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Sublime Text 2/3 Custom Theme colors Color Scheme Builder

Sublime Text is a powerful code editing tool, today found a change the theme of the tips, to share to the small friends:Generate Custom Color address: Http:// (Chrome online generation only)Custom Color Interface:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://

Source Insight's Sublime text color scheme

Reprinted from: When I was in college, I was looking for an editor, someone recommended sublime text, and then fell. It is not only a powerful editing ability, but also very comfortable color matching, especially for a long time to write code to the computer people. But to view large projects (that is, the

Sublime Text 3 comment symbol//After the text still has color (originally should be gray) why?

Today I do not know where the tune has become this.Is there a way? I've been looking for a long time. Reply content: Today I do not know where the tune has become this.Is there a way? I've been looking for a long time. In the lower right corner, you can choose the right language. Your comments in this language seem to be # rather than// Should be related to the theme you use, there are different languages to identify the comments show different colorsIf you try another language, t

Sublime Text 3 To remove the color of white space characters

650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_3389209820.png "title=" qq picture 20160912141536.png "alt=" Wkiol1fwsbrbwjmmaaag4kje2bw728.png-wh_50 "/>Today in the beginning with sublime text 3 to start writing code, found that enter, tab and other white space characters will appear red

Sublime Text 3 Modify the color theme "side border ..."

Sublime Text3 is a favorite editor, Five days a week facing nine to six, and the default sidebar color always seems unsatisfactory. The code on the right is highlighted "Color_scheme:monokai" very much like, the heart is thinking how to put the sidebar also to the picksSo, I thought to see if there are related topics in the package, search ...Ctrl+shift+pinstall Package//Enter themeYo, this is not a lot of

"Sublime text 3" Sublime text 3-cracked 3092

Latest 3092 cracked version of children's shoes please visit the following addressYou can replace the original fileHttp:// GbaiHere's the address to download cracked 3092 (It requires a password for further access)Plz Replace the original file, it ' ll work To use the 3086 cracked version of children's shoes please visit the following address:http

Vim custom color scheme, illustrated by text, vim Color Scheme

Vim custom color scheme, illustrated by text, vim Color Scheme 1. First The following is the source code of tcpdump. The color is configured according to your preferences. I prefer bright colors and can see them clearly! 2. Down

Sublime Text 3 using

in a style that is my favorite dark style (can also be turned into light), the default theme is that the Monokai Bright two are very good, but we can also do better: Next I will show how to set preferences and add custom style/theme to make Sublime Text is more stylish.Some settings (Miscellaneous Settings)Here are the settings I personally use.// 设置Sans-serif(无衬线)等宽字体,以便阅读"font_face": "YaHei Consolas Hybr

Sublime3 Add PHP7 Debug Sublime shortcut key Sublime text 3 Chinese sublime TEXT3 registration code

PHP Debugging for configuring Sublime3 in Mac Environment Under the menu bar Tools >> Build system >> New build System The contents of the popup file are as follows: { "cmd["/usr/local/php7/bin/php", "$file"], "file_regex"^(...*?):([0-9]*):?([0-9]*)", "selector"source.php"} Save the name as Php.sublime-build, The saved directory is available in the Click menu bar Sublime Text >> Preferences >> B

Sublime Text 3 Installation and use

keyword 9. Brackets Ctrl + M:You can quickly switch between the opening and closing parentheses Ctrl + Shift + M: You can quickly select the content between parentheses Ctrl + Shift + J:对于缩进型语言(例如Python)可以快速选择相同缩进语句块的内容 Note:1. Ctrl + Shift + F: Open Multi-file search Replace, this shortcut key and Sogou Input method of the simple shortcut keys have conflict, so when you can not adjust the search box, notice whether the current switch to the Sogou input method, if it

Popular plugins recommended for Sublime Text 3 support

plugins.The package control installation method I have previously shared: "How to install and use the package control in Sublime text 2/3"Emmet (GitHub)Emmet is a front-end development tool, its predecessor is the Zen Coding. It makes it easier to write HTML code. The basic usage of Emmet is: Enter a shorthand form and press the Tab key. For more usage of Emmet,

Fix Sublime 3 hint Sublime Text Error while loading PyV8 binary

\packages\pyv8 no folder new My own file is C:\Users\BianGX\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\packages\pyv8 to download the PYV8-WIN64-P3 unzip the copy come in just fine. B. If you are Linux/ubuntu, find the corresponding path, according to my unbuntu14.04 below, fix the following:(1) Use the command in the current user: LL(2) you will find a. config hidden

Configure the Python runtime environment for Sublime TEXT2 (Sublime Text 3 is similar)

1. PrefaceUsing the sublime Text 2 configuration Python environment, there are simple configuration and like idle configuration, this article is divided into the first part and the second part.2. ConfigurationThe first part (simple configuration) 1. Just open Preferences Browse packages to find the Python.sublime-build file in the Python folder.2. Add our path to install Python OK.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS sublime text 3 cannot input Chinese characters, 16.04 sublime

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS sublime text 3 cannot input Chinese characters, 16.04 sublime Sublime text 3 cannot input Chinese characters after the installation is complete, which is unpleasant. T

Sublime Text 3 shortcut key essence, sublime Essence

Sublime Text 3 shortcut key essence, sublime Essence Ctrl + Shift + P: Open the Command PanelCtrl + P: Search for files in the projectCtrl + G: the row to jumpCtrl + W: Close the currently opened fileCtrl + Shift + W: Close all open filesCtrl + Shift + V: paste and formatCtrl + D: select a word. If you repeat a word, y

Python Development using Sublime Text 3

2, the color template uses the color Scheme-tomorrow night, the combination of the two should be counted on the classic, from notepad++ to sublime Text 2 O'Clock all the basic introductory documents are recommended. You can try this by using the plugin installation method d

Sublime Text 3 Full details original tutorial _sublime

is likely because the PyV8 is not installed completely, Sublime Text 2 and 3 easy to appear this problem. You can delete it and then manually download it using method two to install the PyV8 plugin. How to use Example: Writing code Ul#nav>li.item$*8>a{item $} The cursor is then set at the end

Sublime Text 3 can be recommended with supported plugins

\\safari\\safari.exe "," extensions ": keys " : [ "F5"], "command": "Side_bar_files_open_with", "args": {"paths": [], "application": "C:\\software\\browser\\opera\\opera.exe", "extensions": ColorPicker Toner PlateWhen editing CSS style, to add a favorite color or change the color of what, to the PS to color? ColorPicker can let

Sublime Text 3 full detailed graphics and text use tutorial _h5

First, the preface Use sublime Text also have a few years, version also from 2 to 3, but as if cold days drink ice water, warm and cool do self-knowledge. At first also do not know where to start, the whole of the earth to find information, but can be found in the information, suffer from their fragmented, one-sided, not enough system and comprehensive

Sublime Text 3 under C/D + + development environment construction

Sublime Text 3 under C/D + + development environment constructionThe sublime Text was briefly introduced in the Linux Mint 171-week usage experience.1.Sublime Text

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