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From the view of software engineering, this paper reviews the deficiencies in the software of undergraduate graduation design.

reflected in the system in a timely manner. The interaction between students and enterprises is not timely. The user's function is less and more simple, can be perfected and extended.In coding, the design of the algorithm is simple, and not rigorous, there are some flaws.Debugging over writing more simple, fewer cases, should write a few more cases, detailed display of the effect of the function. As far as maintenance is concerned, the lack of awareness in this area should be enhanced.From the

The structural design method of software engineering

program design), which are called atomic modules that can no longer be decomposed. If all the actual processing of a software system (data processing or computation) has atomic modules to complete, and all other non-atomic modules only perform control or coordination functions, such a system is a complete factorization of the system, but most systems do not have complete factor decomposition.Modules are generally divided into four categories: Incomin

Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CD

Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CDSafi is a structural analysis software developed by Canadian Safi Quality Software Inc., which is widely used in various

Object-Oriented Software Engineering and UML, software engineering uml

Object-Oriented Software Engineering and UML, software engineering uml Basic concepts of Software Engineering Software Crisis The functions, scale, and complexity of a

Software Engineering: Process and method of software engineering

Although programmers lead a good salary, they also pay a great deal of energy and time. With the increasing size of software, the uncertainty of user requirements and the rapid change, so that software development can not stay in the small workshop of the personal hero era, it has developed into today's reliance on teamwork behavior, conventional management methods have been unable to meet the actual needs

"Software Engineering" 02 groups of software engineering team Project--Curriculum Management Assistant Database design document

is lost, it will take a long time to recover, and sometimes even the information system has to be restarted from the system initialization stage. Daily data backup is an important means to ensure the security of the system. Data backup needs to be done in strict accordance with the pre-established backup and recovery strategy, and to implement backup registration and inspection measures. In addition, the system sets the user's identity to identify whether it is a legitimate user, and requires l

E-xstream Digimat v6.0.1 Win64 1DVD composite structural optimization simulation software +IHS welltest v7.12.0 1CD

E-xstream Digimat v6.0.1 Win64 1DVD composite structural optimization simulation softwareE-xstream DIGIMAT-Nonlinear composite structural simulation software with examples and third-party components.Digimat is designed for rapid and highly accurate prediction of nonlinear behavior of multicomponent materials such as plastics, polymers, carbon and glass fibers, na

[Reading Notes] Software Engineering vs Software Technology -- post-reading of software technology

development process. Software Engineering holds that a good software engineering can greatly reduce the losses it brings to the project even if there are frequent personnel changes and poor developer skills, an excellent craftsman plays an important role in software develop

Application of three-dimensional CAD software in the expansion of structural parts

lofting, by adding geometrical relation and dimensioning the relative dimensions in the car diagram, so as to restrain each geometrical element in the graph, and improve the accuracy of drawing and the speed of drawing. Each step of the operation can be modified. When modified, it will automatically adjust subsequent related procedures or prompts for information. 2.3 Practical Using three-dimensional CAD software to carry out lofting process is sim

The method and practice of software engineering theory

project communication, establishing infrastructure, implementing periodic reviews, and organizing weekly group meetings. Software scale estimation: Code line technology, function point technology. Software cost Estimation: Expert judgment, analogy estimation,COCOMO model. Engineering risk identification:

Summary of relevant knowledge of software engineering

, achieve the required software functions, achieve better software performance, develop software than transplant, require lower maintenance costs, and be able to complete development on time and timely delivery. 7. Principles of Software Engineering Abstraction, information

Software Engineering Summary-Comparison Between Traditional software development methods and object-oriented development methods

Software development is a technology that requires the support of relevant theories, technologies, methods, means and tools. As for the development of software development technology, it mainly involves structured development methods and object-oriented software development methods.Traditional Software Development: str

"Requirements Engineering-software modeling and analysis" reading notes two

A while ago, continued to read the "Requirements Engineering-software modeling and analysis." Prior to understanding the requirements of the introduction of engineering and the capture of requirements, respectively, the difficulties in capturing requirements. Methods and sources of access to information, learning to analyze the prospects of the project, identifyi

How to make a perfect dinner? Software Engineering Quality management is the key

Today's IT projects have attracted much attention in software engineering. The quality of software is the focus of public attention, because there is no perfect assessment standard yet. Some people even suggested that the current software development cannot be referred to as "engin

Software Engineering Review Summary

. When developing software using object-oriented methods, object models are always the most important and basic,Core.23. Generally, the class diagram provided by UML is used to create an object model.24. There are usually four relationships among classes: Association, generalization (inheritance), dependency, and refinement.25. In UML, a link in a hollow triangle represents a generalized relationship.26. The object model for complex problems generally

What is software engineering

development team includes: User, project leader, analyst, junior Programmer, data clerk, operator.Software engineering refers to the use of engineering concepts, principles, techniques and methods to develop, maintain, and test the time to prove that the right management technology and the current can getThe best technical methods combine to guide the development and maintenance of computer

What do we need from traditional software engineering to agile development?

Software engineering is the concept that was put forward in the 70 's, facing the challenge of increasing the size and complexity of the development procedure, proposing the concept of engineering the software development, the traditional software development method has wate

Some frequently used software in software engineering

Java series:Project management:(1)Requirement management software:1. telelogic doors accounted for 70% of the shares2. Rational requisite pro3. Borland caliberrm4. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server5. opencollective6. Dragonfly is the only Chinese version.Rational modeling for the UML language and the case tool provided by RUP:By making requirements easier to write, communicate, and modify, rational requisite pro enables all development teams througho

Software Engineering Course Recommendations

three levels (including: understanding, understanding, mastering) to give the teaching requirements of the course. Understand that the relevant concepts and methods can be correctly identified and understood, and that the meaning of the concepts and methods can only be correctly expressed and mastered, that is, to be flexibly applied on the basis of understanding.10. Major programIn order to further consolidate the classroom knowledge and practical application, with lectures, set the following

Introduction to the article----software Engineering reprint

software project 30%~40% about time;Operation and maintenance: mainly after the use of software delivery maintenance work;Third, software engineering methodologyIn general, the set of technical methods that we use throughout the software lifecycle, called

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