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The development of 13-rule for dating sites

Now the online dating industry has become one of the largest economic sources of society. Almost 0 of the cost will make money, of course, this "0" is a little more than you think-you need to build a perfect site for future work.What do you think is

Domestic SNS Status: 2008 ago Facebook: School

(a) Review of SNS prior to FacebookSocial network Services (SNS) is not created by Facebook, before Facebook, "Friends" and "community" (especially the BBS community) two types of Internet applications have SNS attribute. In particular, the former

How to make money by recruiting critical personal websites

All websites are considering how to make money, and personal websites are no exception. The initial motivation for a personal website may be out of interest or a hobby, but after a long time, these interests or hobbies have accumulated a lot of

Image website profitability

In, I made a lot of image websites. At that time, the website traffic seemed very easy to do,That is, the profit mainly depends on the color advertisement. Obviously, this is illegal. At that time, two successful image websites could be created in

Jiang likun: Details on resource cooperative promotion

Jiang likun: One of the resource cooperative promotions I haven't written articles or updated my blog for more than three months. Many friends have asked me if I have exited the arena. In fact, I have not become lazy. On the contrary, in the last

Talk about the viscosity of the website

Engaged in the Internet industry in 10, has been responsible for the operation of Business-to-business websites, created a dating site, participated in the operation of a SNS website, just in this period of rest time, their own in the site operation

The profit model of the website is freed from the ranking traffic.

I have been diving behind the scenes for a few months and have never wanted to fall behind. Just like an outsider, I have learned a lot about it and I am grateful for being outdated. In the past few days, I suddenly felt that I should join the ranks

Love Apartment Zhang Jiaming: Community and Web2.0 have an inevitable connection

web|web2| Community Enet Silicon Valley Power News recently, "2007 Internet Innovation Leaders International Forum" in Beijing, Love Apartment was selected as "2007 China's most investment value 100 website, as a successful dating community

Micro-quotient 15 ways to find a source of precision

Micro-business to find customers can be said to be plagued by a lot of doing micro-business friends, small knitting here to give you friends to say 15 kinds of micro-business to find accurate source of the method. Talking about the

Online advertising and promotion strategies: burning money is also a method of burning money

How many people can target advertisements in comparison to archery? A friend from Taiwan once communicated with me. He made a website in the mainland and invested 10 million RMB in advertising fees. However, when he cast the website, his voice

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