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The formula and using method of SUMIF function

sumif function Function The SUMIF function is used to calculate the sum of all numbers in a range of cells or in an array that meet a specified condition.   SUMIF function format SUMIF (Range,criteria,[sum_range])  Parameter description Range (r

10. sumif Function

I. Use the sumif Function Sumif: sums cells that meet the conditions. 1. Syntax = Sumif (range, criteria, [sum_range]) = Sumif (E: E, H8, F: F) Calculate the value range = Sumif (F: F, " gt; 500", F: F) If the number of characters

How to use SUMIF functions in Excel

  One: Introduction to the usage of Excel SUMIF function The use of the SUMIF function in Excel is to sum several cells, ranges, or references based on a specified condition. Parameters of the SUMIF function: Range,criteria,sum_range 1 range is a conditional range for the range of cells in which the

How to use the SUMIF function in Excel

How to use SUMIF functions in Excel The use of the SUMIF function in Excel is to sum several cells, ranges, or references based on a specified condition. Parameters of the SUMIF function: Range,criteria,sum_range 1 range is a conditional range for the range of cells in which the

Usage of conditional sum SUMIF in excel

Many people use Excel to do various forms, but few people will use the function, at least in our company very few people use, in fact, only to draw a table Excel function you only use 1%, today, SUMIF "Conditional sum" the use of this function. SUMIF are used in EXCEL to sum by condition. Grammar SUMIF (Range,criteria

[Excel] compatibility of the SUMIF function, excelsumif Function

[Excel] compatibility of the SUMIF function, excelsumif Function Two Functions with high compatibility Compatibility, of course, SUMIF. Here is an example. There is a table with only two columns, "subject division" and "occurrence", but it is divided into many columns. We need to count the total amount of "Postage. What can I do? I cannot manually merge two columns? At this time, the compatibility of

The WPS table uses the SUMIF function to filter after the summation sales achievement

In the financial data statistics, sometimes to filter the sum of some or special conditions, such as the sum of the bonus of the same person's name in the payroll, or the sum of the sales of the product in the table, the summation is not appropriate, a MO to introduce to you if using the SUMIF function to complete the sum. The SUMIF function refers to a sum of several cells, ranges, or references based on

SUMIF function usage in Excel

Today next to you on the Excel SUMIF function usage of the operation skills, then someone asked, learned Excel SUMIF function usage What role it, do not hurry, please listen to the following small series to give you a detailed explanation: Introduction of SUMIF function The SUMIF function sums several cells based on

Excel tip: How to use the SUMIF function

SUMIF function syntax is: SUMIF (range,criteria,sum_range) The parameters for the SUMIF function are as follows: The first parameter: range is the condition range, the range of cells used for the conditional judgment. The second parameter: criteria is the summation condit

Several common usages of sumif function

One , sumif function of a strange use The SUMIF function in an Excel table is used frequently in conditional summation, and is generally used to calculate the sum of numbers in another column based on a column. Example 1: False set A is the Department, column B is the name, c column is the wages, you can use the following formula to calculate the total wages of all Finance department employees: =sum (a1:

Detailed analysis of sumif and countif functions in Excel

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E8 = sumif (C2: C10, ">" E7)-sumif (C2: C10, ">" F7)The formula of E8 is similar to that of E3, but sumif is used here, that is, sum of the satisfied regions.E9 = sum (sumif (C2: C10, ">" {50,100}) * {1,-1 })E9 is similar

GCD-usage and sumif Functions

GCD-usage and sumif Functions Code: -(Void) touchesBegan :( NSSet *) touches withEvent :( UIEvent *) event {dispatch_async (dispatch_get_global_queue (DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, 0 ), ^ {// parsing the url in the background NSURL * url = [NSURL URLWithString: @ ""]; NSError * error; NSString * data = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL: url encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding error: error]; if (data! = Nil) {dispatch_async (dispatc

Excel Formula (sumif, sumproduct)

To put it bluntly, first look at the basic data: There are first "departments" groups in the data, and then "level" groups. To demonstrate the formula, there are three fixed subsidy forms in the data: 0 and 50,100. We need to aggregate some groups based on the data. 1. For a single condition set, we can directly use the sumif formula for a simple single condition.Formula description:Sumif (matching range, condition, total range)Let's take a look at

Excel SUMIF or uses a filter implementation to pick values that contain certain fields, and then add the values on the subsequent column corresponding to those values

Background:Select the values that contain some fields, and then add the values that correspond to the columns that follow the values. For example, pick the value of all the fields with "MX104" in the table below, and then add the value of the column after it.Solution:Randomly choose a A16 this position to record this number, the formula is =SUMIF (a2:a12, "*mx104*",d2:d12), the resulting value is 107784.6, which is the sum of the values of the D colum

MySQL combined with Excel sum sumif sumifs function _ Brand Summary _20161101

so where in these conditions limit It's more trouble to play. The better logic is to put all the brand's gold 3 months of detailed summary, through the Excel sumif sumifs function The SQL of the brand summary is modified by the following data,c. City, c. brand name, c. Month,COUNT(c. Product ID) asSKU number,SUM(Order Amount) asOrder Amount,SUM(packing amount) asPacking Amount from ( SELECTA. City, a. Product id,a. Product name, B. Br

The application of SUMIF, COUNTIF and SUMPRODUCT functions in performance statistics

In the school's academic year exam examination work, in order to facilitate the marking process and avoid students cheating, often the same grade different classes of students to separate mixed. After the examination is completed, how to do not change the original form of the status of the class score statistics? With the three functions sumif, countif and sumproduct, everything will be very easy. The following examples illustrate. First, the book on

The full usage of the criteria in Hibernate criteria hibernate

Transferred from: 1.Criteria Hibernate has designed criteriaspecification as the parent interface for criteria, and the criteria and Detachedcriteria are provided below. 2,DetachedcriteriaThe Spring Framework provides the gethibernatetemplate (). Findbycriteria (Detachedcriteria) method to easily return q

NHibernate Tour (4): Explore the query criteria query (criteria query)

The contents of this section The Query method in NHibernate Conditions query (criteria query) 1. Create a Icriteria instance 2. Result set limits 3. Result set Ordering 4. Some notes Based on the sample query (query by Example) Example analysis Conclusion In the previous section, we introduced one of the NHibernate query languages: The NHibernate Query Language (hql,nhibernate queries Language), which describes the conditional query (

Use criteria for conditional query--1.2. Specify multiple criteria

2. Specify multiple criteria You can enter multiple criteria for the same field or for different fields. When you enter an expression in more than one criteria cell, Microsoft Access uses the and OR operator to combine. If this expression is in different cells in the same row, Microsoft Access uses the AND operator to indicate that records that match the

Stored Procedures with search criteria paging and stored procedures with search criteria

Stored Procedures with search criteria paging and stored procedures with search criteria This storage process mainly involves two aspects: 1. dynamically splice the paging of query Conditions 2. Dynamically Retrieve the total number of rows for the current search Condition Note: If you use this join query condition to pass in, you must first filter the special strings of the form to make the system more sec

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