strtok implementation code c

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File Parsing tool function strtok & strtok_r

Prototype: extern char * strtok (char * s, char * delim ); Usage: # include Function: Splits a string into a group of tag strings. S is the string to be decomposed, and delim is the separator string. NOTE: For the first call, s must point to the

Usage and implementation principles of strtok and strtok_r functions (2)

Document directory 1. One application instance 2. strtok_r and Its Usage 3. Source Code of strtok and strtok_r (1) I have introduced some precautions for using the strtok function. This article introduces an application of strtok and

Key points and implementation principles of strtok and strtok_r functions (1)

Document directory 1. The function is used to break down strings. The so-called decomposition means that no new strings are generated, but some operations are done on the Content pointed to by S. Therefore, the source string s has changed! 3.

String splitting function STRTOK & Strtok_r (GO)

1. An example of applicationA more classic example of a network is slicing a string into a struct. For example, an existing structuretypedef struct person{Char name[25];Char sex[10];Char age[4];}person;Required from string char buffer[info_max_sz]= "

Use of strtok in c functions and implementation of win & BSD

In the past few days, I have been studying TCP/IP sockets in C (2nd) Practical Guide for programmers and learning how to confirm that data transmission between the client and server is a piece of data begin and end, the author describes two methods:

Implementation and Application of strtok Functions

Strtok:# Include Char * strtok (char * STR, const char * delim );Char * strtok_r (char * STR, const char * delim, char ** saveptr );Function: Splits a string into a group of tag strings. STR is the string to be decomposed, and delim is the separator

Implement functions similar to C ++ strtok in Delphi

Original address: SK = A partof function is added here to make the behavior the same as that of strtok.   Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter

C language method of processing CSV file (ii)

The use of the Strtok function is a commonplace problem. The function is very important and the controversy is great. The following statements may differ from some of the materials or your original understanding, therefore, I try to test the

C library (I)-small talk C language (17)

[Win7 vs2010] Q: What is the relationship between C library and system APIs? A: for example, a simple example: It can be seen that part of the C library uses system APIs to implement its own functions (such as file operations), and the other part

Multi-level pointers in C Language

I recently read "UNIX system programming", and I feel that I can use the C language to get into the classroom. In general, we will understand the relationship between pointers and arrays. For example, * p is a one-dimensional array, and ** p is a

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