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Sublime Text 3 common plug-ins -- SFTP

SFTP Xftp is commonly used in win to deliver files to remote services. However, if remote files are frequently dragged to local editing during project development and then sent back to the remote server, it is very troublesome, however, the SFTP

Sublime Text 3 Install SFTP plugin

Preface: Recently in the study of web design, has come into contact with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, write more and more code, but also more and more feel the code to upload the flow of the server is too cumbersome. I started with a virtual host to

Like sublime is a kind of feeling

When I first started working, the project team used ultraedit. I only use ultraedit (UE) for two months, I have always had a bad impression on ue, but I don't know much about its complete functions. Some functions and configurations have the same

Sublime Text 3 Common shortcut keys Sublime Text 3 Powerful not only plug-ins, with shortcut keys also commendable, the following introduction of the common shortcut key

Sublime Text 3 in the SFTP plugin configuration using

SFTP plugin. The main function is to connect remote server through FTP/SFTP, can upload local project to server, get file list from server, choose to download Edit, rename, delete and so on, click Download Edit, you can open this file for

Sublime Text 2 Tips

1. File Quick navigation: This is sublime above very useful function, ctrl+p can bring up the window, the explanation on the menu is gotoanythings, indeed, as it says, after the window is paged, directly enter the keyword, you can open the project

Sublime text 2-a cool code editor! A must-have for programmers!

Code EditorOr a text editor, like a sword and a warrior, everyone wants to have a sword that can be controlled with the mind and is very sharp. Every programmer, we will also pursue a powerful and flexible editor that best suits you. I believe you

Sublime Text 2-the Sexiest code Editor! The programmer must be an artifact! Cross-platform Support Win/mac/linux

Http:// Editor or text editor, for programmers, like Swords and warriors, who want to have a sword that can be mastered and sharp, and every programmer will also pursue the most suitable for their own powerful,

To set the default preview of browser shortcuts in sublime TEXT2/3

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you like to use when using the IDE editor? Is Dreamweaver, Zend Studio, EditPlus, or sublime text? Today Ma Haozhou to everyone to talk about setting sublime TEXT2/3 in the default preview browser shortcuts, you may

Sublime text 2

Code Editor or text editor. For programmers, like a sword and a warrior, everyone wants to have a treasure sword that can be controlled at will, and every programmer, the same will go to the powerful and flexible editor that best suits you. I

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