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PS Tips (daylight turns dusk)

Skills 1 opens a picture that looks like noon, with our powerful PS, we can steal and turn the day into dusk. 2 uses the filter > Render > Lens Flare Filter to make the sun on a newly created black layer. Change the layer's color

Photoshop Sun and moon Shuttle-day to dusk

1. Open the image you want to edit. 2. Copy the Layer 2 copies. 3. Select the middle layer to apply photo Filter (menu "image > Adjust > Photo Filter"). Use the "Heating filter (85)", with a concentration of 100%. Click the "OK" button.

Chinamname index-first batch: Wei Qing

Wei Qing (? -First 106), Zhong Qing, Pingyang (southwest Linfen city, Shanxi), an outstanding military strategist and Chief of the Western Han Dynasty. Younger brother of Queen Wu Wei (Wei zifu. He was banned as long pinghou, General, and hook and

A memorable story in the country

650) this.width=650; a scene in the "Title=" Village (Watchtower) "alt=" wkiol1yo0f7rqmt6aaeiq6jptfy175.jpg "src=" M00/74/06/wkiol1yo0f7rqmt6aaeiq6jptfy175.jpg "/>Previous speechOne side of pure land, net soil covered

Efficient and realistic cloud rendering algorithm "Go"

Original link: and Fast Cloud RenderingNinianewangMicrosoftcorporation (nowatgoogleinc.)[Email protected]november11,2003Recently on the Internet to see a lot of cloud

12 Nobile Poems of the Red Mansions

   Burial Flower YinFlowers Xie Hua Fei fei sky, red fragrance broken who pity?Spring is fluttering, falling into the light of the embroidery curtain. ­ ­The girl in the spring twilight, melancholy filled with no place. ­Hand the flower hoe

PHP Date/time functions

Runtime ConfigurationThe behavior of the Date/time function is affected by the settings in php.ini: name Description default PHP version Date.timezone Specify the default time zone (all Date/time

Unity3d Halo fog Sky Box

Six years ago when the first contact with "World of Warcraft", was impressed by its beautiful picture, a place called barren land, deeply imprinted in my mind. At that time in Azeroth can not use flying mounts, imagine alone in the Silver Moonlight

Flash Painting Tutorial: A simple study of light and Shadow in comics

Tutorial We are talking about the comics, usually refers to the black and white comics, the basic principle of this kind of comics is through lines, black and mesh point to show the real life of the object contour and light and shadow

Master Lonely Character

Transfer from DepartmentAccording to Rhyme: is according to Rhyme, the protagonist, born in Dali, do not say more.PA Tian: According to rhyme grow The courtyard friend, born in Xixia.Six sons: Grow up the

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