sudo tasksel install lamp server

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UBUNTU Lightweight One-click installation lamp and Configuration phpMyAdmin

UBUNTU Easy one-click installation lamp and Configuration phpMyAdmin Wangking wrote This article goes from Afar Blog: ? PHP Development and server

One-click Installation lamp Service

One click to install the lamp service (execute the following command at the terminal):sudo tasksel install lamp-serverOne click to uninstall lamp (Execute command at terminal):sudo tasksel remove lamp-serverUninstalling the lamp from the above

#1045 unable to log on to phpMyAdmin and cannot connect to the MySQL server. Install the lamp tutorial on Ubuntu first.

In Linux, configure and install Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Follow the online tutorial step by step, but it gets stuck at the first step. I think I have never set any user names. I searched today, it turns out that the default user name in his system is

Install LAMP quickly in Ubuntu

We found a method to quickly install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) In Ubuntu. The command is as follows: $ sudotaskselinstalllamp-server is displayed in a graphical manner, which is very convenient. in addition, the tasksel command can install

Install and configure lamp (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PERL/PHP/Python) in Ubuntu

  EnterSudo taskselThen a software package interface will appear, move the cursor to the lamp server, press the space, and then select this item. Other items can be deselected, and click OK.Next, you will be asked to enter the password of the root

Ubuntu lamp local environment Configuration

After Ubuntu is installed, you need to get apache, MySQL, and PHP environments. I tried to compile Apache, PHP, and MySQL by myself, and finally ended in failure. Finally, install the Ubuntu tool lamp directly. 1. Use tasksel to install lamp.

Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS Installation lamp environment

Ubuntu's lamp environment Apt-get one-click setup:sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server php5-mysqlUbuntu lamp Environment Tasksel with one click: (Tasksel offers some common Ubuntu software packages)sudo tasksel install Lamp-serverApache

Install javastuserver on the VM to configure LAMP

1. Download javastuserverhttp: // response. 3. Update Ubuntuapt-getupdate4. Install gccapt-getinstallgcc5. Install ssh, Which is started by default after installation, 1. Download the Ubuntu server 2. Set the root

Install and configure LAMP in Ubuntu to test PHP locally

The blog reposted from Zhike-zxdker recently changed my main operating system to Ubuntu. I feel that Linux can better support php than windows, and install and test wordpress templates and plug-ins locally, it is much more convenient than remote

Ubuntu10.10 one-click lamp installation

Ubuntu has a very convenient function, namely one-click installation of lamp server, which is very useful for learning to use PHP.First, install a tool. In ubuntu 10.04 and earlier versions, the tool is installed by default.However, UBUNTU 10.10 is

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