class, inline member functions)

The member function of a class is one of the functions, its usage and function is basically the same as the functions described earlier, it also has the return value and the function type, it differs from the general function only: it belongs to a

Usage of member variables/function pointers

Standard C ++ does not have real Object-Oriented function pointers. This is a pity, because Object-Oriented function pointers (sometimes called delegates) have proved their value in other languages. In Delphi (Object-Oriented PASCAL Language),

Selection of c ++ member functions and non-member functions

1. Try to replace the member functions of the class with non-member functions and friend functions.For example, a class is used to simulate People's Copy codeThe Code is as follows: 1 class People { 2 public: 3... 4 void Getup (); 5 void grouping

Use class member functions as C callback Functions

Use class member functions as C callback Functions Raise questions:Callback functions are based on the C Programming windows SDK technology, not for C ++. programmers can directly use a C function as a callback function, however, if you try to

Member function pointers and high-performance C ++ delegation (Part 1)

Member function pointers and high-performance C ++ delegation (Part 1) Member function pointers and the fastest possible C ++ delegates Author: Don Clugston Translation: Zhou Xiang Introduction Standard C ++ does not have a real

Static member data and static member functions

/*Classes that contain static data members do not allocate storage space for static data members when they are created, you can treat static data members as a global variable and encapsulate them in a class for two purposes(1) Restricting the scope

Use const to limit the member functions of the class

This article is worth reading carefully. However, I think the above section "const limitation class member functions" is relatively simple, especially the text after "NOTE" is even more impressive, therefore, I would like to provide some additional

How C + + passes the this pointer to member functions called member functions like global functions

Testing this feature was designed to test the bind in boostBoost::bind (&a::sum), &a, _1, _2)The above code is my boost bind and multi-threaded this blog inside a line of code. I just want to know how boost is done. Call a member function of a class.

Const class member functions for C + + know that in C + +, if a variable is declared as a const type, the operation that attempts to modify the value of the variable is considered a compilation error. For example[CPP]View PlainCopy 

C ++ basics-class member pointer

Assume that the screen class defines four new member functions: Forward () Back () Up () and down (). They move the cursor to the right, left, up, and down, respectively. First, we declare these new member functions in the class body: Class Screen

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