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Brief analysis of YII2 integrated Rich Text Editor redactor example tutorial php Rich Text Editor Java Rich Text Editor jsp Rich text editor

note, the default upload file is saved in the root directory of uploads, if you want to change the file save directory, modify the configuration item uploaddir can, and you need to modify the Uploadurl to ensure that the image is accessible. 3, if your view is Activefield type, the following configuration applies to you But if your form is not built with Yii's own build, you should configure it as follows 4, which upload class with a redactor set, but you say your upload class need to rew

Install the Sublime Text 3 (Build 3065) Text Editor in Ubuntu

Install the Sublime Text 3 (Build 3065) Text Editor in Ubuntu Sublime Text 3 is a lightweight, cross-platform Text editor. The advanced

Required for beginners! Avenue to simplicity front-end editor Sublime Text, sublimetext

Required for beginners! Avenue to simplicity front-end editor Sublime Text, sublimetext Many people, including myself, need(Self) Heart (Self) should (HI) Hand (Huan)Development tools, a handy development tool can not only greatly improve your efficiency, but also make you feel comfortable when writing code. My first front-end development tool is

Sublime Text 2-the Sexiest code Editor! The programmer must be an artifact! Cross-platform Support Win/mac/linux

Http:// Editor or text editor, for programmers, like Swords and warriors, who want to have a sword that can be mastered and sharp, and every programmer will also pursue the most suitable for their own powerful, flexible editor, I believe you and I, no exception.I have used a lot of

Sublime text 2-a cool code editor! A must-have for programmers!

Code EditorOr a text editor, like a sword and a warrior, everyone wants to have a sword that can be controlled with the mind and is very sharp. Every programmer, we will also pursue a powerful and flexible editor that best suits you. I believe you and me are the same and will not be an exception. I have used many editors ~ But there is no one that makes me especi

The sexiest editor in the history of sublime Text 3

successful, but I cannot input the command every time. -Place In the sublime installation folder (my/opt/sublime_text /) -Create a file subl write under/usr/local/bin or another path: LD_PRELOAD=/opt/sublime_text/ /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text-Create a new launcher command:/usr/local/bin/subl (uppercase is only used to distinguish between general commands) Success! Something about cracking

Setting up the python development environment for the sublime text editor

Recently, when I mostly used the Python development environment to edit, I began to use Sublinme Text 2 more and more. This article focuses on making Python programmers use some of the more convenient settings and tweaks. Why Choose Sublime Text? I used to be a loyal user of textmate. This is a lightweight, open source software that is native to OS X and has a

The charm of the text editor-dedicated to your favorite vim, Sublime

area, basically the common text editor has the function it all has, the only disadvantage is the learning curve is relatively high. Under Linux is really an irreplaceable tool, gvim under Windows can also be used, but it always feels strange to use ...2. Sublime: The feeling is the most cool use of Windows, is written in Python, the interface is very beautiful,

Use the Sublime Text editor to replace notepad ++

Use the Sublime Text editor to replace notepad ++ Probably last year, this editor appeared in front of me. After careful trial, I found that the plug-in configuration was not very mature, such as Package Control. Zencoding, which prefers to use it, has to open a small window and give up later. After upgrading the MAC

Sublime Text 2-the Sexiest code Editor! The programmer must be an artifact! Cross-platform support for Win/mac/linux, support 32 and 64-bit, support for syntax highlighting in various popular programming languages, code complement congruent

Sublime Text 2-the Sexiest code Editor! The programmer must be an artifact! Cross-platform support Win/mac/linux, support 32 and 64-bit, support the syntax highlighting of various popular programming languages, code complement congruent ...Syntax highlighting, code hinting completion, code folding, customizing skins/color schemes, multi-note pages:SUBLIMETEXT2 su

12 Tips and tricks for the Sublime text editor

This article provides you with 12 tips and tricks for the sublime text editor, digging deeper into this seemingly concise code editor, hidden behind the endless possibilities of implementing various advanced features.1) SelectHere are some shortcut keys for sublime

Final selection of the Code Editor sublime Text 2

For each programmer, not every language has a good code editor, vs such editing environment + compiler is not suitable for all languages, while vs occupies a large amount of memory, open a few VS, the computer began a little too much. So a simple code editor is important.Under Windows, the Good code Editor is a lot, notepad++,editplus and so on, but it's really r

Sublime Text Editor + Vim plugin

Sublime InstallationSublime Text is a code editor. Sublime text was developed by the programmer Jon Skinner in January 2008 and was originally designed as a vim with extensive functionality.Sublime text has a beautiful user interf

Sublime text 2 editor Chinese Question

Sublime text 2 is a very good source code and text editor, but does not support gb2312 and GBK encoding in many cases will be very troublesome. However, the sublime package control plug-in allows sublime

The sexiest editor in the history of Sublime Text 3

.opacity": 1.0,"Layer0.draw _ center": false,"Layer0.inner _ margin": [0, 0, 1, 0],"Content_margin": [0, 0, 1, 0]}, In fact, everyone understands the RGB color and can change it to what they like. PS: You must change the type name when backing up the original items, because sublime will load all the packages. Ubuntu 12.10 install and crack Sublime Text 2 Install

Sublime Text 3 Editor installation

). Hexdigest ();Print('Error validating download (got%s instead of%s), please try manual install'% (DH, h))ifDH! = hElseOpen (Os.path.join (IPP, PF),'WB'). Write (by) Restart Sublime Text3. (Opening the Sublime Text 3 Editor, under the menu->preferences, will be more than the package settings and two options,

Create your own sublime Text 3 editor

. For a chestnut: Quickly locate a file in which the page code is relatively long.Ctrl+r Open the Search box, automatically with @, enter keywords, find the function name in the file. For a chestnut: Quickly find a function on a page with more functions.CTRL +: Open the search box, automatically with #, enter keywords, find variable names in the file, attribute names, and so on.Ctrl+shift+p Open the Command box. Scene Chestnut: Open the Name box, enter the keyword, call

Use Sublime Text 3 as a Python editor for Chinese issues

Sublime Text 3 is a very useful editor, use it as a Python editor, need to solve the Chinese support problem, there are two common problems, one is the Chinese garbled problem, the second is the runtime Python console can not output Chinese.First, Chinese garbled problem1. If you are downloading the

Code Editor Sublime Text 3 using tutorials and Simplified Chinese packaging

Sublime text This code editor has always been an editor that I think is better than notepad++. With Emmet plug-in use, write code particularly handy. Today to share with you the English Code Editor Some of the personal experience. First: Download of

The God editor Sublime text runs Java, JavaScript, Python__python

Operating system: Windows Environment A previous article describes the powerful God editor Sublime Text, as well as the commonly used shortcut keys. This article mainly describes how to edit Java, JavaScript, and Python code with sublime Text. One,

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