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Laptop Upgrade SSD Solid State Drive method

It has become fashionable for computers to upgrade their solid-state drives to enhance their speed and nuclear performance. However, a variety of different computers, can upgrade SSDs, how to upgrade SSD to achieve the speed of nuclear performance,

SSD win7 Optimization guide: nine x Win7 SSD optimization methods

SSD win7 Optimization guide: nine Win7 SSD optimization methods with the price of solid-state drives falling, solid-state drives are now widely used, and some new notebooks and assembly computers are also beginning to adopt solid-state drive

Three options for upgrading an SSD in a notebook

compared with the desktop, we have a relatively low demand for notebook performance, so in the process of upgrading the notebook hard drive is the pursuit of performance or large capacity, or both? Small series will come up with three solutions to

Get out of the 5 big mistakes that the Super book brings to you

Intel has recently been exerting its power at the channel end, and the computer stores, 3C stores and the manufacturers of the manufacturers have been pushing the pole. However, in the face of "super extreme" this jerky vocabulary, a large number of

How to optimize SSD solid-state drive in Win8 system

How to optimize SSD solid-state drive in Win8 system One, AHCI hard disk mode can improve hard disk performance, determine your solid state drive is running in AHCI mode, specific can be installed in the motherboard BIOS in front of the system set

Teach you how to use SSDs properly to get your computer flying

It is well known that after the upgrade of SSD, the speed and performance of the computer have been greatly improved. However, some users upgrade SSD, speed and performance improvement is not obvious. The reason is that the SSD is not properly used

Bcache for accelerating cache for linux block devices

For details about bcache reprint, refer to http: blogcsdnnetliumangxiongbcache as the Linux kernel block layer cache. It uses the class & amp; 20284; SSD as the cache of the HDD hard disk to accelerate the operation. HDD disks are cheaper and have a

Top Ten hottest super-Ben who's better

Ultra-polar is currently a high degree of concern on the market products. The appearance of the extremely thin, so that the ultra-polar at the first glance and the ordinary notebook has a distinct difference. According to Intel's definition, a

Implementation and usage of flashcache

For work requirements, read some flashcache content and record it as follows: Implementation Flashcache is a new open-source project developed by the Facebook Technical Team. It uses SSD hard disks to cache data to accelerate a MySQL kernel

is hyper-converged architecture really perfect?

The earliest is probably by Nutanix know "hyper-fusion" concept, originally thought this is the manufacturer's gimmick and speculation, who knows otherwise, hyper-integration of the two-year development in full swing. The 2015 was recognized as the

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