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On Linux, how does one migrate SugarCRM?

With open standards and open-source forms, SugarCRM has become a well-developed and well-supported CRM system that can replace Salesforce. With open standards and open-source forms, SugarCRM has become a well-developed and well-supported CRM system that can replace Salesforce. With open standards and open-source forms, SugarCRM has become a well-developed an

Selection SugarCRM, do two times development, mobile development (PAD, mobile)

about the few words of SugarCRM 2010-08-22 09:21:50 from: Kimi (want to become different) Due to the needs of the work, to customize a CRM, between the VITIGERCRM and SugarCRM balance between the last choice of SugarCRM, after all, SugarCRM support many, online information is also many.What we are going to do is a te

Test SugarCRM 6.5 Community version of Soap Web Services with SOAPUI

SugarCRM 6.5.10 Community Edition is installed, SOAP WEB Services is available out of the box. SugarCRM SOAP URL: Note that the password needs to be MD5 encoded. Find an online MD5 encoder code. SOAP Requests: return Result: Reference:

Install SugarCRM 5.8 in CentOS 6.5

Environment: CentOS 5.8, with Asterisk 1.8 installed Upgrade php to 5.2SugarCRM 6.5: Minimum PHP version required is 5.2.0. You are using PHP version 5.1.6The official yum source does not exist. add an additional source as follows:# Rpm-import Vi/etc/yum. repos. d/utterramblings. repoAdd the following content to the open file:[Utterramblings]Name = Jason's Utter Ramblings RepoBaseurl = =

Install SugarCRM version 6.5

Environment: CentOS 5.8, installed asterisk 1.8 Upgrade PHP to 5.2SugarCRM 6.5:minimum PHP version required is 5.2.0. You are using PHP version 5.1.6The official Yum source is not inside, add an additional source as follows:# Rpm-import Http:// Vi/etc/yum.repos.d/utterramblings.repoAdd the following to the open file:[Utterramblings]Name=jason ' s utter ramblings repobaseurl=$releasever/$basearch/Enabled=1Gpgcheck=1Gpgkey=ht

SugarCRM to achieve level three linkage in Editviews

In the "SugarCRM in the views of thecall JS" has been explained how to add JS code in the views, but in actual demand is still not enough.(1) Add HTML code to a specific field in the page and trigger the corresponding JS method, and of course which tags in the HTML code are used, depending on the requirements.(2) Only by loading the JS method may not be able to meet the requirements, while in order to consider the user experience and from other data t

Crm:salesforce and SugarCRM on a BlackBerry phone

1) Salesforce has entered China and has a Chinese version. Features: More complete, more powerful than SugarCRM. Salesforce is a pure SaaS model where data and services exist in their cloud. The price is much more expensive. SaaS Price We recommend a $65/user/month professional rental version, and the BlackBerry client price is calculated separately (about $50 per user). 2) Surgarcrm SugarC

SugarCRM installation process--php File upload limit issues

Locate the php.ini file in the php file in the D:\xampp\php directory, and open it with WordPad:1. Findpost_max_size, which is the maximum value that can be received by post to PHP via the form, including all values in the form, by default, 8M, to see if you need to change.2, find the file uploads, first confirmfile_uploads= on; whether to allow the switch to upload files over HTTP, the default is on is on. Upload_tmp_dir;3. Findupload_max_filesize; that is, the maximum size allowed for uploadin

SQL server lock mechanism (II)-Overview (Lock compatibility and lockable resources)-SQL server lock mechanism (I)-Overview (lock type and scope) SQL server lock mechanism (I)-Overview (lock type and scope)

Connect to the SQL server lock mechanism (I)-Overview (lock type and scope) Ii. Complete lock compatibility matrix (see) Correct Code Description: see. III. The following table lists the resources that can be locked by the database engine. Name Resources Abbreviations Encoding Specifies the method to describe the resource when a lock is presented. Description Data row RID RID 9 File No.: Page No.: Slot

SugarCRM one page control two modules (editview. php)

Purpose: To save two modules (two tables) with a Save button in editview)Solution:1. Write at the end of the editview. php file of the master table ModuleRequire_once ('Les les/bw_Consignments/editpanels/editview. php'); // execute the editview. php

The sugarcrm Custom field is displayed in detailview. php.

Cause: only the "detailview.html" template page is written automatically. The "detailview. php" page does not assign values to custom fields.Solution:Modules \ bw_msg_mt3101s \ detailview. php $ Xtpl-> assign ('description', nl2br (url2html ($

Deep analysis SugarCRM PHP code injection

This article is going to make it easier to understand this vulnerability by looking at incoming data in the code by requesting statements Http://[host]/[sugar]/index.php?module=connectors&action=runtest&source_id=ext_rest_insideview&ext

Sugarcrm custom selection button

1. the content to be written in editview Code ///////////////////////////////////////////// Setup parent popup/// Account popup$ Popup_request_data = array ('Call _ back_function' => 'set _ return ','Form _ name' => 'editview ','Field _

Add default conditions to sugarcrm listview Query

In$ _ Request ['where'] = $ where;$ Storequery-> process_views ($ currentmodule );Add the followingCodeThe following code queries this month by default.If ($ where = ''){$ Date_period = 'thismonth '; $ Date_from = get_date_from ($ date_period );$

Sugarcrm main table field-custom drop-down menu

(1) Add the drop-down list item to the \ include \ language \ zh_cn.lang.php file.$ App_list_strings ['account _ type_dom1 '] = array (''=> '','Analyst' => 'analysts ','Manufacturer '=> 'manufacturer ','Other' => 'others ',);: $ App_list_strings

Sugarcrm logo image and other common settings

1. logo image\ Themes \ classicsugar \ images \ company_logo.png\ Themes \ classicsugar \ header.html in this file2. login ImageMiddle-bg.gif \ images \3. Default topic\ Config. php'Default _ theme '=> 'classicbucket'4. The selected topic is not

Sugarcrm left menu shortcut menu Adjustment

In \ modules \ WWWS \ menu. php// Builder: Begin of menus$ Module_menu [] = array ('index. php? Module = accounts& Action= Index ',$ Mod_strings ['lnk _ list_accounts '], 'a11 ');// Builder: End of menusNote:First parameter: URLSecond parameter:

Add the superconnect button to sugarcrm in HTML

On the HTML template page Begin : Main --> // This sentenceCodeWrite below Script Type = " Text/JavaScript " > Function Prep_callin (the_form ){The_form . Return_module . Value = ' Calender ' ; // The three

Disable the SugarCRM homepage Template

On the Dashlet. php pageIf ($ this-> isRefreshable)$ AdditionalTitle. = '. $ This-> id. '\'); return false; "> . $ Image_path. 'refresh.gif "/> ';// //. $ This-> id. '\'); return false; "> //. $ Image_path. 'close_dashboard.gif "/> $

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