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IE8 This add-in cannot be recovered & site Restore error problem solved =LR successfully opened IE successfully recorded foot

development, LR recorded events from 0 to 24,ie Open, the address bar is correct, but the page is still blank, after a while the page automatically closed. There is also a snapshot of the recording profile after stopping the script recording. Choose to record again, LR successfully opened IE, successfully recorded event!!! It is worth provoking to celebrate the thing! (Note I in the case of shutting down t

Case: The Oracle exp DMP file has a bad block and is corrupted using CPFL to skip the bad block and successfully import the recovery

about to export Xifenfei ' s objects .... Exporting database links. Exporting sequence numbers. Exporting cluster definitions. About to export Xifenfei ' s tables via conventional Path ..... Exporting tableT_xifenfei1 86275 rows exported. . Exporting table T_xifenfei2 3387 rows exported. . Exporting table T_xifenfei3 2800 rows exported. Exporting synonyms. Exporting views. Exporting stored procedures. Exporting operators. Exporting referential integrity constraints. exporting

How to successfully get to Webshell if the command length is limited (the function parameter is limited breakthrough, MySQL's Sao operation)

, and then you can execute sh x, successfully executing the ls-l command with a length of 5 in 4 characters.*v>xcat xsh xThe results are as follows:Write the above command into a shell script as follows:# !/usr/bin/env Bash>l->sl>dir*>v>rev*v>Xsh x We can see that the entire command chain length is less than or equal to 4, so we can happily execute the ls-l command ~02. Time Sequencing TipsIn the LS command, there is a parameter-T, can be sorted accor

Baidu MTC recording script export to eclipse really how successfully run up!

Study for a long time finally understand how to successfully use the Baidu MTC client recorded on the script. Previously there was no information on how to successfully run the recorded script on Eclipse. Today I finally know what is going on here, record it here.About Baidu MTC recording playback client download and use I will not say more, the official website to download on it. "The internet is a lot of

MySQL the last packet successfully received from T

I started the migration blog, the entire structure of the blog building and coding server recently always error, the content is as follows:The last packet successfully received from the server was 65,502,275 milliseconds ago. The last packet sent successfully to the server was 65,502,276 milliseconds ago. is longer than the s

Create a small Linux bare metal-2015090401 that will boot successfully

=0blocks328656inodes,1313313blocks65665 blocks (5.00%) reservedforthesuperuserfirstdatablock=0maximum filesystemblocks=134637158441blockgroups32768blockspergroup, 32768fragmentspergroup8016inodespergroupsuperblockbackupsstoredonblocks:32768,98304,163840, 229376,294912,819200,884736Writinginodetables:done Creatingjournal (32768blocks): donewriting superblocksandfilesystemaccountinginformation:donethisfilesystem willbeautomaticallycheckedevery27mountsor180days, Whichevercomesfirst.usetune2fs-cor-

Sina Weibo why Weibo could not be published successfully?

Microblogging cannot be successfully published in the following situations: 1, violates the network to use the security rule If the content of the publication violates the "Sina Weibo community Management Regulations (trial)" or related regulatory policies, micro-blog can not be successfully released; 2, the URL contains unsafe links In order to provide users with a pure network environment, if the inpu

Hackers successfully loaded Linux on PS4: and then play hi.

According to foreign media reports, a master named Osirisx in the online release of video, and said he gave PS4 installed Linux system, successfully ran the Steam OS platform game "fortress."Hackers successfully loaded Linux on PS4Sony and Microsoft introduced the Ps4/xbox one with a PC-like hardware architecture, which makes it possible for the host to run a Linux system. Osirisx said in the video that he

Gene therapy Chinese scientists successfully reversed the process of type 1 diabetes using gene therapy

Gene therapyChinese scientists successfully reverse the process of type 1 diabetes using gene therapyChinese researchers reported 4th that they have successfully reversed the disease process by using gene therapy to produce a large number of omega 3 fatty acids in the type 1 diabetic mice. This brings new hope to the cure for patients suffering from type 1 diabetes. The study, which was led by two professor

Communications link failure, the last packet successfully received to the server was 18,903 Millis

The Today's development environment has the following error with the connection datagram, and the error message is as follows: The last packet successfully received from the server is 18,903 milliseconds ago. the last packet sent successful Ly to the server is 18,901 milliseconds ago.; Nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException:Communications link failure the last Packe T suc

Tomcat starts successfully on eclipse but does not open Tomcat home page

Problem Description:After starting Tomcat independently, you can successfully access the Tomcat home page by entering http://localhost:8080 in the browser, but when you start Tomcat in Eclipse, you can access the pages of your project, such as entering HTTP.// Localhost:8080/myproject/login.jsp can be accessed successfully, but the http://localhost:8080 home page is not accessible.Solution:  First, window->

Check that the EXEC function of PHP is executed successfully

To do a code release system, you need to use the EXEC function of PHP to execute Linux commands and GIT,SVN commands, how to determine whether the EXEC function of PHP is executed successfully? Write a php file to do the experiment: exec function parsing EXEC syntax: string exec (String command, string [array], int [return_var]);EXEC return Value: stringEXEC parameter descriptioncommand– the command to be executedarray– is the output valuereturn_va

Tomcat started successfully, access Tomcat successful, access page 404__J2EE basics

This problem has plagued me for a long time, mainly the direction of thinking wrong, so always wrong. My experience may not help the reader, I just want to leave a mark on myself and give a guide to a friend who is similar to me in the same situation. Project Upgrade single sign-on, only need to change the individual configuration file can be completed, upgrade other projects is very smooth, do not know why this failure is so strange: Tomcat started successf

Web site How to successfully log in to the category-dmoz column

log in to the Yahoo area directory instead of Yahoo's general car rental directory. Login Yahoo! Classification Directory Some catalogues are highly valued and thoroughly studied, such as Yahoo!. English Yahoo! Directory to implement a paid login, but even if the payment does not guarantee the login, it is possible to pay 299 dollars after still nothing. The key to login Yahoo! is to choose the right directory, the proper description of the site, and not exaggerate the rendering. Login Catego

Ruby-1.9.3 Gem MYSQL2 successfully installed on Windows

Tags: mysql gem ruby xampp windowsYou may need to generate LIBMYSQLCLIENT.A from Libmysql.dll before: sourceCD C:\xampp-1.8.3\mysql\libC:\DevKit-tdm-32-4.5.2-20111229-1559-sfx\devkitvars.batPexports.exe Libmysql.dll > Libmysql.defSource: C:\strawberry\c\bin\pexports. EXE Fortunately installed Perl, or do not know where to find this pexports tool under theDlltool--input-def libmysql.def--dllname libmysql.dll--output-lib libmysqlclient.a-kC:\redmine-2.6.0>gem install MYSQL2--version=0.3.16--platfo

SQL Server 2008 Error: A connection was successfully made to the server, but a failure occurred during the handshake prior to logon

Tags: style blog http color ar sp strong data onSQL Server 2008 Connection database today error: A connection was successfully established with the servers, but there was a failure during the handshake prior to logon. When you connect to SQL Server 2008, SQL Server does not allow remote connections under the default settings, which can cause this failure. (provider: Named pipe provider, error:0-no process on the other end of the pipeline.) At first I

The latest version of MySQL under CentOS finally installs successfully! Back up a few key places.

I was only to build a simple lamp environment, pro-active hand, but found that there are so many problems will occur. (by lot of places to give the installation of MySQL is prompted by the Yum one-click installation. Shell commands such as the following:Yum Install Mysqlyum install Mysql-serveryum install Mysql-develHowever, this command installs the MySQL version number is very old , the 5.1.0x version number, the official website MySQL already is the 5.6.x version number.

"Reprinted" SQL Server 2012 has successfully established a connection to the servers, but an error occurred during the handshake prior to logon. (Provider:ssl provider, error:0-pending operation obsolete

Label:Landlord with SQL Server 2012 when you connect to an instance of another computer, you have been prompted to "successfully established a connection with the server, but an error occurred during the handshake before signing in." (Provider:ssl provider, error:0-the pending operation is obsolete.) ” Google has a lot of information, to synthesize its own problems, and refer to the official questions: And anoth

I use Python for emotional analysis, to let the programmer and Goddess hold hands successfully

for emotional classification. Although the actual presentation is a film review, but the training is good but can be used to deal with your chat information Oh ~ ~ ~Do you want to test your goddess's mood when you talk? Hold Your hand to succeed!!!In addition, small series have their own learning Exchange group if you want to learn, you can come together to exchange: 719+139+688, whether you are small white or Daniel, small series are welcome, and small series in the group will not regularly sh

Zabbix_server surface started successfully, but no process

/zabbix_server:discoverer #1 [processed 0 rules I N 0.000411 sec, idle sec] ├─22337/usr/local/zabbix/sbin/zabbix_server:history Syncer #1 [synced 0 items in 0.000011 sec, idle 5 sec] ├─22338/usr/local/zabbix/ Sbin/zabbix_server:history syncer #2 [synced 0 items in 0.000008 sec, idle 5 sec] NBSP ; ├─22339/usr/local/zabbix/sbin/zabbix_server:history syncer #3 [synced 0 items in 0.000008 sec, idle 5 sec] NBsp;├─22340/usr/local/zabbix/sbin/zabbix_server:history syncer #4 [synced 0 it

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