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Popular plugins recommended for Sublime Text 3 support

Sublimetext is a very sophisticated text editor for writing code, taking notes, and writing articles. Its user interface is neat, the features are extraordinary, the performance is surprisingly fast. These great features include any jump (Goto

Python Development using Sublime Text 3

IntroductionWhen I first went to the OS X platform and looked for tools to write files such as Python,javascript,markdown, I compared a lot of tools and finally chose Sublime Text 2, mainly because of its cross-platform, and the thought of going

Sublime Text 3 under C/D + + development environment construction

Sublime Text 3 under C/D + + development environment constructionThe sublime Text was briefly introduced in the Linux Mint 171-week usage experience.1.Sublime Text 3 InstallationUbuntu, Linux Mint Software Manager has been able to find sublime Text 3

Front-end development artifact Sublime Text

Useful Sublime plug-in collection –sublime Prerequisites prefaceInto the front-end field began, learning to use sublime, has been used very handy, speed is my favorite, fast no editor can rival. Or not much nonsense, into the subject. A lot of how

Sublime Text 3 Plugin Finishing

Sublime text as a well-known code editor, its advantages do not need to repeat. The interface is neat and beautiful, the text is powerful, and runs extremely fast, it is very suitable for writing code, writing articles to take notes. Sublime text

Sublime Text configuration Record

Code Editor has always been in the attempt to new, such as Brackets/vs Code/webstrom, and finally back to sublime, each time to reinstall the need to surf the internet to search for relevant configuration information, special records, for the next

Sublime how users can quickly and efficiently develop cross-platform apps

September 15, 2015, Apicloud held the one-year open source sharing meeting, released the open source plug-in support sublime user development cross-platform App,apicloud Open source technology leader Zhou Xinghei share sublime about the plug-in

Sublime Text2 PHP Common Plugin

New computer PHP work, ready for somethingA: PHP environment phpstudy: Upload ToolFileZilla required mode of transfer binaryThree: Editor EditPlusSet up:File inside, 1. Type: Unix code: Utf-82. Keep files

Sublime-text Custom Shortcut key method

has recently been using sublime for project development. Often forget some of the most frequently used shortcuts. A special headache. Sometimes it feels like some shortcuts are not very easy to use. So you're doing the right thing to define your own

Sublime Text Plugin

Source: Http:// Liang-Blue SkyAs a developer you may not have heard of Sublimetext. But you never heard of it, it's okay, let you know. Sublimetext is a very sophisticated text editor for

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