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Modulo 2 Operation principle modulo 2 addition, modulo 2 subtraction, modulo 2 multiplication, modulo 2 division

Modulo 2 is a binary algorithm, the core ofCRC calibration technology, so before we analyze the CRC algorithm, we must grasp the rules of modulo 2 operation. In the same way as arithmetic, modulo 2 also includes modulo 2 plus, modulo 2 minus, modulo

Modulo 2 operation

1. What is modulo 2 operation? First of all, what is modulo 2? Modulo: The remainder, then, modulo 2, is divided by 2 to obtain the remainder. Again, what is arithmetic? is subtraction. That is, the modulo 2 operation, can be opened up in this way:

In simple terms, CRC-modulo 2 Operation

Key words: CRC algorithm principle; CRC verification; modulo 2 (mod 2); mod 2The CRC verification algorithm adopts a binary algorithm called "modulo 2 operation. The modulo 2 operation is the core part of the CRC operation. Therefore, before

Principle of modulo 2 operation

Modulo 2 is a binary algorithm, the core of CRC calibration technology, so before we analyze the CRC algorithm, we must grasp the rules of modulo 2 operation. In the same way as arithmetic, modulo 2 also includes modulo 2 plus, modulo 2 minus,

Modulo n operation

Note: This is just my personal understanding. It may be incorrect. For integers A and N, the modulo n operation is to calculate the remainder of a divided by N. If a = 10, n = 3, the quotient of a divided by N is 3, and the remainder is 1. C

Complement and modulo, complement

Complement and modulo, complementI. Reasons for this article I did some research on reverse code, complement code, and floating point number yesterday, but there are still some omissions. I discussed it with the fans in the dormitory at night.

Subtraction and comparison assignment in JS

Implicit type conversionsA method that uses Boolean (), number (), String () to convert a data type is called a display type conversion, and it is relative to the implicit type conversion, and the implicit type conversion does not have an obvious

Large number modulo operation Barrett reduction

Proof and use of Barrett reduction algorithm. The author has just finished the course design work, free to write an article. Exponential operations in large numbers require a number to be modeled, because the maximum possible binary is 2048 bits

Divide---------numbers, two, divide, multiply, divide, take modulo operations.

Problem Description: Quotient, cannot use multiplication, division, modulo operation.Algorithm idea: Can not use division, that can only use subtraction, but with subtraction, time-out. You can use the displacement operation, each divisor left shift,

Java section 12th Basic arithmetic operators and modulo operators

2016-06-29+ addition operation-Subtraction* Multiplication/Division% modulus+ + self-add operation--Self-subtraction operation+ = Addition Assignment value-=*=/=%=1 Basic arithmetic operators Packagecom.java1995;/*** Basic arithmetic operators

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