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A is rational number, A * A + 5 and a * A-5 are rational number of square, ask a is how much?

Subject: I don't know how to solve junior high school math problems, AI...Author: renchao (A Chao)Level 1:Reputation: 100Forum: topic development data structure and AlgorithmProblem count: 20Reply times: 48Posting time: 8:22:00 A is rational number,

In layman's Java Concurrency (18): Concurrent Container Part 3 Concurrentmap (3) [Go]

In the previous article introduced the principle of HashMap, this section is the last section of Concurrentmap, so will be a complete introduction of CONCURRENTHASHMAP implementation.Concurrenthashmap principleA method of implementing a map with a

A brief analysis of LRU (K-V) algorithm caching tutorial

LRU (least recently Used) algorithm is a common idea in caching technology, as the name suggests, the least recently used, that is, two dimensions to measure, one is time (nearest), one frequency (least). If you need to prioritize the K-V entities

MySQL database (v) Retrieval of table records

First, the basic query statementSecond, single-table query1. Querying all fieldsMysql> SELECT * from tb_bookinfo;+----------+-----------+--------+-----------+------+-------+------+----------+ ------------+------+----+| Barcode | bookname | typeid |

Oracle Daily Monitoring statements

Oracle's common performance monitoring SQL statementsFirst, query the history of sql:---The SQL statement being executed:Select A.username, A.sid,b.sql_text, B.sql_fulltextFrom V$session A, V$sqlarea b where a.sql_address = b.address;---Query the

Breadth-first search (BFS) Algorithm

Breadth-first search (BFS) Algorithm The width-first search algorithm (also known as the breadth-first search) is one of the simplest graph search algorithms. This algorithm is also a prototype of many important graph algorithms. Dijkstra

Getting Started with Python (v) Conditional judgment and looping

If statementComputers can do a lot of automated tasks, because it can make their own conditions to judge.For example, to enter user age, print different content according to age, in a Python program, you can use the if statement:Age = 20if Age >=:

18 command line tools for Linux Performance Monitoring)

Daily monitoring and debugging of Linux system performance is a heavy task for the system and network administrators. Five years after working as a Linux system administrator in the IT field, I gradually realized how difficult IT is to monitor and

18 command line tools for Linux performance monitoring

18 command line tools for Linux performance monitoringDaily monitoring and debugging of Linux system performance is a heavy task for the system and network administrators. Five years after working as a Linux system administrator in the IT field, I

Python Learning notes (v)

Directory:I. Higher-order functionsTwo. return functionThree. Anonymous functionsFour. Partial functionI. Higher-order functionsHigher-order functions are called Higher-order function in English.A variable can point to a function, which can receive

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