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The sorrow of the children of "salt shortage"

In recent days, almost all the world's most concerned about the matter is Japan's 9 magnitude earthquake. The 9-magnitude earthquake caused a huge tsunami, causing significant damage to Japan's coast, and, more frightening, a tsunami that caused the

Salt API Learning Record (i)

Now finally began to learn the salt API, some small excitement ah, we execute the command, the background is how to deal with, what happened, I have a strong curiosity about everything ah.These are the APIs that correspond to the Saltstack

Everybody's grabbing the salt. The marketing analysis of the traffic accident

Get up in the morning to work in the office, turn on the computer, see the internet There are some cities Rob Salt news, feel very funny, vast China, when the lack of salt. At first there was not much to care about. But work not a while, the company

SALT-API Installation and Configuration

One, the installation part[[Email protected] ~] #wget 01026f87978932060cc86c1dc527903e--no-check-certificate[[Email protected] ~] #tar XVFZ pip-1.5.6.tar.gz[[Email protected] ~] #cd

Nutrition recipes in the month

This section describes recipes in terms of ingredients, practices, nutrition, and functions. Focus on practicality, so that people can do it on their own. Nutrition recipes by month-beans Sanxian tofu [Function]Nourishing qi and blood, shengjin to

Database storage security (md5+ salt) encryption

General system Database Password encryption method: MD5 after the database is saved SHA1 Hash after deposit into the database disadvantage: Hackers can be password brute force to obtain password information, the practice is to hash the

Salt Wang She kee (Qijue)

Salt Wang She kee (Qijue)Autumn Wind and Men sing a new song, four teams of wheat stranded water truck.Digging well what worry joint cold, clothing feel body heart.Chills set Suchenzhi courtyard, humble hand burn paste water boiled

How to ensure the website SEO to optimize the strong executive power

Many webmasters believe that SEO optimization is a skill, in fact, this said, not entirely right, the middle school has learned an ancient prose "sell oil Weng", the article in the sale of oil Weng from the small money in the hole to pour oil, oil

Implementation of PBKDF2 Encryption

PBKDF2 (password-based Key derivation Function).Encrypted through a hashing algorithm. Because the hashing algorithm is unidirectional, data of any size can be converted to a fixed-length "fingerprint" and cannot be reversed. Also, the result of the

Web Front-end slow Encryption

Web Front-end slow Encryption 0x00 Preface The world's martial arts, only fast. However, different passwords are encrypted. The faster the algorithm, the easier it is to break.0x01 brute force cracking Password cracking means restoring the

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