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In-depth analysis on the encryption and decryption principles of SQL Server Stored Procedures

Start: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the network, we can see how SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 encrypt and decrypt stored procedures. Later, we analyzed the code and found that they work in

SQL Server storage process encryption and decryption principles in-depth analysis _mssql2008

Start: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the network, you see the methods of encrypting and decrypting SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 stored procedures, and then you analyze the code and find

Data compression in SQL Server 2008

Data compression is introduced in SQL Server 2008, allowing data compression to be performed in tables, indexes, and partitions. This will not only save disk space, but also allow more data pages to be loaded into memory, reducing disk IO and

SQL Server uses stored procedures to remove duplicate rows of SQL statements

Check the code first. You can first read the SQL statement to remove duplicate records and obtain duplicate records.Copy codeThe Code is as follows:ALTER procedure [dbo]. [PROC_ITEMMASTER_GETUNIQUE] @ pageindex int, @ uid int, @ itemnumber varchar (5

SQL Server to use stored procedures to remove duplicate rows _mssql

First the code, you can see the SQL statement to remove duplicate records, get duplicate records Copy Code code as follows: ALTER procedure [dbo]. [Proc_itemmaster_getunique] @PAGEINDEX int, @uid int, @itemnumber varchar (50) As

SQL server running SQL statement

Introduction Sp_who2 is a well known utility that shows what spids are currently executing. however the information it shows is relatively limited. for example, it only shows the type of command executing as select, delete etc, with no reference to

SQL Server Common Advanced Grammar Notes

Since the use of EF rarely write SQL and stored procedures, today need to write a more complex report, turned out the previous notes as a reference, feel this note is still very useful, so sent to share with the park friends.1, Case...end (the

Summary of SQL Server performance optimizations

The performance improvement of a system is not only the task of performance tuning in the trial operation or maintenance stage, but also not just the development phase, but the whole software life cycle needs attention, effective work can be

Principles and prevention of SQL injection attacks

With the development of B/S application development, more and more programmers are writing applications using this mode. However, due to the low entry threshold in this industry, the programmer's level and experience are also uneven. A considerable

[Several Aspects of SQL Server performance optimization]

SQL Server Performance Optimization   (1) Database Design Can you refer to the recent forum on the emergence of an excellent post 92227Database design includes physical

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